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Matter, material, articles, or activities of a specified or indeterminate kind that are being referred to, indicated, or implied.
  1. 'we all offer to do stuff for each other'
  2. 'the mud was horrible stuff'
  3. 'all that running and swimming and stuff'
  4. 'There was a lot of horrible stuff written about me and said about me that was totally inaccurate.'
  5. 'There's also some stuff in the article about writing routines and the like.'
  6. 'Did enough of us make a difference for you to put up some of that goofy stuff you were referring to?'
  7. 'I said some pretty horrible stuff to her, and it still hurts knowing she may have died with those words still in her head.'
  8. 'A load of kids are reading stuff and hearing stuff which refers back to Vietnam, and there is a resurgence in interest in the works of Chomsky.'
  9. 'They always sell the same stuff, no matter where you are in the country.'
  10. 'It's a trade exhibition for conference and exhibition organising groups and my Dad needed me to pick some stuff up.'
  11. 'But I am getting enough language training at least to master the technical stuff.'
  12. 'In the box there would be heritage stuff, the material evidence of the past, as well as history, the wisdom of the past.'
  13. 'I won't bore you with any more technical stuff other than to say that it is a masterpiece of engineering.'
  14. 'And so, all Graham's stuff for the trip packed neatly into two soft cases, to bed.'
  15. 'Your stuff has proven it works with my equipment so I am going to need lots of it within the next six months.'
  16. 'So what are the general public and patients to make of this stuff and nonsense?'
  17. 'At first sight such an idea seems outrageous stuff and nonsense.'
  18. 'The lectures were the usual old stuff and nonsense, but it's so easy to make new friends when you just bitch.'
  19. '‘Are you doing stuff, Kevin?’ he asked'
  20. 'At first money wasn't a problem I had a good job, good house, I sold my house to the drug dealers so they could sell their stuff.'
  21. 'Basically, it's stuff to get drunk with; that is really what alcohol is for.'
  22. 'I would not encourage my kids to smoke the stuff, but when they are sixteen, they can if they want.'
  23. 'It follows that you need a sufficient quantity to significantly alter your mood, otherwise why drink the bloody stuff?'
The basic constituents or characteristics of something or someone.
  1. 'such a trip was the stuff of his dreams'
  2. 'It's very, very easy for me to eat when I'm at home because I like very, very basic stuff.'
  3. 'At both the Players Championship and the Masters this year he played some sterling stuff.'
  4. 'I think the Wexler model, the constituent outreach stuff, was ahead of its time.'
  5. 'If you have a few accessories your basic stuff can be made to look like more of a wardrobe than it is.'
  6. 'The idea that you start very strict and ease off later is basic stuff to trainee teachers.'
Woollen fabric, especially as distinct from silk, cotton, and linen.
  1. 'His library was dukedom large enough, and here on the island he has, besides rich garments, linen stuffs and necessaries, volumes that he prizes above his dukedom.'
  2. 'The earliest woven stuffs were made for use or ornament, before refinements in spinning and weaving permitted textiles malleable enough to clothe the body.'
(in sport) spin given to a ball to make it vary its course.
  1. 'RHP Rolando Arrojo has good stuff, uses a multitude of arm angles and mixes his pitches well.'
  2. 'I think Greinke's stuff will get better, it got better as last year went along.'
  3. 'His stuff is similar to that of Kerry Wood, the player whom I am speaking of above.'
  4. 'He says he hasn't changed anything in his delivery - he just isn't trusting his stuff.'


