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Having the power to move heavy weights or perform other physically demanding tasks.
  1. 'Like Ring, he had all the skills, but he was physically strong as well and had a head for the game.'
  2. 'Its war-like roots predispose it to militarism and the rule of the physically strong.'
  3. 'He's physically strong, quick and can leap, and his distribution has been great.'
  4. 'He was physically strong, worked hard at labouring jobs or driving, and played hard too.'
  5. 'Neesha, who is 26, looks physically strong and fit, but that is not true of all the young mothers in this shelter.'
  6. 'Those who survived had to be strong, and both physically and mentally quick.'
  7. 'In the end Lowery's experience and fitness proved too strong as he powered home to win 3-2.'
  8. 'Polar bears have a heavy stout body with strong muscular legs and well-developed neck muscles.'
  9. 'Get these out of the way while you're fresh and strong enough to use heavy weight.'
  10. 'The Italians have a huge pack and are physically very strong and hard-nosed.'
  11. 'he was not a strong swimmer'
  12. 'The spokesman explained that, if caught in a rip tide, strong swimmers should swim for shore at a 45 angle to the current.'
  13. 'He was said not to be a strong swimmer and his friends found him floating unconscious.'
  14. 'Sections of the river flow extremely quickly, a challenge even for a strong swimmer.'
  15. 'Thresher sharks can grow up to 20 ft and are strong swimmers who can completely vault out of water.'
  16. 'It is the duty of those able to throw a lifeline, to do so, so that some strong swimmers will survive.'
  17. 'Moose are strong swimmers and can cruise at speeds of 6 mph for up to two hours.'
  18. 'Watson is a masterful player, a strong singer and an obvious devotee of the blues.'
  19. 'He longed for a strong dictator and the security of the old religion, without the injustices of the old order.'
  20. 'They were really driven along by the bass player and the drummer - both of whom were very strong and talented players.'
  21. 'A strong group of expert skiers can expect to climb and ski as many as four peaks in five days.'
  22. 'a strong current'
  23. 'At this stage it looked good for the home team, as with a strong wind to their advantage they surely would win this game.'
  24. 'He's thinking of the fact that you have powers as strong, if not stronger, than his.'
  25. 'Met Éireann issued a flood warning and advised of heavy rainfall and strong easterly winds.'
  26. 'Heavy rain, strong winds and lightening crashed through the town in selective patches.'
  27. 'Heavy rain and strong winds combined to cause chaos across the region last night with the East Coast the worst affected.'
  28. 'We've got a pretty strong south wind.'
  29. 'They had a strong wind to their advantage and Kildare amassed a lot of confidence just before the break.'
  30. 'On a day of strong winds and heavy rain, a more controlled game was required with continuity of possession being the key.'
  31. 'Robertstown utilised the strong wind to their advantage in the first half.'
  32. 'Although there was a very strong wind we managed a swim in the Atlantic.'
  33. 'the competition was too strong'
  34. '"I lost to a very, very strong contender, " he said.'
  35. 'A strong correlation was observed between age and the fluorescence pattern.'
  36. 'In that study, researchers also reported a stronger correlation for males than females.'
  37. 'While players are with us, and representing the club, we have a very strong security.'
  38. 'I resisted the strong urge to test his brow for evidence of a high fever.'
  39. 'I resisted the strong temptation to tell him to go jump off a cliff, and kept quiet.'
  40. 'There is strong negative correlation between 0 and 0 and between 1 and 1.'
  41. 'What is a police state other than one in which police have strong powers not properly restrained by the courts?'
  42. 'Event organiser, Dean Carson, expects Murwillumbah to be strong contenders once again.'
  43. 'The military force of the state was too strong for a spontaneous movement.'
  44. 'there is a strong argument for decentralization'
  45. 'But neither proposition is looking particularly strong at the moment.'
  46. 'Certainly a strong argument that such effects are either subtle or rare can be made.'
  47. 'The argument against vivisection is strong and the evidence overwhelming.'
  48. 'This sounds on the face of it a strong argument, but it is unlikely to carry any practical weight.'
  49. 'Legal experts say that while the plaintiffs' case is strong, it may still not succeed.'
  50. 'But the argument for freedom of speech remains as strong today as ever.'
  51. 'The noninterventionist argument for American entry into both world wars is strong.'
  52. 'I don't know, but unless we can do things with quantum computers, I think that sounds like a strong argument.'
  53. 'League tables are not by any means perfect, and there is a strong case for presenting information in the right context.'
  54. 'If the case is as strong as it sounds, then it may settle on favorable terms to the white plaintiffs.'
  55. 'In the minds of Chinese, this history inspires a strong sense of indignation.'
  56. 'His powerfully lyrical Symphony no. 6 conveys a strong sense of the Norwegian landscape.'
  57. 'The strong desire to move ahead can at times tempt businesses to cut corners or bend the rules.'
  58. 'Feel a strong connection to the earth through the balls of your feet and your finger tips.'
  59. 'I tried to keep my tuning out powers strong enough to ignore the regular conversation.'
  60. 'The end of the Cold War made this feeling even stronger.'
  61. 'Two whose work had strong emotional appeal, were Paul Gowdie and Joanne Vriend.'
