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Tending or designed to stick to things on contact.
  1. 'a sticky label'
  2. 'The sticky boxes are designed to lure their prey with scents of chocolate and other foods.'
  3. 'Pierce the centre of the cake with a fork - it should come out sticky, but not with raw mixture attached to it.'
  4. 'The patch is very sticky, and shouldn't fall off.'
  5. 'The web isn't sticky, but slows prey down long enough for the spider to grab dinner and drag it to the den.'
  6. 'Jenn felt something sticky on her hand, and removed it.'
  7. 'He kept his head down as he mopped, scrubbing at a sticky stain.'
  8. 'That means the town centre is soiled with around 200,000 sticky stains.'
  9. 'The main room is so huge it kills atmosphere and the floor was dirty and sticky.'
  10. 'They also sprayed some kind of substance on the equipment which made it sticky and unusable.'
  11. 'The table is littered with sticky coffee cups and stickier buns.'
  12. 'In the last number of weeks a sticky coating has been painted on to the roof and the top of the walls.'
  13. 'The maidservant watched as a slow trickle of a thick sticky black substance began to run down the carved panels.'
  14. 'Gently remove the sticky residue with warm water and a wash cloth.'
  15. 'After rubbing them against the bumpy bark, I had covered them in a pungent sticky sap, designed to protect the trees from the tendency to rot in such a wet environment.'
  16. 'Once we had a food project and I made a sticky mess of a cake.'
  17. 'I love a trip to the cinema except for the rather sticky residue on the floor.'
  18. 'Stir in the flour and salt, a sticky dough should form.'
  19. 'The bottom of my bags usually turn into a potpourri of sticky gum, tobacco, half eaten cough drops and pennies that are slimed in a foreign substance.'
  20. 'Ideally the amount of honey used is regulated so that the finished processed licorice is only slightly sticky.'
  21. 'His hand came in contact with the sticky remains of one Twinkie.'
  22. 'What is far more likely to be the case is that one market will have "stickier" prices than the other.'
  23. 'Wages are typically very sticky and slow to adjust and the job market in Hong Kong will stay very competitive.'
  24. 'New theories of unemployment give a reason that wages and prices would be sticky.'
  25. 'Labor is no longer a commodity with a sticky price.'
  26. 'In many parts of the southeast of England house sales are proving to be stubbornly sticky, even after sellers have made a 5 % or 10 % cut in the asking price to achieve a sale.'
  27. 'Retail gasoline prices tend to be stickier than wholesale ones.'
  28. 'It is true that in the short run, wages seem to be sticky and we get results that are inconsistent with market clearing, notably bouts of high unemployment.'
  29. 'The presence of nonmarket forces, such as regulations, sticky wages, or tradition, may weaken competition.'
  30. 'Such sticky prices in the presence of an increase in the money supply then result in increased real demand.'
  31. 'The second quarter showed just how sticky prices can be on the downward side.'
(of the weather) hot and humid; muggy.
  1. 'The music is soulful, the weather is warm and sticky, and the women are beautiful.'
  2. 'Summers at Valley Forge are miserably hot and sticky - not at all like the breezy cool of the Kenyan highlands.'
  3. 'Hot, sticky weather such as that we have been having for the last few days simply adds to stress, says Mrs Clarke - and makes it more likely that we will flare out of control.'
  4. 'They proved that once again with a virtually flawless set on this sticky late summer evening.'
  5. 'It's a great place to go in the summer when it gets very hot and sticky.'
  6. 'Sitting in fringe theatres on sticky summer nights can be pretty purgatorial.'
  7. 'The weather was very hot and sticky but the good news was no rain.'
  8. 'This mix, accompanied by a sticky heat, climate and geography completely separate from the rest of the USA, creates a romantic mystery for the whole state.'
  9. 'Its so muggy and sticky and every time I breath in, the air feels disgustingly warm and damp.'
  10. 'In an open-neck blue shirt, crisp denim jeans, brown suede shoes, and carrying a denim jacket, he is ideally dressed for the sticky weather.'
  11. 'she felt hot and sticky and changed her clothes'
  12. 'It is my heavily researched belief that high pressure has a horrible effect on people, they're sticky, they're clammy, their bile rises and they snap at each other.'
  13. 'I couldn't help but notice how cool and dry Rick's hand felt, not moist and sticky.'
  14. 'She dropped her luggage to the ground and immediately peeled her sweater from her moist, sticky skin.'
  15. 'Arven wiped his slimy hands, which were now beginning to get disgustingly sticky.'
Involving problems; difficult or awkward.
  1. 'Things are getting pretty sticky in the NFL these days when it comes to the quarterback position.'
  2. 'Alas, as a woman with two lives, such situations soon become rather sticky.'
  3. 'This is a sticky issue because one person's advertisement is another person's junk mail.'
  4. 'So, if things get really sticky, could Ford sell off some of its big assets?'
  5. 'It is a reality that marriages go through sticky times.'
  6. 'Junk bonds roared back into favour in the USA during the 1990s but the market has since hit a sticky patch.'
  7. 'Had Fletcher needed more fuel, the situation might have gotten a little sticky.'
  8. 'Time will come, one day, when you find yourself in a very sticky situation.'
  9. 'The problem of soccer gambling has become too sticky even for local police to tackle.'
  10. 'He briefs us on the sticky subject of fakes and forgers, and offers sterling advice on how to care for a collection.'
(of a website or its content) attracting a long visit or repeat visits from users.
  1. 'more and more often, web designers focus on the need to add sticky features to their sites'
  2. 'Controlling the content on the stickiest kids' site on earth is an increasingly sticky matter.'
  3. 'By definition, search engine results aren't sticky: you're on your way somewhere else.'
  4. 'Constantly changing both the copy and imagery on your site helps maintain the sticky factor, which helps to bring visitors back to your site time and again.'
  5. 'Running a successful website can be a fulfilling activity, and it's my job to take you step by step through the route to creating a gorgeous, fast, accessible and sticky site.'
  6. 'We build a site that is local, compelling and sticky that can drive traffic.'
  7. 'The site is sticky, with about 20 percent of visitors staying for 20 minutes per day.'
  8. 'The use of Flash technologies saves production time and makes the site more interactive and sticky.'
  9. 'We believe that eventually every major consumer-oriented company will need interactive programming - sticky content - for their Web sites.'
  10. 'Originally a way to stay above water by making their sites more sticky, developers now recognise the importance of social play in their community development and pour them into the design mix.'
  11. 'Library websites are already about as sticky as sites like Amazon, with an average stay of almost ten minutes.'
  12. 'If you know of any topics that should be included in the sticky topics at the top of each forum, please tell that forum's moderator.'
  13. 'We could just have one sticky thread that is always posted to whenever an announcement is made.'
  14. 'I'm chucking in another vote for sticky topics.'
  15. 'You can have more than one sticky post and you can easily change which posts are sticky.'
  16. 'Maybe this post should be sticky so it always stays on top?'
  17. 'Note that in the Forum's Tarantino Books Corner, there is one sticky topic for each of the available Tarantino books, so it is very easy to find information on those books.'
  18. 'It's been my long held opinion that we could get huge benefits from sticky threads for this sort of thing, should it become technically possible to implement.'
  19. 'I wish we had sticky threads, or maybe just a little new poster section.'
  20. 'If you post in a sticky topic, you may find that the topic becomes "stuck" on your "New Posts" page as well.'
  21. 'Should we make a sticky FAQ for this board?'
  22. 'his new nickname has proved to be surprisingly sticky'
  23. 'These industries proved to be sticky, long-lasting, respectful to people and the environment and a key to innovation.'
  24. 'The sticky nature of these and so many other urban legends intrigued the authors.'
  25. 'Once our attention is grabbed, sticky ideas refuse to let go, holding our interest by creating in us a need to discover the outcome.'
  26. 'These labels are, however, often based on assumptions and stereotypes - and can be sticky and difficult to shake off.'
  27. 'The sticky idea that tests are measures of achievement persists.'
  28. 'Some habits can be quite sticky and hard to change.'
  29. 'Psychiatric labels that define certain behaviours and beliefs as deviant are particularly sticky and difficult to escape from.'
  30. 'He has a bad habit of spreading sticky rumours about other residents.'
  31. 'Sometimes a carefully crafted given name simply gives way to a sticky nickname.'
  32. 'As usual, the envy is largely baseless and dumb, but it's sticky and hard to shake.'