Fill (a receptacle or space) tightly with something.
  1. figurative 'his head has been stuffed with myths and taboos'
  2. 'Now my servants are frantically boarding the windows and stuffing sandbags.'
  3. 'My samosa was a monster - it looked more like a Cornish pastie than the small crispy triangles you usually get - and was stuffed with vegetables.'
  4. 'The two tea rooms were stuffed with damp holiday makers, all tucking into cake and cream and scones and cream and strawberry jam and cream.'
  5. 'Your suitcase will be stuffed full of them, too, so you can bring a Joyeux Noël back with you.'
  6. 'Each of the pouches was stuffed with bizarre and unexplainable tools or devices.'
  7. 'In this competitive world, education has to be stuffed with subjects, which prepare the students to face any challenge.'
  8. 'The deposit box is also stuffed with money in various currencies and a gun.'
  9. 'Samantha, 25, said: " The wallet was stuffed full of pictures, letters, keepsakes and prayer cards.'
  10. 'Nights of stuffing this sculpture with kapok, a new substance for the job, sent me into bouts of itching.'
  11. 'Its portfolio is stuffed full of some of Britain's best know pantry products.'
  12. 'I was stuffing a pair of gloves in his pockets when he walked into the room.'
  13. 'Removing his gloves, Charles stuffs them in the pocket of his gray woolen coat before walking away from the table.'
  14. 'Quickly, they put coats, boots, hats, scarves and gloves on, stuffing cookie into their mouths as quickly as possible.'
  15. 'She smiled back and went to the sink, where she wedged a rubber cap past the pile of dishes and stuffed it onto the drain.'
  16. 'Once inside the man quickly tied her wrists together behind her back and stuffed a thick cloth into her mouth and tied it tightly behind her head, gagging her.'
  17. 'My hand was unexpectedly clutching the stone tightly as I stuffed the paper back in the bottle.'
  18. 'It was unbelievable how much junk was stuffed into the small space.'
  19. 'She shoved supplies into her pack, stuffing it nearly to the point that it could rip the seams.'
  20. 'The bags of cash were much too large to hide, but they were stuffed underneath the back seats as tightly as possible.'
  21. 'Christy removed her hat and gloves and stuffed them into her coat pocket.'
  22. 'Sadie took the coin and stuffed it in her coat pocket'
  23. 'Hastily, Gwen stuffed her cell phone in her purse, and got on the computer where she checked her email.'
  24. 'He read it hastily before stuffing it in his pocket.'
  25. 'Cane picked up the coins and stuffed them in his pockets; there were perhaps two hundred, so soon his pockets were full.'
  26. 'I hastily stuffed three more forkfuls in my mouth, waiting for him to answer.'
  27. 'She packed up her books and hastily stuffed them in her bag, walked out the hall and headed straight for the door.'
  28. 'Lucas hastily stuffed his drawings back into their folder and the folder disappeared into his backpack again.'
  29. 'I hastily stuffed everything into my backpack, crushing many important math assignments… whoops!'
  30. 'He produced a bread knife and ordered the women to open the safe and then lie on the ground before he stuffed notes and coins into a black holdall.'
  31. 'She hastily scribbled something down, and then stuffed the pad into a drawer in the kitchen.'
  32. 'I asked Sarza as she hastily stuffed water bottles, napkins, and granola bars into a tote bag.'
  33. 'a stuffed parrot'
  34. 'What appears to be a very strange place with large bird cages and freaky stuffed animals wasn't manufactured on a sound stage but was in fact exactly how his house looked every day!'
  35. 'But doesn't this collection of stuffed, damaged, dead animals upset Singer, even though she has put her heart into giving them a purpose?'
  36. 'The Rivington otter has been sent to a Liverpool taxidermist to be stuffed.'
  37. 'Then they come to a taxidermist's shop with stuffed animals in the window.'
  38. 'The prize for the final event, the best overall bird, is that it will be stuffed free of charge by local taxidermist Gerry Lundy.'
  39. 'He brought the ladder under a light gray stuffed Husky dog, climbed up the three steps and took down the dog.'
  40. 'Poppino nurtures his student in the black arts of stuffing dead animals and soon Valerio has given up his job and his girlfriend to pursue this new calling.'
  41. 'This room was packed full of fishing, game and stuffed animals and game birds.'
  42. 'Last week I had the rare opportunity to shoot a panorama inside a museum diorama animal display filled with stuffed animals large and small.'
  43. 'Several Irish talk show hosts have been filling the air waves with information about stuffing your dead pets.'
