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A slight superficial knowledge of a language or subject.
  1. 'With an aptitude for languages and a smattering of Italian, she'd chatter away to people, gradually getting the hang of the Liguarian dialect.'
  2. 'That our small group seemed to be the only foreigners - with barely a smattering of the language between us - in a sea of Russians mattered not at all.'
  3. 'He has a smattering of Arabic, and has knowledge of the way the Islamic people in the Gulf States and the surrounding areas act and react.'
  4. 'The clientele are older and wealthy with a few smatterings of known faces.'
  5. 'Stepping out, Moira spotted a smattering of familiar faces among the crowd.'
  6. 'A smattering of naturalized yellow narcissi can make a barren bit of property look like a natural wonder.'

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1. a slight, superficial, or introductory knowledge of something: a smattering of Latin. adjective

2. slight or superficial.


(smattering)Mid 16th century: from smatter ‘talk ignorantly, prate’ (surviving in Scots), of unknown origin.