Adjective "Short" definition and examples

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Measuring a small distance from end to end.
  1. 'a short flight of steps'
  2. 'He had earlier used seven of his own clubs in a vain attempt to keep the ball on the short grass.'
  3. 'She pulled her hair out of the back of the sweater, running a brush quickly through her short locks.'
  4. 'The fencers would stand in an almost upright position with a short stance and the knees only slightly bent.'
  5. 'Tree shape is determined by the relative positions of long and short branches.'
  6. 'He had short dark hair, a small thin moustache and brown eyes.'
  7. 'Danielle shook her head in confusion, walking quickly down the short hallway to her room.'
  8. 'Bertha ran downstairs as quickly as her short legs would carry her, a mix of fear and intense fury flooding her veins.'
  9. 'The distance over which a boat crew has line of sight is surprisingly short.'
  10. 'This suggests that the sclerite wall curved into the cavity, forming a short canal or tube.'
  11. 'The offender is described as a white man, 5ft 10 in tall, with short dark hair and of medium build.'
  12. 'the hotel is a short walk from the sea'
  13. 'Now hardly anybody works on Saturday mornings and cars and buses are freely available to make the short journey to Ibrox or Parkhead.'
  14. 'For as much as I enjoyed my short walk along the river day before yesterday, I really paid for it.'
  15. 'And the River Aire, just a short walk from his Carleton home, flowed through his life as a constant companion.'
  16. 'Then it was time for a short walk over to the Arc de Triomphe without my camera and then back to the room for another nap!'
  17. 'Another night, on the short walk home, he became disoriented and lost, and eventually found himself in an endless tunnel.'
  18. 'I was put up at a villa that stood on stilts in the sea and which required a short journey by boat to reach from the main resort itself.'
  19. 'Mrs Gallagher was punched and robbed in a daytime attack just a short walk from her home at a sheltered housing complex in Undercliffe.'
  20. 'It's such a short journey to Germany that the tournament could almost feel like a home event to the Czechs.'
  21. 'A short walk, which was perfumed by wood-smoke, led us to a small clearing where the charcoal burner was situated.'
  22. 'There are many options to choose from including many only a short walk or ride from the gaming tables.'
  23. 'Wrapping her arms about her, Jenni cursed her choice of a skirt and short sleeves.'
  24. 'As the passengers disembarked Toad noticed a hot young woman in a short skirt and leather jacket.'
  25. 'Knee-length skirts and slightly shorter ones were also combined with short coats.'
  26. 'In all but the coldest months, she went about in sleeveless blouses and short skirts.'
  27. 'Sleeveless tops and short skirts make it impossible to hide from the prying eyes of children.'
  28. 'Only now they were incongruously dressed in sheepskin jackets and short skirts.'
  29. 'It's about short skirts, pretty ponytails and staying feminine, if you please.'
  30. 'Lollipop ladies were warned yesterday that they must not wear short skirts and high heels while on duty.'
  31. 'Seiron wore black dress pants, a white shirt with short sleeves and both wore black boots to match.'
  32. 'When I wore my shirt with its short sleeves you could see the scars on my wrist.'
  33. 'he is short and tubby'
  34. 'Like his brother Larry, Michael was also short and skinny when he was young.'
  35. 'You have to imagine a tiny, thin, short fellow with a white beard and bald head.'
  36. 'He is cute, tall (remember the run of short guys) and witty so we will see how that goes.'
  37. 'Now he's the short bloke with a few million in the bank, a shelf full of Baftas and Golden Globes, and a reputation as a comic genius.'
  38. 'Usually, the person at the helm gaffs the trap, but I'm rather short so I decide to just steer.'
  39. 'So yesterday, before going out to Popstarz with Gideon, Nick and Davo, I sent Davo a link to an article about short men.'
  40. 'My mother was quite short in stature, she had been an orphan, and my cousin Vera considered her very beautiful.'
  41. 'He was short and stocky, maybe ten years older than Jeremy, with a brown brush-cut.'
  42. 'You can imagine my utter disbelief then, when the cab turned up and turned out to be driven by a grey-haired, short man of about fifty years of age.'
  43. 'The artistic director Wolfgang Langhoff once sat at this desk, a short man.'
  44. 'Two of them came in Kirby's first over and both were dispatched to the boundary, along with a short ball which was pulled to the fence.'
  45. 'Bangladesh also showed that they have learned in other areas, notably how to play the short ball.'
  46. 'Net-cords don't count, neither do drop shots, nor do approaches to finish short lobs.'
  47. 'Blowers's theoretical confusion at which Dwayne might be fielding at short leg is entirely understandable.'
  48. 'The big-hitting Justin Kemp ran himself out on 18 as Boje did some fine fielding from short cover.'
  49. 'However, McIntyre quickly took revenge to have the batsman caught at short mid-wicket by Love.'
Lasting or taking a small amount of time.
  1. 'a short conversation'
  2. 'A short visit to my son's new home shows how deeply such thinking confuses cause and effect.'
  3. 'The evening closed with a short entertainment of music and poetry provided by members.'
  4. 'He earned a stay of execution with a 65 in frame 30 but it was only a short reprieve before Stevens closed out the match in the next.'
  5. 'The ship was closed for a short period while it was shifted to a new location opposite the Gateway of India.'
