Adjective "Skunky" definition and examples



Definitions and examples


Like a skunk.
  1. 'As I dropped off my laundry I could smell the sweet skunky odor rising out of my pants pocket, yikes!'
  2. 'Million is just putrid, stinking like that old container of chunky, skunky eggnog from last Christmas that you forgot to throw away.'
Disagreeably tainted.
  1. 'If you've got one of its skunky previous DVD editions, it's time to turn that turkey into a Christmas tree ornament and take a step up in quality.'
  2. 'Beer sugars that are left uncared for become mouldy and skunky.'
  3. 'It's like someone threw a rotten egg into a bottle of spoiled milk and skunky beer.'


adjective, skunkier, skunkiest.

1. of, relating to, or characteristic of a skunk: a skunky odor.

2. having a disagreeable or tainted character: beer with a skunky taste.

3. Informal. mean and nasty; contemptible.