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(of water or food that is being heated) stay just below boiling point while bubbling gently.
  1. 'Add more water if needed while the soup is simmering.'
  2. 'When all was mixed, wrapped in muslin, and dumped into two large pans of water simmering on the Aga, the ladies went off to Mar'ton, too, for more shopping.'
  3. 'Stirring chopped chocolate in a pan or bowl over hot, not simmering, water maintains an even, low temperature, resulting in glossy, firmly set chocolate.'
  4. 'Over the fire hung a black cast-iron pot, in which a stew was simmering.'
  5. 'While the sausages are simmering, remove the grapes from their stems, wash, and place in a bowl.'
  6. 'The pasta and sauces were simmering on the stove.'
  7. 'The fire glows, venison stew simmers, the hunter and his mates drink beer and yarn on into a New Zealand night.'
  8. 'While the stew is simmering, cut rounds of pita bread into quarters.'
  9. 'Turn heat down to low and allow to simmer until pasta water comes to a boil.'
  10. 'Sparks danced up around the stew simmering over the fire, the smell wafting around the room.'
  11. 'simmer the sauce gently until thickened'
  12. 'Passing from deep snowbanks and icy air into a small narrow room with a low ceiling, a bare bulb, and a woodstove upon which simmered a pot of rose-hip tea, we commenced to be steam-cooked with hospitality.'
  13. 'The natural cycle of a charcoal fire in a kettle barbecue matches the stages of cooking paella: browning the chicken, simmering the broth, and cooking the rice.'
  14. 'Try simmering it in chicken stock before you mash it, or perhaps adding it in small cubes to a bean soup.'
  15. 'If you like a lighter, thinner sauce that tastes like the tomatoes weren't simmered for hours, it's worth a trip to a natural food store like Whole Foods to find this line.'
  16. 'Pappa al pomodoro is just what the name suggests - a pap, or mush, made by soaking and simmering stale bread in a tomato sauce.'
  17. 'The resulting cooking liquid is simmered, seasoned, and served as the accompanying sauce.'
  18. 'Skim off any froth that builds on the top - simmer them until they start to break up, then pour the lentils into the vegetable mixture.'
  19. 'Always remember to simmer the soup, not boil it.'
  20. 'the disagreement simmered for years and eventually boiled over'
  21. 'And as he reached the door he could feel his anger still simmering beneath his calm exterior.'
  22. 'At the same time, resentment simmers beneath the surface.'
  23. 'Ten years later, resentment was still simmering as Concord prepared to celebrate its bicentennial.'
  24. 'There must be a lot of anger and distrust simmering in the melting pot right now that isn't being reported.'
  25. 'I stifled a cry, my anger simmering and beginning to subside.'
  26. 'They set him up with a variety of jobs after his dismissal, but the resentment was simmering inside him.'
  27. 'But she was unwilling to stir up the resentment she knew was simmering in him, and she, too, remained silent.'
  28. 'But the emotions that simmered behind my carefully casual jokes and comments was not shared.'
  29. 'Her voice became silent as the emotions simmered, and soon, Zoe's face emerged again, and she was drying her tears.'
  30. 'Don't ever underestimate the public anger still simmering over this issue.'
  31. 'Would you simply simmer with resentment, or would you chalk it up, perhaps, to the colleague's superior level of experience?'
  32. 'He simmers with anger and embarrassment for a few days, then confronts Abe for picking on him because he's ‘not a professional.’'
  33. 'Our security increasingly depends on the hope and progress of other nations now simmering in despair and resentment.'
  34. 'Laura Dern plays a troubled housewife, simmering with a quiet anger at the state of her marriage to the laid back academic Mark Ruffalo.'
  35. 'Members of the missing Japanese citizens' families continue to simmer with anger after the three rounds of inconclusive talks.'
  36. 'Still simmering with anger, Lebo bowed reluctantly.'
  37. 'she gave him time to simmer down after their argument'
  38. 'Is there continuing jubilation, or has it simmered down a lot?'
  39. 'Where Good was an energetic collection of unique bouncing melodies, Fiji Baby simmers down with mellow ballads.'
  40. 'Those squalls have since simmered down just a little bit.'
  41. 'When the party began to simmer down, Melanie started to have a headache so she walked into the billiards room to sit on one of the un-occupied leather couches.'
  42. 'I mean, there is a news hole now because the war has simmered down a bit.'
  43. 'After the guy who had called me blasphemous simmered down enough to articulate what he liked about it, he said that ‘it's got that feel of the grand Disney movie.’'
  44. 'After you simmer down and consider the qualified arguments made against you, I will look forward to your reply - public or private.'
  45. 'Since the chevrons went up I'd say accidents have simmered down.'
  46. 'This brawl simmered down and as referee Pat Moran was dealing with the starting culprits.'
  47. 'After I'd simmered down a bit and savored the sweet release of tension, I realized that I needed to acknowledge how much the thought of his departure from my life had affected me.'


A state or temperature just below boiling point.
  1. 'Let it come to a simmer and cook for one or two minutes, taste and add some seasoning.'
  2. 'Bring to a simmer, place in oven and cook until meat is tender, about two hours.'
  3. 'Reduce the heat and maintain at a simmer until thick enough to coat the back of a spoon, about five minutes.'
  4. 'Place the dish over medium heat, and bring the liquid to a simmer.'
  5. 'Bring to a simmer and cook to infuse flavor, about 20 minutes.'
  6. 'But just knowing her little brother was inside was enough to make her blood heat to a simmer.'
  7. 'Bring the mixture to a simmer and cook, stirring constantly, for 3 minutes.'
  8. 'Reduce the heat to a simmer, then cook for about 25 minutes until the lentils are tender.'
  9. 'Reduce the heat and maintain at a simmer until the sides begin to brown, about five minutes.'
  10. 'Reduce heat to a simmer, then stir well for five minutes, or until the oats have absorbed the liquid.'

More definitions

1. to cook or cook in a liquid at or just below the boiling point.

2. to make a gentle murmuring sound, as liquids cooking just below the boiling point.

3. to be in a state of subdued or restrained activity, development, excitement, anger, etc.: The town simmered with rumors. verb (used with object)

4. to keep (liquid) in a state approaching boiling.

5. to cook in a liquid that is kept at or just below the boiling point. noun

6. the state or process of simm

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"waters can be simmering."

"tensions can be simmering."

"disputes can be simmering."

"unrests can be simmering."

"struggles can be simmering."

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(simmer)Mid 17th century: alteration of dialect simper (in the same sense), perhaps imitative.