A piece of paper with an adhesive strip on one side, used for leaving messages or reminders.
  1. 'And the secure system with the hard-to-guess passwords won't be very secure after users post their passwords on little yellow stickies.'
  2. 'Jay picked up one of the stickies on her desk and passed it to him.'
  3. 'Perfect pictures of sunny days, birthday parties and proms, of boyfriends, girlfriends and parents all hamming it up for the camera were as abundant as the yellow stickies that plastered his desk back at the precinct.'
(in an online forum) a thread containing important information that is set to remain at the top of the other threads regardless of when it was last updated.
  1. 'Should "Loop Back Test Instructions" be made into a sticky?'
  2. 'Mods, can we get this video turned into a sticky?'
  3. 'I suggest to every new member to read the interesting stickies.'
  4. 'A lot of stickies were brought in from the sub-forums and probably shouldn't be stickies any more.'
  5. 'The Mint Forum has a number of stickies explaining how to configure Mint using familiar terms from the config files of your favorite blogging software.'


1. having the property of adhering, as glue; adhesive.

2. covered with adhesive or viscid matter: sticky hands.

3. (of the weather or climate) hot and humid: It was an unbearably sticky day.

4. requiring careful treatment; awkwardly difficult: a rather sticky diplomatic problem; Breaking the news is going to be sticky.

5. Informal. unpleasant; unfortunate; nasty: The villain of the story meets a sticky end. noun, plural stickies.

6. one of a numbe

More examples(as adjective)

"movements can be sticky for people."

"wines can be sticky on fingers."

"toes can be sticky with bloods."

"skins can be sticky in heats."

"rices can be sticky as rices."

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