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A pile of objects, typically one that is neatly arranged.
  1. '‘These should be your size,’ she handed him a stack of neatly folded clothes.'
  2. 'He grabbed a nearby stack of bandages and piled on one after the other until he felt there was enough to soak up the blood.'
  3. 'She opened her mouth to say something, but Valora Adora bustled back into the room with a small stack of neatly folded colorful clothing.'
  4. 'Emanuelle frowned as she traced her fingers down the stack of folders neatly piled inside.'
  5. 'Her bed had a whole stack of clothing piled up and it was getting higher.'
  6. 'Groaning and pushing myself up, I shuffled over to my bathroom, almost tripping on a stack of books piled near my bathroom door.'
  7. 'Do you have a stack of books piled beside your bed that you really are going to read?'
  8. 'The man heaved as he piled the stack of six books onto Roy's already dusty lap.'
  9. 'It was then that her hand slid across what sounded like a stack of neatly clumped paper.'
  10. 'A stack of kindling was piled on the floor nearby and he tossed some in, quickly lighting a fire.'
  11. 'there's stacks of work for me now'
  12. 'The next type of beggars were some people walking around with stacks of CDs in their hands on the Walk of Fame.'
  13. 'I still have plenty to do, and a stack of emails that are waiting for replies, but they will have to wait until later in the week.'
  14. 'There will be some people who have stacks of confidence and some who have none.'
  15. 'Kearsley and Horwich piled up a stack of runs in an entertaining draw.'
  16. 'Stalin closed the show for the three nights and sang four of his classics from his stack of hits.'
  17. 'We used to build stacks mainly in the stackyard by the farm buildings but occasionally we built some in the field.'
  18. 'From another hole came the straw that was again piled into a stack.'
  19. 'The drums were coming through this huge amplifier stack and it was louder than onstage.'
  20. 'The hearing of both Ozzy Osbourne and The Who guitarist Peter Townshend was damaged by prolonged exposure to the high wattage blare from stacks of amplifiers.'
  21. 'We lost our situational awareness of the other aircraft in the overhead stack.'
  22. 'Being in the dominant position, on top of the stack in the start circle, is a strong tactical advantage.'
  23. 'They thought the stacks of green aircraft belonged to Army fliers.'
  24. 'Coronach if you get 9 more rifles you could set up a table in your living room where each leg is a rifle stack.'
  25. 'the demand for items from the stacks'
  26. 'For today much, perhaps most, of a student's search for information has moved out of the stacks and into dorm rooms and studies, via the Internet.'
  27. 'People will want to live in a coffee shop, talking to people about books, not in the stacks at the library or the warehouse at Amazon.'
  28. 'Sneak the book back into the stacks and tell them they screwed up because you returned it long ago, or else hold onto it until the next amnesty period.'
  29. 'Books will be fetched by Library staff from the stacks downstairs, where the collection will be housed in suitable conditions of security, temperature and humidity.'
  30. 'I used to go to UCSD's Central Library and browse the stacks, especially the economics section.'
  31. 'Neither outside nor inside the library did I see any sign of where one might deposit one's weapon before browsing in the stacks or settling into the periodicals room.'
  32. 'The search engines are virtual librarians who take your order and retrieve documents from the stacks in less time than it takes your browser to load the next page.'
  33. 'Within the protocol stack, SSL / TLS is situated underneath the application layer.'
  34. 'The gateway holds the hardware interfaces and software protocol stacks to get all the various technologies talking nicely to one another.'
A chimney, especially one on a factory, or a vertical exhaust pipe on a vehicle.
  1. 'For night flying, engineers added special flame-suppressing exhaust stacks to it to prevent night blindness in crew members.'
  2. 'We would now suggest it is best if we totally by-pass the existing outlets and connect our own outlets directly into the pipe stacks.'
  3. 'Between the stack and the vertical wall there are many large holes or caves full of groupers.'
  4. 'Police can drown the engine of a bigger ship by firing a water cannon into its exhaust stacks.'
  5. 'My brother and I were flying one day when the engine suddenly lost 60 percent of its power and heavy black smoke started pouring from the exhaust stacks.'
  6. 'She blew a series of smoke rings out, because she knew that it amused me, stretching her head into the air like her neck was a stack and her lips the chimney rim.'
  7. 'Of course the plating process is not the only finishing process these truck exhaust stacks go through.'
  8. 'There is no release of gases into the atmosphere except through the exhaust stack.'
  9. 'The noise from the multiple exhaust stacks is spectacular and very satisfying.'
  10. 'Cameron hesitated as he took in the roof, his vision blocked by other staircase entries, chimneys and vent stacks.'
  11. 'He, along with Graeme Nicol and the lyric mountain churl Tom Patey (who died in 1970 falling off a sea stack called The Maiden), did the first ascent of Ben Nevis's Zero Gully, then one of the hardest ice climbs in the world, in 1957.'
  12. 'The Old Man of Stoer comes into view shortly after this, and you follow the cliff edge round to the right and then down steeply to look over the sea stack.'
  13. 'The climb to the top of the 450 ft sea stack was to raise money and awareness of the plight facing patients with kidney problems.'
  14. 'The other arch stands close by - a Cyclopean gateway through a tall and slim sea stack.'
  15. 'Additional features include a private island - a small sea stack known locally as The Stag - and a 24 square metre self-contained Swiss chalet in the back garden, which features two bedrooms, a living area with kitchenette and a shower room.'
  16. 'I finished my pint in the ship's bar and went to the starboard viewing rail to watch the sunlight reflecting off that famous sea stack, the Old Man Of Hoy.'
A measure for a pile of wood of 108 cu. ft (3.06 cubic metres).
  1. 'The actual wood contained in a 4' x 4' x 8' stack is approximately 90 cubic feet.'


