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(especially of hair) resembling string in being long and thin.
  1. 'Her long stringy black hair was flying lose about her face.'
  2. 'You might have a clue - you've heard some guys ragging on Sam's baggy jeans, stringy hair and glossless lips.'
  3. 'Her luxurious blonde locks were gone - replaced by dirt-brown, stringy hair.'
  4. 'The materialistic, overly-made-up '80s gave way to combat boots and long stringy hair, and no one made fun of the smart kids anymore.'
  5. 'They stood before Blaise, wearing black clothing, heads lowered, sightless eyes glaring at him from under stringy hair.'
  6. 'Sweat trickled down his forehead and into his stringy hair.'
  7. 'His hair was stringy, limp, gray as death in some places and oily-black in others, and was falling out in patches.'
  8. 'His grating voice, frameless spectacles, faded suits and short, stringy hair all broke with the conformist protest style.'
  9. 'A thin zombie-like man with yellow sallow skin, long stringy hair and bloodshot eyes stared at them.'
  10. 'Most, actually, were barefoot and clad only in cotton hospital gowns, their stringy hair clinging lankly to their foreheads.'
  11. 'he had the thin, stringy look of a rider'
  12. 'Older and calmer than most of the stringy teenagers, he has been coming to the university for five years.'
  13. 'No one was paying attention to the door, so when a very polished, upper-class stringy man walked in, it took awhile for people to notice.'
  14. 'Picking up the cup of milk with bound hands I kicked the food back at the stringy, oily servant, growling and muttering a warning.'
  15. 'He said as he pulled me up - he was obviously stronger than he looked, as a tall, stringy sort of teenager.'
  16. 'the meat was a bit stringy but delicious'
  17. 'The pork, on the other hand, is a tad stringy and tough.'
  18. 'The venison was soggy and stringy, but it was food, I guess.'
  19. 'To avoid stringy beans gather them when they are small and tender.'
  20. 'It was all delicious, although the red meat was a bit stringy.'
  21. 'Ryda took a bit of a stringy pasta-like food and ate it.'
  22. 'Marmot meat is an acquired taste though, being reputedly strong, stringy and tough.'
  23. 'The concept is warm, stringy cheese curds and gravy running down my beard.'
  24. 'The muzzle of the beast was pulled back into a grotesque smile revealing jowls full of razor teeth, dripping with thick, stringy saliva.'


1. resembling a string or strings; consisting of strings or stringlike pieces: stringy weeds; a stringy fiber.

2. coarsely or toughly fibrous, as meat.

3. sinewy or wiry, as a person.

4. ropy, as a glutinous liquid.

More examples(as adjective)

"hairs can be stringy."

"textures can be stringy."

"strokes can be stringy."

"vines can be stringy."

"versions can be stringy."

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