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Stylish and attractive.
  1. 'It seemed a perfect combination of old classic melodies spiced with snazzy beats of new runaway hits by the college orchestra.'
  2. 'And the snazzy maroon and gray hotel shuttle goes to the hospital around the corner, not the airport.'
  3. 'You'll definitely need a snazzy container to stash all the stuff you score.'
  4. 'But luckily for him his pet cat has other ideas and, having equipped himself with a snazzy pair of new boots, sets out to make his masters fortune.'
  5. 'Society had a very conservative outlook on clothing, and anyone who dared to wear snazzy dresses was looked down with contempt.'
  6. 'Plenty of grip action on the sole section ensures that safety comes first with these snazzy, stylish shoes.'
  7. 'However, the CD collection is not all about snazzy games and movies.'
  8. 'It's all very nice and snazzy, but it just doesn't give me all the information I need on one spreadsheet, right in front of me.'
  9. 'I'll take warm human connections any day over snazzy branding and slick interior design.'
  10. 'We scored snazzy socks, gloves, jewelry and barrettes at the dollar store to finish dressing our door doll.'


1. extremely attractive or stylish; flashy; fancy: a snazzy dresser.

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"people can be snazzy."

"visors can be snazzy."

"vamps can be snazzy."

"t-shirts can be snazzy."

"suits can be snazzy."

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1960s: of unknown origin.