Adjective "Small-Fry" definition and examples

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Definitions and examples

plural noun

Insignificant people or things.
  1. 'She was one of the youngest members in the Dance Club after all, small fry and unimportant.'
  2. 'For more than a decade, the small fry stayed away.'
  3. 'Otherwise however big a breed of fish we are, we fare no better than the small fry simply because we all take the bait.'
  4. 'Even as the big guys muscle in, small fry are also proliferating.'
  5. 'Some small fry are also being pushed into a growing throng of so-called orphans, companies for which investment banks no longer issue analysts' research although they took them public.'
  6. 'The independent small fry who earn money exclusively from their advice and gold-plated connections once thrived in the lucrative merger business.'
  7. 'There is certainly no disapproval of the relationship, but then I work in an environment where there are several adulterous relationships going on and this current one is small fry!'
  8. 'Most of the enemies are small fry compared to the bosses.'
  9. '‘He was relatively a small fry,’ says Geis, commenting on Kopper's role as the outsider.'
  10. 'In the thirties Evelyn Waugh was considered small fry compared to a major writer such as Charles Morgan who means nothing to 21st century readers.'
  11. 'What we did hear in the select committee was that there is a lack of interest among the law lords for sitting on the Privy Council, because as far as they are concerned it is small fry.'
  12. 'Instead of one-size-fits-all, the firm will tailor investment advice to each market segment, from millionaires to small fry.'
  13. 'There is no way the Crown Prosecution Service can stick the loans scandal merely on the small fry.'
  14. 'Some of those companies are big fish, and others are small fry.'
  15. 'From the way in which he deals with his clients over the phone, Stu comes across as arrogant, shrewd and terribly ambitious, pretending to be a part of the big league, when all he actually is, is small fry.'
  16. 'Still, Stanley is small fry in the realm of corporate governance and executive compensation fiascos.'
Young fish.
  1. 'That's a problem, because many of the small fry perish on their journey to adulthood - and scientists and fishermen would like to know why.'
  2. 'Superstitious by nature, the Yamis distribute each catch according to size and color; brightly colored fish for the women, dark colored fish for the men, and small fry for the kids.'
  3. 'If you only open your case up occasionally, the door is fine, and may keep a curious small fry from poking modeling clay or glue sticks into your slot-drive DVD-ROM.'
  4. 'Listening to vintage Bob Marley tunes by moonlight while Clare and Danny joined other small fry on the dance floor made me realize that there are moments when parents on vacation can have their cake and eat it, too.'
  5. 'For example, Cichlasoma nigrofasciatum and Cichlasoma citrinellum are able to discriminate their own small fry from those of other species.'
  6. 'Now researchers are wondering if the compound might also cut down on waterborne fungi that destroy catfish eggs before they can hatch into small fry.'
  7. 'Rough season conceal the shoals of small fry upon which they survive.'

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plural noun

1. children: a treat for the small fry.

2. unimportant persons or objects: Her parties were closed to the small fry.

3. small or young fish.


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