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Producing, filled with, or clouded with steam.
  1. 'After he took his hands from the steamy water, he washed his face with a warm, damp towel.'
  2. 'And men will secretly tell you that most of them are comfortable to have women whose ambitions do not venture beyond the steamy kitchen.'
  3. 'I smile for no reason and draw a sad face on the steamy window of the bus and then quickly rub it out with my sleeve.'
  4. 'Beads of water rolled down the steamy mirror as Melanie stepped out of the shower.'
  5. 'Open a window or use a fan after a steamy shower or bath to allow the humidity to escape.'
  6. 'Sarain sat dejectedly in the warm water, staring down at its steamy surface.'
  7. 'He did like the steamy clouds that enveloped him, though the raining hot drops were scalding on the base of his ears.'
  8. 'Brooke turned the water off and stepped out of the steamy shower.'
  9. 'The heat of their exertions is palpable, their hot breath rising in steamy clouds towards the corrugated roof.'
  10. 'She plugged the stopper in the drain and began to fill the tub with hot steamy water.'
  11. 'the hot, steamy jungle'
  12. 'Inside, the place was steamy and warm, filled with European trekkers, hippies, and mountaineers eating large portions of food.'
  13. 'It was a warm day, too, which meant that the area would become muggy and steamy once the rain cleared, and thus the slums would grow even worse.'
  14. 'The problem is, this part of the world seems to have gone into a holding pattern, glued into place by steamy days and sweltering nights that make anything but passive observation seem too athletic.'
  15. 'Temperatures inside this biome can reach 28 degrees Celsius but there is a cloakroom to shed your coats and a cool room for those who find the steamy atmosphere uncomfortable.'
  16. 'Seychelles is much more than a honeymoon destination, it is a vibrant, passionate, steamy place with all manner of cultural quirks.'
  17. 'What better satisfaction that downing a frosty can of export lager after battling homeward through the A-roads of the steamy English countryside?'
  18. 'Essentially, they were in their own little humid, steamy room.'
  19. 'The straight-to-video end of the market throws up a cracker every now and then and this resonant film full of sleazy, steamy atmosphere and fine performances is a rare example.'
  20. 'It is a place like no other on Earth, where the Andes meet the Amazon, and icy peaks plunge straight down to steamy jungles.'
  21. 'Sweat trickles down the face of a man busking in a steamy town square.'
Depicting or involving passionate sexual activity.
  1. 'a steamy affair'
  2. 'Pressing his lips to hers, the two shared a steamy and passionate moment, minds becoming drunk with the seductive taste of each other.'
  3. 'Just because someone enjoys flirting, it doesn't mean they're about to embark on a steamy affair.'
  4. 'Those expecting fiery discourses or steamy passions had best look elsewhere; this is a warm, affectionate, personal look at Lewis and Gresham.'
  5. 'Having your partner groom your naughty parts with you is a highly erotic activity that will inevitably lead to steamy hot sex.'
  6. 'Along the way Cheryl bickers with her best friend Tamara, has a steamy affair, and cons her way into the lives of those who knew the elusive Fae.'
  7. 'And above all this, the movie is just steamy hot with sex.'
  8. 'A Royton actor's steamy sex scenes look set to stretch the boundaries of UK cinema.'
  9. 'Said Victoria of their hot and steamy session: ‘We were all over each other.’'
  10. 'It has been claimed by a national newspaper that the notes were ‘passionate, steamy and suggestive’.'
  11. 'She's not talking about the film's steamy sex scenes.'


1. consisting of or resembling steam.

2. full of or abounding in steam; emitting steam.

3. covered with or as if with condensed steam: a steamy bathroom mirror.

4. hot and humid.

5. Informal. passionate or erotic.

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"slivers can be steamy as instincts."

"rates can be steamy on dates."

"cubicles can be steamy with uses."

"windows can be steamy."

"heats can be steamy."

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