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Having, revealing, or involving a great deal of worldly experience and knowledge of fashion and culture.
  1. 'a young man with sophisticated tastes'
  2. 'Without doubt, the foods of the world, to be found in Canada's larger cities, had a great hand in creating the modern Canadian - in the main, sophisticated and worldly.'
  3. 'In Memphis, he has an experience that makes him realize that he is not as sophisticated or worldly as he thought: he meets a boy by chance on the road, and they come upon a jug of bootleg alcohol.'
  4. 'Think rumpled imprecision when it comes to fall's best-tressed heads; the look juxtaposes well with the season's more sophisticated fashions.'
  5. 'Famous for both Oktoberfest and a sophisticated cultural scene, Munich considers itself a ‘Metropolis with a Heart.’'
  6. 'They hadn't gone to college, and they saw Father Mark as a repository of knowledge and culture and sophisticated humor.'
  7. 'Readers of this blog are, by definition, sophisticated and worldly-wise individuals who know full well that major film studios do not read unsolicited screenplays.'
  8. 'They seem unable to resist the temptation to express contempt and hostility for those less sophisticated and cultured than themselves.'
  9. 'He probably learned more of the sophisticated high culture from listening to the public addresses of lawyers and ministers, especially the better sort.'
  10. 'The party only exists in Allen's brain, as a memory or perhaps a fantasy, a crowd of cultured, moneyed, sophisticated, liberal-minded New Yorkers.'
  11. 'During the last century, Finland has reinvented itself as a highly sophisticated, socially urbane culture with the highest aspirations for design and for architecture.'
  12. 'Today we see it on the menu of some fairly sophisticated restaurants.'
  13. 'This cover is sophisticated, with a gracefully limited color palette and simple fonts.'
  14. 'Their many restaurants are sophisticated and serve dishes rivalling the best to be found in Europe.'
  15. 'And now the combination of fresh local produce and award-winning wine is drawing top chefs to the area's increasingly sophisticated restaurants.'
  16. 'The film is a sophisticated and æsthetically beautiful horror film.'
  17. 'His philosophy is a simple, yet sophisticated restaurant with no clutter - somewhere to enjoy his food at a reasonable price.'
  18. 'The flats were regarded as sophisticated, even luxurious, and all for the reasonable rent of between £68 and £130 per year.'
  19. 'Tastes was a multi-cultural restaurant, very sophisticated and yet casual at the same time.'
  20. 'But most of all, people come here to eat. springing up on every corner are sophisticated restaurants serving exquisite food.'
  21. 'The foods available at restaurants range from sophisticated Western cuisine, to various ethnic specialty foods, to both indigenous and foreign fast foods.'
(of a machine, system, or technique) developed to a high degree of complexity.
  1. 'Neurosurgeons still use this principle of decreasing the pressure within the skull by practising more sophisticated techniques.'
  2. 'Typically such offerings have included server engines, storage systems and sophisticated management tools to allocate and de-allocate resources in response to varying user demand.'
  3. 'They practiced sophisticated techniques of construction that included stone-masonry.'
  4. 'South Africa, with its developed manufacturing base, sophisticated infrastructure and large work force, is already favoured by the transnationals.'
  5. 'The most sophisticated computer system will not lead to better care, unless caregivers are willing to act on the information.'
  6. 'In Edinburgh we had a sophisticated marketing system to work out who the audience was.'
  7. 'Time is not external to us, something we can use more efficiently through sophisticated techniques of time management.'
  8. 'Big Indian vendors are overcoming this barrier through increasingly sophisticated marketing techniques.'
  9. 'The Apache Longbow possesses a sophisticated navigation system that obtains a position confidence of less than 14 meters.'
  10. 'The researchers are developing sophisticated systems to make this possible.'
  11. 'discussion and reflection are necessary for a sophisticated response to a text'
  12. 'She had very limited knowledge of videomaking but a relatively sophisticated sense of identity issues.'
  13. 'It must be that advertising works, even on educated and sophisticated people.'
  14. 'In this sense, it suggested a sophisticated enemy, well aware of how modern wars are fought.'
  15. 'It requires huge amounts of money, sophisticated leaders and an intricate structure of command.'
  16. 'This ran through the responses of all groups, with a sophisticated understanding of the country's problems.'
  17. 'There's definitely a user interface issue, because only the most sophisticated users are going to use anything that's complicated at all.'
  18. 'Citizens are sophisticated, and many understand financial concepts like lifecycle cost analysis, he says.'
  19. 'In fact, sociologists and historians have had - for at least a generation - a far more sophisticated understanding of modern Jews.'
  20. 'Recent scholarship presents a much more subtle and sophisticated understanding of seventeenth-century mechanism.'
  21. 'They presuppose that students are sophisticated enough to look at a novel as an object in a given time and place, filled with all settings and vagaries of the particular time frame in which the novel occurs.'


1. (of a person, ideas, tastes, manners, etc.) altered by education, experience, etc., so as to be worldly-wise; not naive: a sophisticated young socialite; the sophisticated eye of an experienced journalist.

2. pleasing or satisfactory to the tastes of sophisticates, or people who are educated, cultured, and worldly-wise: sophisticated music.

3. deceptive; misleading.

4. complex or intricate, as a system, process, piece of machinery, or the like: a sophisticated electronic c

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"companies can be sophisticated in things."

"wings can be sophisticated in plannings."

"trucks can be sophisticated for farmers."

"techniques can be sophisticated in/at/on days."

"satires can be sophisticated for people."

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