  44. 'The thick slices of roast duck are stuffed into peeled fresh lychees, which are then laid in a sauce of lime, honey and osmanthus paste.'
  45. 'The game hen was light, savory and the chestnut stuffing slightly sweet, and deliciously spiced.'
  46. 'Try the skewered shiitake mushrooms stuffed with minced chicken or handmade buckwheat noodles.'
  47. 'It may be eaten in the form of tamales, the dough stuffed with savoury or sweet mixtures and steamed in maize or banana leaves.'
  48. 'But I fancied the savoury pancakes stuffed with mushrooms, tomatoes and onions, and covered in a creamy cheese sauce.'
  49. 'We then watched Fungus the Bogeyman whilst stuffing ourselves with fruit pastilles.'
  50. 'The picture of you stuffing yourself with nachos in a fairy costume is not the best one to post on the Internet.'
  51. 'Imitating their elders on such occasions, they stuffed themselves with a lot of food and drink, and roared with merriment to the bemusement of all the diners around.'
  52. 'After we had stuffed ourselves with pasta and salad, the six of us decided on a few games at the bowling alley.'
  53. 'Needless to say my ticket's already paid for and will be waiting for me at the box office tomorrow night after I've stuffed myself with turkey.'
  54. 'We stuffed ourselves with hot dogs, corn dogs, funnel cakes, and everything else that we couldn't draw ourselves away from.'
  55. 'I, at this point in time, was stuffing myself with so many biscuits that I was finding it hard to keep them inside my face.'
  56. 'When everybody finally stuffed themselves full of food, Mr. Kaufman led us as we checked the exits hoping that they were unlocked.'
  57. 'We had stopped off at one of the many abandoned convenience stores on the way, and stuffed ourselves with what little was left.'
  58. 'This is a lovely event which appeals to all the couch potatoes who stuffed themselves with Christmas Turkey on the day before and who now need considerable exercise to work it off!'
  59. 'when I woke up that morning I was totally stuffed up and my throat was sore'
  60. 'While it may have stuffed one enormous envelope through the SEC's door, that isn't quite enough for Nasdaq.'
  61. 'Those envelopes looked expertly stuffed and labelled.'
  62. 'Other employees stuffed 1,700 envelopes for the event on state time, the affidavit said.'
  63. 'For now, all of his value can be typed onto an application and stuffed in a Manila envelope to be scanned in fifteen minutes by a member of the admissions department.'
  64. 'Allegations of vote rigging and stuffing of the stuffing the ballot boxes ensued.'
  65. 'I should also note that he did a fine job of stuffing the ballot box with phony phone calls to Smith to make him look he supported the draft.'
  66. 'Am I bothered by the results of a popularity contest where it would be oh-so-easy to stuff the ballot box?'
  67. 'It looks like some liberals are trying to stuff the ballot box in the early going.'
  68. 'EU observers say they also saw incidents of Kagame's supporters tampering with voter lists and stuffing ballot boxes.'
  69. 'The right to vote can neither be denied outright nor destroyed by alteration of ballots nor diluted by stuffing ballot-boxes.'
  70. 'As long as you are not actually caught publicly stuffing the ballot box, how could Google possibly suggest that you are doing so?'
  71. 'The opposition claims the Movement for Multiparty Democracy stuffed ballot boxes and tampered with the count.'
  72. 'Supporters held my opponents at gunpoint while they stuffed the ballot boxes.'
Used to express indifference towards or rejection of (something)
    Defeat heavily in sport.
      (of a man) have sexual intercourse with (a woman).

        More definitions

        1. the material of which anything is made: a hard, crystalline stuff.

        2. material to be worked upon or to be used in making something: wood, steel, and other stuff for building.

        3. material of some unspecified kind: a cushion filled with some soft stuff.

        4. Chiefly British. woven material or fabric, especially wool.

        5. property, as personal belongings or equipment; things.

        6. something to be swallowed, as food, drink, or medicine.

        7. inward character, qualities, or capabilit

        More examples(as adjective)

        "bodies can be stuffed into trunks."

        "people can be stuffed in sacks."

        "varieties can be stuffed with pimentoses."

        "varieties can be stuffed with anchovies."

        "varieties can be stuffed with almonds."

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        (stuff)Middle English (denoting material for making clothes): shortening of Old French estoffe ‘material, furniture’, estoffer ‘equip, furnish’, from Greek stuphein ‘draw together’.


        stuff up (or stuff something up)