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A person's name written in a distinctive way as a form of identification in authorizing a cheque or document or concluding a letter.
  1. 'Because of his poor sight, and the fact that he has had a stroke, he has difficulty in writing his signature so I hold a power of attorney to deal with his affairs.'
  2. 'So popular he is that people, young and old, rush in a stampede to collect a baseball hat bearing his name and signatures of his trainer and jockey.'
  3. 'This decision was given the legal sanction in a rather drab ritual at the marriage registrar's office, with a few friends to witness and append their signatures on the documents as required.'
  4. 'The pen is used mostly to write signatures, while picking up the Chinese brush, which is difficult and inconvenient to use, is rarer still.'
  5. 'To obtain voter credentials (in Mexico), the citizen must present a photo, write a signature and give a thumbprint.'
  6. 'Although he accepted the signature was on the cheque, he maintains he must have signed it with no knowledge of its true purpose.'
  7. 'Frank starts out small, forging signatures and cheques and soon moves into a rather successful succession of fake identities and fraudulent cheques.'
  8. 'The cheques required two signatures but she often forged the names of colleagues.'
  9. 'When he asked to see the cashed cheque, the signature bore no resemblance to his own.'
  10. 'The analysis concluded that the signature on the document was ‘very similar’ to Chen's.'
  11. 'the licence was sent to the customer for signature'
  12. 'If checks are prepared by someone other than the treasurer for the treasurer's signature, the treasurer should see the supporting document before signing the check.'
  13. 'Peter Faulding's earliest account (given to Mr James) was that the document was produced for signature at the end of the meeting.'
  14. 'I will prepare the appointment documents and forward them to you for signature.'
  15. 'Robinson, aged 57, has been informed by London solicitors Ashurst, Morris Chrisp that agreement has been reached with Mansport and documents are now awaiting signature.'
  16. 'Mr. Pierson would send to each Academy member a document for signature.'
  17. 'When presented for signature, the document must be in such a state that its terms are readily legible.'
  18. 'Under Royal Thai law all documents presented to you for signature will be in Thai.'
  19. 'It includes notes for architects in preparing and completing the documents to be sent for signature.'
  20. 'the chef produced the pâté that was his signature'
  21. 'Holmstrom would also go on to illustrate album covers for his beloved Ramones, create his signature character Bosko and contribute to magazines like High Times.'
  22. 'It began developing its signature brand of dairy products in 1984.'
  23. 'The presence of high levels of nucleotide diversity, however, is only one characteristic of the signature of a balanced polymorphism.'
  24. 'There are also nods to the foot-stomping hoedown sounds of the Scottish and Irish settlers who stamped their musical signature on the Appalachian Mountain country of the Deep South.'
  25. 'What are the signature characteristics of high performance environments?'
  26. 'These characteristic signatures have been used to trace the transport paths as water masses follow the thermohaline-driven circulation.'
  27. 'To give you something of the flavour, bangers and mash with onion gravy is the signature dish among the 12 main courses, which also include steak and kidney pie, and grilled sea bass with lemon butter.'
  28. 'Furthermore, Evian Spa by Three has also formulated an exclusive signature collection of products made with essential oils.'
  29. 'The final movement begins with a jaunty feel to it, before moving into more reserved territory with the short repetitive bursts of melody that became such a signature of Glass style.'
  30. 'Consider using a signature color to identify your women-friendly products - not pink please, you don't want to scare off men or offend women.'
  1. 'Robert Beaser's ‘Landscape with Bells’ incorporates both shifting and asymmetrical meter signatures.'
  2. 'Sharps in signatures did not become common until the 17th century.'
A letter or figure printed at the foot of one or more pages of each sheet of a book as a guide in binding.
  1. 'After sewing the signatures to your end papers, attach to the game book by gluing the whole piece down.'
  2. 'This format once was regarded as forgivable, back when illustrations were printed in separate signatures on better paper, which these are not.'
  3. 'I spilled a whole pot of glue on a stack of signatures, spoiling the pages.'
The part of a medical prescription that gives instructions about the use of the medicine or drug prescribed.

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    1. a person's name, or a mark representing it, as signed personally or by deputy, as in subscribing a letter or other document.

    2. the act of signing a document.

    3. Music. a sign or set of signs at the beginning of a staff to indicate the key or the time of a piece.

    4. Radio. a song, musical arrangement, sound effect, etc., used as a theme identifying a program.

    5. any unique, distinguishing aspect, feature, or mark.

    6. Medicine/Medical. that part of a written prescription that specif


    (signature)Mid 16th century (as a Scots legal term, denoting a document presented by a writer to the Signet): from medieval Latin signatura ‘sign manual’ (in late Latin denoting a marking on sheep), from Latin signare ‘to sign, mark’.