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Attracting attention by reason of being unusual, extreme, or prominent.
  1. with clause 'it is striking that no research into the problem is being carried out'
  2. 'It is also striking that the study was concerned with the factors that influence food selection, like vegetarianism.'
  3. 'What was particularly striking is how sophisticated medical devices are becoming.'
  4. 'Desdemona may be Barry's child although she bears a striking resemblance to Cliff.'
  5. 'After all the electrodes were attached, I bore a striking resemblance to Frankenstein.'
  6. 'Really a very striking parallel with the career of Jack Aubrey.'
  7. 'The only disquiet in the camp emerges from the striking similarity of each tune.'
  8. 'In striking contrast, our results suggest that the converse appears to be true.'
  9. 'His usual design team has created another visually striking show.'
  10. 'But a more striking similarity is that of method.'
  11. 'Moreover, it is very striking that Camper, dazzled by the visual aspect, completely forgets the role played by music in the films.'
  12. 'a striking landscape'
  13. 'By 1905 he had produced some of the boldest colour images ever created, including a striking picture of his wife, Green Stripe.'
  14. 'She lifted out the coat, a deep, elegant Chinese red far more striking and beautiful than the catalogue picture.'
  15. 'Photographs of him at the time show he had striking good looks - he was tanned, with a head of thick black hair, well-built and fit.'
  16. 'Even if a CD cover is striking or beautiful, it's still small.'
  17. 'The Lavajunkie Gallery is host to an array of striking pictures of lava flows.'
  18. 'He is also according to the many girls that go to my school an excellent catch because of his striking good looks.'
  19. 'As you enter the restaurant you cannot help but be impressed by the striking interior.'
  20. 'She was a striking young woman - beautiful, cheerful, confident, proud and remarkably outgoing.'
  21. 'His striking good looks made him look more like a movie star.'
  22. 'From a purely visual standpoint, this is a striking motion picture.'
(of an employee) on strike.
  1. 'Both the striking workers and the employer's association have admitted privately that ‘everybody is tired of the strike’.'
  2. 'In addition, the striking workers are demanding that more ticket takers be contracted.'
  3. 'About a thousand of the striking workers attended a picket in Kotagala.'
  4. 'A vote by the striking employees on the offer will conclude on May 3.'
  5. 'The striking doctors picketed the health ministry in Colombo.'
  6. 'The school division has employed scabs to replace the striking workers.'
  7. 'However, wages for the striking workers are far lower than for auto workers.'
  8. 'One week later, food and beverage workers joined them, expanding the number of striking employees to 800.'
  9. 'Sack every striking employee forthwith and replace them all with expats.'
  10. 'The striking workers picketed the company's Springvale head office.'


The action of striking.
  1. 'The Tipperary minor's smooth striking from placed balls yielded the No.14 five points, jab lifting from long range and roll lifting closer in.'
  2. 'Pet quickly jabbed once he got into striking distance to catch Collis off guard.'
  3. 'She developed an unorthodox swing, but her putting ability and powerful striking of the ball made her a fearsome opponent.'
  4. 'His long-range striking from dead balls was impressive in the first half and no less so into the wind after the break.'
  5. 'The lads' ground striking has improved 100% since the start of the league.'
  6. 'His striking of the ball is excellent for a relative novice and his enthusiasm for the game seems to energize those around him.'


1. attractive; impressive: a scene of striking beauty.

2. noticeable; conspicuous: a striking lack of enthusiasm.

3. being on strike, as workers.

4. capable of attacking an enemy, especially by air: striking power. within the extent of space through which it is possible to attack a target effectively: striking distance.

More examples(as adjective)

"temperatures can be striking in places."

"rewards can be striking among countries."

"levels can be striking in countries."

"truckdriverses can be striking for days."

"teachers can be striking in schools."

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