  62. 'Here is music that is fiercely modern yet filled with strong emotional resonance.'
  63. 'These people have a very open heart, a very strong emotional way of feeling.'
  64. 'A facility such as this is always going to arouse strong emotional feelings regarding its location.'
  65. 'the government were urged to take strong measures against the perpetrators of violence'
  66. 'Apart from the sexually explicit scenes, the language is very strong.'
  67. 'Agnes comes across as a strong, forceful character whom we instantly like and admire.'
  68. 'The language is strong beyond maximum Trebor strength yet never jars; the performances even stronger.'
Able to withstand force, pressure, or wear.
  1. 'It is best to wear strong shoes and carry a warm jacket as the wind can be fresh at the top.'
  2. 'Although they're very light, bones are strong enough to support our entire weight.'
  3. 'Pakistani intelligence officials have described the bases as strong enough to withstand anything short of a nuclear bomb.'
  4. 'Basically any pumpkin that is strong enough to withstand sharp carving tools can be used for making designs.'
  5. 'One material that is both extremely strong and extremely dense is depleted uranium.'
  6. 'The rubber used is durable and strong so as it will not tear, expand or warp out of shape.'
  7. 'When dry, the box was strong enough to support heavy weights that were loaded vertically.'
  8. 'First, Bill found an old wooden ladderback chair that was well worn but still strong.'
  9. 'despite his strong constitution, constant worry and exposure to the elements had worn him down'
  10. 'Mary easily forgot he was not as strong, but he would never admit to any weakness in front of her.'
  11. 'You can get sucked into one very easily if your not strong enough to stand against the gravity.'
  12. 'His body, too strong to surrender easily or quickly, gave up the fight for life slowly and reluctantly.'
  13. 'To explore the hole you needed a very long ladder and a strong constitution: it stank and was crawling with rats.'
  14. 'I had a good, strong and very robust constitution, perfectly able to take its nourishment from a vegetable source.'
  15. 'driving on these motorways requires strong nerves'
  16. 'Letizia is reported to be a strong, independent, responsible professional woman.'
  17. 'So sitting on your hands, skipping 2003 and waiting for Longhorn could start to require strong nerves.'
  18. 'It was typical of him in his heyday, so mentally strong, and not a sign of nerves.'
  19. 'In deference to her strong views and independence, Ames was cremated and her ashes were scattered with a few cannabis seeds.'
  20. 'Brienne and Lamoignon thought strong nerves would be enough to face out the clamour.'
  21. 'Indeed, those with strong nerves and plenty of money should consider buying.'
  22. 'Here was a man who appeared to be possessed of a strong determination and muscular power.'
  23. 'She was a strong, independent person, and she didn't need a boy to boost her confidence.'
  24. 'They are strong and independent because they have to be, not because they want to be.'
  25. 'The nerves were so strong that she thought she might be sick at any moment.'
  26. 'he was a man of strong, though unconventional, religious beliefs'
  27. 'I look forward to establishing a strong working relationship with you and to continue representing your company.'
  28. 'Mr Brown has established strong relationships with development groups, who would welcome him as prime minister.'
  29. 'In that moment, I felt such a strong connection with him that I knew there was no going back.'
  30. 'He has family and relatives in Teesside and is also believed to have strong links to West Yorkshire.'
  31. 'They have strong beliefs, but strong beliefs firmly anchored in the real and the achievable.'
  32. 'There is a strong relationship between the limits and the identity of any alliance.'
  33. 'This mission was successful and we can assume that two such similar clergymen established a strong and useful partnership.'
  34. 'Those polls found a strong link between religious observance and partisan behavior.'
  35. 'Boy, that new era of strong relations with Russia sure lasted a long time, didn't it?'
  36. 'That proved to be a costly failure and Murdoch has established a strong presence.'
  37. 'Analysis of historical data shows that strong market runs are followed by periods where indexes mark time.'
  38. 'In Britain, the monthly index also remained strong, despite a marginal fall from November.'
  39. 'However, there is still a good demand and the overseas market is as strong as ever.'
  40. 'In theory, the vertically integrated MFI should be wiping the floor with its strong market position.'
  41. 'This is provided those companies have a strong market position and clear competitive advantage.'
  42. 'While demand is slowing down, he said, land is still selling because the new homes market remains strong.'
  43. 'The world economy is incredibly strong at the moment and the UK is doing especially well.'
  44. 'It also claims that despite indications to the contrary, Gateway insisted that retail market was strong.'
  45. 'If prices are rising and the volume and open interest are both up, the market is decidedly strong.'
  46. 'Of course, if the recovery continues apace, a strong labor market could bump wages up.'
Very intense.
  1. 'There was a strong smell of wet clothes drying on people's bodies, and steam was rising in the air.'
  2. 'Those living close to the river had to keep their windows closed day and night to avoid the strong smell from the water.'
  3. 'For Democrats, stunned by the turnaround in fortune, there is now a strong smell of blood in the political waters.'
