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Turn or slide violently or uncontrollably.
  1. with object 'he slewed the aircraft round before it settled on the runway'
  2. 'Brakes strident, slewing to one side like a crippled ocean liner, I'd found myself pulling over to pick him up.'
  3. 'White water poured over the sides of the raft which now was slewing down the wave, broadside into a maelstrom.'
  4. 'As soon as it touched the ground, the other engine cut out and the plane slewed off the runway before coming to rest on the grass.'
  5. 'He slipped, slewed, shimmied, and then gracefully rolled to a stop at the bottom.'
  6. 'The ship was blown over to a constant list of between 5-10°, and waves occasionally slewed in through the ports, sloshing along the starboard deck and then out again somewhere near the stern.'
  7. 'As I looked back, I thought a train had just slewed across the down line.'
  8. 'No sooner had I closed my notebook on it pending a future revision and expansion than the wind slewed round, gathered breath, and commenced to blow.'
  9. 'The racer slued to the side and hit a ditch that Brent had not seen.'
  10. 'Jack slammed on the brakes and slewed to a stop in a cloud of dust.'
  11. 'The pipe music shrilled suddenly around her, seeming to come from the bushes at her very feet, and at the same moment the great beast slewed round and bore directly down upon her.'
(of an electronic device) undergo slewing.
  1. 'The telescope slewed to the coordinates as soon as it received the alert and within seven minutes of the start of the burst, it began observations.'
  2. 'ZHS-Zero House Swing - Sometimes incorrectly called zero tail swing, this means that the house and counterweights stay within the machine's width during slewing.'


A violent or uncontrollable sliding movement.
  1. 'One object of the invention is to dynamically reduce resistance in order to decrease the time constant during the signal transition for allowing a more rapid slew of the signal from one logic state to another.'


A large number or quantity of something.
  1. 'Normally there would have been a slew of scores around 37-35 but under the wet conditions, the ball just did not travel as most expected.'
  2. 'Throughout college, I had a slew of unpaid internships.'
  3. 'As you can see from a slew of the posts below, there's just no end of scandals, investigations and - generally speaking - muck to be raked nowadays.'
  4. 'Every few minutes whistles sounded and the workers left the hill as a slew of garbage came raining down, erecting the pile higher again.'
  5. 'And then all of a sudden we had a slew of defectors come out in the mid- and late 1990s and what they told us was that everything that we had thought was wrong.'

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1. simple past tense of slay. slew2 or slue

[sloo] /slu/ Spell Syllables

noun, Informal.

1. a large number or quantity: a whole slew of people.


(slew)Mid 19th century: from Irish sluagh.