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Showing or caused by malice.
  1. 'Nobody likes Jenn, at least in my spiteful and confused little mind.'
  2. 'She had consistently refuted what she claimed to be malicious allegations from spiteful colleagues.'
  3. 'The only way this expulsion can be interpreted is as a spiteful and vindictive move.'
  4. 'A spiteful, vicious corner of my mind wants to yell so that they know how catty she is being.'
  5. 'He despised Adamea for it and it had turned him to spiteful hate and deep bitterness.'
  6. 'Their charming arrogance suddenly sounded a little spiteful.'
  7. 'These creatures have the reputation of being smelly, vicious, spiteful and unreliable.'
  8. 'But you know, my heart just sank too deep knowing how horribly spiteful, cruel and unproductive this issue is.'
  9. 'Granted, she thought her sister did an awful, malicious, and spiteful job of it, but still!'
  10. 'Mandela cheerfully served a prison sentence that would have left Jesus bitter and spiteful.'


1. full of spite or malice; showing spite; malicious; malevolent; venomous: a spiteful child.

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"people can be spiteful as people."

"people can be spiteful."

"matches can be spiteful."

"stories can be spiteful."

"remarks can be spiteful."

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