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(especially of a place) lacking character and individuality.
  1. 'The ground is lined on two sides by soulless, multi-lane roads, on another by a building site and on the fourth by five-storey public housing.'
  2. 'Arjun feels perfectly at home in this clean, soulless environment.'
  3. 'Plenty of people who felt trapped inside that world promised themselves that they would never end up in such a soulless setting - and that they would certainly never make their own kids live there.'
  4. 'What's left of the city appears nondescript and soulless, without any apparent centre or focal point.'
  5. 'Murrayfield can be a soulless place but when the national team performs as they did yesterday it fairly hums with emotion.'
  6. 'The commission has estimated the cost to local authorities of bogus or excessive compensation claims at £117m a year and say public spaces are becoming dreary, fun-free, soulless places.'
  7. 'You know the places; largely soulless havens for thirty-somethings, the complete antithesis of a traditional British boozer.'
  8. 'Chelsea's training ground at Harlington in west London is a bleak, soulless place.'
  9. 'These out-of-town sites are soulless and can be seen all over the country.'
  10. 'I have found Brussels to be a soulless place, in which everything is closed in the evening.'
  11. 'soulless, non-productive work'
  12. 'While tzedakah is a Jewish obligation, it is not meant to be fulfilled in a rote or soulless way.'
  13. 'There was something in living things that went way, way beyond the soulless physical existence of the concrete jungle, and that mysterious force was something that needed to be preserved.'
  14. 'He's hanging around the writers to get a job, hoping for a better-paid class of soulless and demeaning media work.'
  15. 'two soulless black eyes were watching her'
  16. 'The higher purpose of art is evidently to correct the spiritual errors of a soulless, competitive, materialist society.'
  17. 'Government alone without religion is soulless and lacking any moral framework, they say.'
  18. 'I watch these things from above, sitting on my lofty treetop, observing this human suffering with my beady, soulless, black eyes.'
  19. 'The Arts and Crafts movement of the 1860s and 1870s was a response to the soulless nature of capitalist development.'
  20. 'In the end, we're not quite sure if the soulless quality of the milieu he chronicles is a reflection of the world outside his head or the one inside it.'
  21. 'Its markings were unmistakeable, as were the large, soulless, jet black eyes.'


1. without a soul.

2. lacking in nobility of soul, as persons; without spirit or courage.

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"medlabs can be soulless as saints."

"people can be soulless."

"films can be soulless."

"eyes can be soulless."

"worlds can be soulless."

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