Arrange (a number of things) in a pile, typically a neat one.
  1. 'she stood up, beginning to stack the plates'
  2. 'Ian wandered back into the cave and began sorting what was left into packsack-sized piles, stacking them by the mouth of the cave.'
  3. 'I'd stack hatboxes covered in floral-print paper in a corner.'
  4. 'She picked up the dishcloth and started to wipe the plates, stacking them in neat piles of 5.'
  5. 'Karl finally had five neat piles of photos stacked.'
  6. 'A series of photograph of two toddlers earnestly stacking a pile of blocks only to knock them back down will be accompanied by this dialogue.'
  7. 'We sat at the big table and watched my mum count the coins, stacking it all into neat piles by denomination.'
  8. 'The banker can stack the appropriate number of chips on top of the puck to indicate how many consecutive wins he has.'
  9. 'The wise magician then ordered the young prince to spend the day lugging and stacking a pile of huge logs, menial labor unbefitting royalty.'
  10. 'A desk spanned the width of the room, and there were files folders and CDs stacked in neat piles on the desk, and a computer built into it.'
  11. 'During the day these pillows are stacked in a pile and the room is converted into a place for sitting and eating.'
  12. 'Her shelves are stacked with cookbooks and clippings, her drawers filled with gadgets and graters.'
  13. 'If you want a knot garden in your own space, stack the central spaces in the middle of your evergreen outline now with as many herbaceous perennials as you can.'
  14. 'The only table that can fit into the tight living room is stacked with books and papers.'
  15. 'When I was 15, I got a job stacking shelves in Dunnes Stores.'
  16. 'My bravado from earlier dwindled as he nodded, smiled again, and continued stacking the shelves.'
  17. 'Cabinets around the room were stacked with china dishes.'
  18. 'Every surface is stacked with knick-knacks; every chair piled with quilts.'
  19. 'Most people would just shrug and go get a job stacking shelves in Tescos.'
  20. 'Compared to Watkins, Atlantis is a bit grubby and poorly lit and the place is stacked with arcane junk.'
  21. 'Journal pages have to be filled, and library shelves have to be stacked with books.'
  22. 'I hope we aren't stacked for hours over Kennedy'
  23. 'Lines had to be shared with people dialling up, ringing off and basically stacking like planes outside Heathrow airport.'
Shuffle or arrange (a pack of cards) dishonestly so as to gain an unfair advantage.
  1. figurative 'Texas's capital punishment law stacks the deck in favour of death over prison'
  2. 'She felt like the cards where stacked against her.'
  3. 'I believed that Meg and Sarah were in real danger at the beginning; by the second half of the movie, I felt that the cards were stacked so unfavorably against the robbers so as to negate the danger.'
  4. 'When Bernie falls in love, the chips in his life begin to fall into place, just as cards begin to get stacked against Shelly and his old-school values.'
  5. 'When he and his team took office on May 20 last year, the cards were already stacked against them.'
  6. 'Yes, some people are born with the deck stacked against them.'
  7. 'The quarterbacks get paid the most money because they must rally the troops in the game's critical moments when the cards are stacked against them.'
  8. 'On the face of it, the cards seem stacked against him.'
  9. 'Your focus on ‘yields’ of individual commodities, rather than total output, unfairly stacks the deck by ignoring a large measure of what smaller farms produce.'
  10. 'The question brings me back to an issue that I promised to address: the possibility that Mitch was stacking the cards a bit when he didn't clarify how his teacher/hero needed to be needed.'
  11. 'Or are the cards always stacked in favour of one group?'
  12. 'Little Maisy and Ruby Jolly have been dubbed the ‘Miracle Twins’ after the odds were stacked against their survival.'
  13. 'Frye's turnout surprised San Diego voters partly because, from a practical standpoint, the odds were stacked against her.'
  14. 'When you consider how the odds were stacked against us it was a fantastic display and result.'
  15. 'The odds were stacked against the 17-year-old Toowoomba student from the start, but he triumphed anyway.'
  16. 'Despite all the odds being stacked against them, Mandi and David are determined to be together.'
(in snowboarding) fall over.
  1. 'The group I ride with all got a shock last year when our friend stacked it, came down on his head and spent the next 6 months in hospital.'

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1. a more or less orderly pile or heap: a precariously balanced stack of books; a neat stack of papers.

2. a large, usually conical, circular, or rectangular pile of hay, straw, or the like.

3. Often, stacks. a set of shelves for books or other materials ranged compactly one above the other, as in a library.

4. stacks, the area or part of a library in which the books and other holdings are stored or kept.

5. a number of chimneys or flues grouped together.

6. smokestack.

7. a vert


(stack)Middle English: from Old Norse stakkr ‘haystack’, of Germanic origin.


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