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Mean; ungenerous.
  1. 'A U.N. official backs off from some comments that some nations are stingy with international aid.'
  2. 'He gives the dullest parties in town and is stingy with the drinks.'
  3. 'The Administration has been so stingy with reconstruction aid that he has literally had to come begging to Washington.'
  4. 'We don't want to be stingy with those mortar rounds when the enemy is coming over the ridge.'
  5. 'This area is quite stingy with information that really should be conveyed to anyone new with the game.'
  6. 'I work for a real estate firm that is extremely stingy with perks like that, even when it would benefit them'
  7. 'He's stingy with the details of his life, yet she can't help but be intrigued.'
  8. 'The budget chief for west Wiltshire has been barred from a town pub for being too stingy with his cash.'
  9. 'He was also very stingy with them and refused to give bulbs away or even to sell them.'
  10. 'My problem is that Harpercollins is being really stingy with the Anansi Boys proofs.'


1. reluctant to give or spend; not generous; niggardly; penurious: He's a stingy old miser.

2. scanty or meager: a stingy little income.

More examples(as adjective)

"places can be stingy in things."

"people can be stingy with things."

"groups can be stingy with sounds."

"defences can be stingy in/at/on years."

"defences can be stingy with people."

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(stingy)Mid 17th century: perhaps a dialect variant of the noun sting + -y.