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Having the appearance or consistency of soup.
  1. 'They were miniature little cheese raviolis in a soupy cream sauce with chives.'
  2. 'You will need floury potatoes such as King Edwards that break down during the cooking, and you may need to mash a few of them at the end to thicken the liquid into a sweet, soupy stew.'
  3. 'Here I use it again, not only to warm up a soupy Mediterranean vegetable stew with chickpeas and fennel, but also to add a little chutzpah to the fish.'
  4. 'The curries came in huge bowls, full of chicken, beancurd and vegetables in a creamy, soupy sauce, infused with the very best of Thai flavourings: coconut, limes and chilli.'
  5. 'It was more soupy than thick and meaty, the nicely spiced broth containing translucent noodles, thin strips of beef, bean sprouts and whole green onions that were almost sweet.'
  6. 'After about 50 minutes of cooking in the oven, it somehow got soupy despite the lesser amount of liquid used - it might have been vegetables that had given out extra liquid.'
  7. 'Mix the grout to a soupy consistency, and pour it onto the counters.'
  8. 'You want it to have the consistency of a loose, soupy stock.'
  9. 'Depending on the proportion of water to volcanic material, mudflows can range from soupy floods to thick flows that have the consistency of wet cement.'
  10. 'I stared at Tavis' untouched cup of coffee, which looked rather dark and soupy.'
  11. 'a soupy July morning'
  12. 'As temperatures reached 118F in the Tallahatchie County courthouse on the afternoon of September 19, 1955, the two small ceiling fans did little to stir the stifling, soupy heat.'
  13. 'The day began with a Biblical downpour, and concludes with the same; in between, a blaring sun and soupy air.'
  14. 'The languid, soupy air mass surrounded us and wrapped us in its stifling grip.'
  15. 'soupy nostalgia'
  16. 'The production sounds a little soupy here, but I think it really adds to the song if you can understand that.'
  17. 'You will come out of this, emerge from it, rise above it, and it may sound soupy to say so, but it just happens, or rather, we make such things happen.'
  18. 'At a time when they were still singing soupy Victorian hymns in churches, this choir performed relatively modem music.'


1. resembling soup in consistency: soupy oatmeal.

2. very thick; dense: a soupy fog.

3. Informal. overly sentimental; mawkish: soupy love scenes.

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"matters can be soupy."

"strings can be soupy."

"pulps can be soupy."

"porns can be soupy."

"people can be soupy."

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