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Having a strong or unpleasant smell.
  1. 'Even as they deliver Pure Rock Fury to smelly rooms full of sweaty people, they plot against it.'
  2. 'Landfill is always discussed as smelly, polluting and potentially unhealthy.'
  3. 'Yes, it's smelly, dirty and harmful, but in reality people do smoke cigarettes.'
  4. 'Community leaders say the playground is a muddy, smelly quagmire even in the height of summer.'
  5. 'Meanwhile, others take bags full of clothes and end up sweaty, smelly and dishevelled.'
  6. 'I do feel that if you decide not to smoke, you shouldn't have the smelly fumes wafting over from someone who does.'
  7. 'Some of these kids stay in the school hostel and were exposed to this smelly sewerage water for two weeks.'
  8. 'Nasty, smelly, noisy, polluting money-pits, that what cars have always been to me.'
  9. 'The sea receded gradually from the promenade, which then looked out over acres of smelly tidal mud.'
  10. 'For weeks, the residents and passing pedestrians have had to put up with dozens of smelly rubbish bags lying around.'


1. emitting a strong or unpleasant odor; reeking.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be smelly."

"rooms can be smelly."

"places can be smelly."

"pipes can be smelly."

"fumes can be smelly."

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