Adjective "Skillfully" definition and examples

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Definitions and examples


With skill or dexterity; cleverly.
  1. 'skilfully carved marble handicrafts'
  2. 'Even in his climactic speech, he skilfully keeps you guessing.'
  3. 'I was speedily made aware of rich, firm tonal assurance by each player, and the way they skilfully blended together.'
  4. 'They scarcely knew one another personally, but the idea of a group identity was skilfully promoted by the Kansas art dealer.'
  5. 'Even with its uneven moments, it is a skilfully written book that never stops inventing.'
  6. 'The chilling realities of street life are skilfully combined with the familiar trappings of adolescence to create a tense, powerful drama.'

More definitions


1. having or exercising skill: a skillful juggler.

2. showing or involving skill: a skillful display of fancy diving.

3. Obsolete. reasonable; rational.