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Of limited size or extent.
  1. 'small-scale manufacturing'
  2. 'I do not see how that can possibly allow small-scale research on persistent organic pollutants.'
  3. 'It takes up to two years to build a windmill or small-scale hydro-electric project.'
  4. 'Under the last Conservative government, Britain had small-scale, controlled immigration.'
  5. 'As a result out of the 50 small-scale units set up there only 20 are running at this moment.'
  6. 'When the small-scale farming project became successful, the next step was to sell the produce.'
  7. 'On one hand, it's a small-scale theatre festival that gives a leg-up to some of the newest and most creative names on the scene.'
  8. 'This chapter has been written to provide some advice for readers who might be carrying out a small-scale project of their own.'
  9. 'Part of the deal is that volunteers have to use what they learned for a small-scale scheme to benefit their communities when they get back.'
  10. 'The courses are a perfect example of how a small-scale fringe theatre is doing its best to reach out and give something back to the community.'
  11. 'The initiative would help small-scale sectors become the vendors, they said.'



1. of limited extent; of small scope: a small-scale enterprise.

2. being a relatively small map, model, etc., of the original and, hence, showing relatively little detail.

More examples(as adjective)

"industries can be small-scale."

"projects can be small-scale."

"enterprises can be small-scale."

"productions can be small-scale."

"farmers can be small-scale."

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