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Needing or ready for sleep.
  1. 'Caused by a lack of sunlight, it can leave sufferers feeling lethargic, sleepy and unable to concentrate.'
  2. 'She has to take powerful drugs to control the pain and the inflammation, which often make her drowsy and sleepy.'
  3. 'So now I'm sitting here, feeling sleepy and lethargic.'
  4. 'Even when she got to do the shoot she's telling the photographer that she's tired and sleepy.'
  5. 'She waited and afterwards, she felt tired and sleepy.'
  6. 'Despite what one would think even though Jamie was so incredibly sleepy, sluggish, drowsy, and dozy, he didn't seem to mind.'
  7. 'Things are feeling weird at the moment because on the one hand I'm being very busy, and on the other I'm feeling very tired and sleepy.'
  8. 'But avoid overdoing it or you'll end up feeling sluggish and sleepy.'
  9. 'Your circadian rhythm is regulated by a biological clock in your brain that usually makes you sleepy at night and ready to wake up in the morning.'
  10. 'I'm going to keep this brief since I am tired / sleepy and have been writing for the last two hours…'
  11. 'she rubbed her sleepy eyes'
  12. 'And then he started asking me what I had planned for the day, and seemed non-pulsed to find all he got in response was some sleepy murmurs.'
  13. 'Stretching forth her sleepy limbs she yawns in tiredness.'
  14. 'A sleepy voice yawned from the bed, yanking Cody from his thoughts.'
  15. 'Somehow it manages to slice a clear swath through the thick humidity and sleepy heat of even the hottest day.'
  16. 'Cliff's generally most effective when he's most gentle, and this sleepy ballad does its job with smoochy aplomb.'
  17. 'We were all tired; the sleepy effects of night took their toll on us.'
  18. 'Scenic beaches line the island and are just minutes from the picturesque countryside, quiet sleepy lanes and stunning views.'
  19. 'During the summer of 1998 the location of the German capital moved from the sleepy town of Bonn to the largest city in the country: Berlin.'
  20. 'We should picture, it seems, a sleepy county town like Ipswich or Norwich in the 1830s.'
  21. 'The normally sleepy port town of Lüderitz is expected for once to awake from its slumber when President San Nujoma visits the town next week.'
  22. 'As I came over the top of the hill, I looked around to get my bearing and admire the view of the sleepy town of Lagos.'
  23. 'Post offices are no longer sleepy places where letters just get stamped and sent.'
  24. 'England is not just full of white, middle class people and the countryside is not all sleepy lanes and thatched cottages.'
  25. 'As development continued, the High Street changed from a sleepy village street to a busy shopping centre complete with its own cinemas.'
  26. 'It is today a sleepy town but was world famous once.'
  27. 'The Great Winchester Gun Riot of May 1908 almost sounds like a joke, a self-mocking send-up of the usually sleepy county town.'
  28. 'the one-time sleepy world of pensions'
  29. 'The focus shifted from sleepy, semi-State business-as-usual towards private sector-style efficiencies.'
  30. 'They did not fail because management was sleepy or arrogant.'
  31. 'From where I sit the book business looks very sleepy indeed.'
  32. 'Many investors, however, take it upon themselves to give sleepy management a wake-up call.'


1. ready or inclined to sleep; drowsy.

2. of or showing drowsiness.

3. languid; languorous: a sleepy gesture.

4. lethargic; sluggish: a sleepy brook.

5. quiet: a sleepy village.

6. inducing sleep; soporific: sleepy warmth.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be sleepy with people."

"markets can be sleepy in/at/on todays."

"markets can be sleepy on dates."

"tradings can be sleepy in/at/on todays."

"tradings can be sleepy at litases."

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