Adjective "Snippet" definition and examples

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A small piece or brief extract.
  1. 'He's full of interesting snippets of information which bring the building to life.'
  2. 'All I can see at the moment are snippets, but I'm going to jot them down here before I forget.'
  3. 'The official site is under reconstruction at the moment but there are a few snippets of information here.'
  4. 'The majority are brief snippets and additions to scenes that made the final cut.'
  5. 'This short piece includes snippets from the original series as well as clips from the film.'
  6. 'I bear in mind the snippets of evidence that we have already got from you, that some managers are clearly appalling.'
  7. 'If it's unclear who owns the rights to a book, only the snippets are displayed.'
  8. 'I had indirectly picked up snippets of news during the two weeks.'
  9. 'If you've seen the trailer for the movie, then you've seen a brief snippet of this battle.'
  10. 'Every recipe is accompanied by a story from his childhood, or a snippet of background information gleaned from his training.'

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1. a small piece snipped off; a small bit, scrap, or fragment: an anthology of snippets.

2. Informal. a small or insignificant person.