  4. 'Police and fire officers were called to the scene and cordoned off the area after residents complained about a strong smell of gas.'
  5. 'The alarm was raised when a student at Thurrock and Basildon College in Nethermayne reported a strong smell of gas.'
  6. 'At 16, Martin was confronted by thousands and thousands of bugs on pins and a strong smell of camphor.'
  7. 'The young man is to the left of the shot, squinting in the strong sunlight, his long face caught against an azure sky.'
  8. 'Bright lights, especially flashing lights, and strong smells, can also bring on an attack.'
  9. 'Instead, all they have to do is follow their nose - the sweet, strong smell pervades the entire gallery.'
  10. 'Although my husband bought strong security lights it still continued.'
  11. 'she should wear strong colours'
  12. 'This collection as usual, featured lots of strong colors and a variety of shapes.'
  13. 'Do you receive strong mental images or hear the answer to a question that you have inside your head before you have even voiced it?'
  14. 'The female's voice is clear and strong, yet the ruling masters can hear her fear.'
  15. 'To stand out in this jungle, the Arup building needed to have a strong, clear voice - and it does.'
  16. 'She described the colour and action which are strong features of these traditions.'
  17. 'The rest of the film is in the strong visual language of cinema itself.'
  18. 'His face was broad and meaty, with a strong, prominent nose and full lips.'
  19. 'I would like to know how can you get such vibrant and strong colors in your photos.'
  20. 'That work was different to my usual style, as I had to think about giving the clothes strong, clear lines.'
  21. 'She heard Vasic's voice, soft yet strong enough to cut through the chatter.'
  22. 'I had expected just the tiniest sprinkling, but so much strong cheese swamped all the other flavours.'
  23. 'The lamb chops were another highlight, with a strong taste accented by the flavour of oregano.'
  24. 'He sipped a little carefully from the spoon and found it had a strong flavour.'
  25. 'It is a fact known worldwide that I detest Brussel sprouts as strongly as their strong flavour.'
  26. 'It complements fine cigars, spicy food and smoked or strong cheeses, and it slips down well on its own.'
  27. 'The chicken tasted very fresh and the sauce was delicious with a strong mustard flavour.'
  28. 'In this recipe we marry the strong flavours of olive oil and fresh rosemary with the succulence of the potato.'
  29. 'The latter derives its names from its strong garlic flavour, which makes it a good accompaniment to meat and fish.'
  30. 'Children would have hated the sausages because they actually boasted a strong flavour, but they proved a treat for adults.'
  31. 'Mullet has a strong flavour and firm flesh, so it stays intact when tossed together with the olives, tomatoes and spaghetti.'
  32. 'a cup of strong coffee'
  33. 'Britain's first vintage beer festival proved that strong ale can be left to mature like wine.'
  34. 'My favorite drinks are Malibu pineapple and Amaretto sours - I can't drink strong drinks.'
  35. 'We ate squab and currents and drank good strong ale, and I laughed at the weight of it in my head.'
  36. 'For drinking, he suggests water, coffee, tea, light white wines, and even strong liquor occasionally.'
  37. 'I was drinking about 12 cans of strong beer daily, to hide the feelings about losing my mum.'
  38. 'In a statement Mrs Smith said her husband had drunk several pints of strong lager before leaving the pub at 2am.'
  39. 'He asked me what I meant and I said that the drug he put in my drink wasn't strong enough for him to get me into bed.'
  40. 'To drink strong liquor is also useful since nights get rather cold on the grasslands.'
  41. 'And according to dieticians, drinking a can of Red Bull is about as dangerous as drinking a strong cup of coffee.'
  42. 'Smoking and drinking strong alcohol also lead to deep respiration.'
  43. 'The lining of the stomach is designed to handle the strong acids that break down food.'
  44. 'Addition of a strong base to a solution of a strong acid is just the reverse process.'
  45. 'They require either a strong oxidizing agent to react with an acid or they undergo no reaction at all.'
Used after a number to indicate the size of a group.
    Denoting a class of verbs in Germanic languages that form the past tense and past participle by a change of vowel within the stem rather than by addition of a suffix (e.g. swim, swam, swum).
      Relating to or denoting the strongest of the known kinds of force between particles, which acts between nucleons and other hadrons when closer than about 10⁻¹³ cm (so binding protons in a nucleus despite the repulsion due to their charge), and which conserves strangeness, parity, and isospin.
      1. 'The very short range of the strong and weak interactions are reflections of the very high mass of their carrier particles.'
      2. 'The MRI scanner uses a strong magnetic field to align hydrogen atoms in the body.'


      1. having, showing, or able to exert great bodily or muscular power; physically vigorous or robust: a strong boy.

      2. accompanied or delivered by great physical, mechanical, etc., power or force: a strong handshake; With one strong blow the machine stamped out a fender.

      3. mentally powerful or vigorous: He may be old, but his mind is still strong. |-

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      "growths can be strong in places."

      "demands can be strong in places."

      "trends can be strong in places."

      "components can be strong in dates."

      "dollars can be strong against yen."

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