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Having a gently calming effect.
  1. 'The pace is slow, relaxed, unhurried and soothing.'
  2. 'Maybe there is something that is soothing for McCall about returning to the area of his upbringing.'
  3. 'Deep blues and rich whites make it very soothing to watch.'
  4. 'And I rather surprised him by replying that actually I found the sound quite soothing.'
  5. 'And the fountains burbling in the background are very soothing.'
  6. 'For many people, green is soothing.'
  7. 'The decor is calm and soothing, the food lively and exciting.'
  8. 'He was soothing, he was calm.'
  9. 'Nothing, you think, could be more soothing than a warm spring day in a peaceful city.'
  10. 'The relaxing sound of the water was more soothing than a new age meditation tape.'
  11. 'almond oil is renowned for its soothing properties'
  12. 'Raw, fresh cabbage juice is very soothing to the stomach and can even help ulcers.'
  13. 'With my tongue throbbing from the hot pepper I'd bitten into, the main course of tofu and vegetables on okra polenta, was divinely soothing.'
  14. 'The drink was actually barely more than hot water, but it was soothing.'
  15. 'Aloe vera is an ideal toner because it is soothing and healing.'
  16. 'Lotions with peppermint oil can be especially soothing to tired feet.'
  17. '' Teething powders ' found in pharmacies are homeopathic Chamomilla 3X granules, which can be very soothing for grizzly babies.'
  18. 'The heavy rain drops soon had them soaked to the skin, but the rain was warm and soothing, not sharp and stinging.'
  19. 'I prefer tea, very soothing.'
  20. 'The oil is nourishing and soothing (it keeps cuticles soft) and seems to absorb all sorts of stress that our busy hands accumulate.'


1. that soothes: a soothing voice.

2. tending to assuage pain: a soothing cough syrup.

More examples(as adjective)

"waters can be soothing to displays."

"vegetations can be soothing at times."

"loves can be soothing as teas."

"words can be soothing."

"comments can be soothing."

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