  6. 'His career was as short as it was spectacular and he later emigrated to Australia where he pursued a career as schoolmaster and journalist.'
  7. 'However, others argue that even a short visit to Varna can refute pessimistic appraisals of the situation.'
  8. 'Michael Holding has created a niche for himself in a short period of time.'
  9. 'Traditionally Pergia weddings are short and the crowd clears out quickly afterwards.'
  10. 'Route planners have worked hard to keep roads open but say some will have to be closed for a short period to ensure the safety of the competitors.'
  11. 'She had felt as though Luca were getting closer and closer until a short while ago.'
  12. 'Four short years is not enough to turn around the social deficit that National created.'
  13. 'Now you have only a few short weeks to get lean and gorgeous for the camera.'
  14. 'The book only covered a short ten years of my life and stopped when I was eighteen.'
  15. 'I smiled in spite of myself, because I knew that that had been me just a few short years earlier.'
  16. 'Rodeo cowboys drive for hours, even days, to ride for eight short seconds and then drive home.'
  17. 'A few short hours earlier, something like a miracle obviously had occurred.'
  18. 'But a few short years later, into your second or third job, you take a car loan.'
  19. 'Using these skills Milka has advanced to this world-class level in an amazingly short five years.'
  20. 'In a few short minutes the two warriors were fleeing the capitol city of Elon.'
  21. 'People in this part of the world have short memories and one perceived bad move could ruin years of hard work.'
  22. 'The first lesson of politics is that many memories are short - but, fortunately, not yet too many.'
  23. 'Memories are short and unless the media or Opposition pick up on it, the government's failure will go largely unnoticed.'
  24. 'The deputy either has a very short memory or is suffering from political amnesia.'
  25. 'Those who have damned Woods's second consecutive Masters win as dull have short memory spans.'
  26. 'Investors, institutional and retail, have famously short memories.'
  27. 'Yet those who might write off the Commonwealth and European medallist have short memories.'
  28. 'But in Ireland coalition crises come and go, and the electorate proves to have a short memory.'
  29. 'Domestic issues are dominating in the hope the electorate have short memories and limited concentration.'
  30. 'I always think that folk who say they prefer winter to summer are either lying or have short memories.'
  31. 'The effect was to throw prices and expectations into chaos when stocks were short.'
  32. 'Take short positions with caution until the market reverts back to bull confirmed.'
  33. 'If a short squeeze occurs and enough short sellers buy back the stock, the price could go even higher.'
  34. 'In other words, you need two long call options to hedge one short futures contract.'
Relatively small in extent.
  1. 'he wrote a short book'
  2. 'Most of the applications were short and boring, but Jim's eyes instantly settled on the longest one.'
  3. 'Quickly he scribbled a short note, tore off the page and then tossed the two items back down.'
  4. 'The only problem I have with the novels is that they're so short!'
  5. 'Plan to write a relatively short novel; you are producing one book, not a library.'
  6. 'She quickly ran downstairs to her desk and wrote a short reply, before running back upstairs.'
  7. 'Have each guest give you a pic of herself with the birthday girl along with a short note of funny memories.'
  8. 'Often Roth and his cohorts exchange short essays instead of speaking to one another.'
  9. 'I shall simply make a short summary of the position and annexe his judgment to my own.'
  10. 'He wants leave to file a short affidavit explaining his position, so he did that, did he, Mr Hough?'
  11. 'Their articles are researched, well written and blissfully short.'
  12. 'I know you're short on cash'
  13. 'However, whatever the visitors were lacking they will never be short on pride and spirit.'
  14. 'The Prime Minister's speech was short on any vision that addressed those matters.'
  15. 'Coming off four heavy defeats on the bounce, his charges looked lamentably short on confidence.'
  16. 'Reading a book of plays is another great way to get some reading in when you're short on time.'
  17. 'Armed with a booming drive, he is not short on confidence, and it is more than his golf that will help him to stand out.'
  18. 'The students are long on facts and short on the reflection and analysis that comes with experience.'
  19. 'Mulberry was a little short on heritage; worse still, it was bereft of excitement.'
  20. 'They may be strong on physical prowess, but a little short on the professional side.'
  21. 'The book is somewhat short on hard evidence, yet Davies says he has no doubt about the truth of the revelations.'
  22. 'If you're short on time and desperately in need of a one-stop option for all of your green needs, you're in luck.'
  23. 'At the moment England are strong on hounds but a little short in the fox department.'
  24. 'Animals like this only come into the open when the natural food supply is short.'
  25. 'As food and water became scarce, they were the first that society wanted to exterminate in order to preserve their short supply.'
  26. 'Pigs are the one bright spot on the horizon but supplies are short.'
  27. 'It worked out - money was short, but just enough to keep the apartment and pay the bills.'
  28. 'Supplies were so short that the Japanese resorted to cannibalism, eating the flesh of prisoners and their own troops.'
  29. 'Work out arrangements in advance with other farmers to help you out when your supplies are short.'
  30. 'I don't mind pitching in a situation where staffing is short, supplies are scarce, morale is low.'
  31. 'Six days after Tropical Storm Jeanne hit the island, water and food supplies are short.'
  32. 'However, the pain lasted only as long as his short supply of breath could keep him alive.'
(of a vowel) categorized as short with regard to quality and length (e.g. in standard British English the vowel /ʊ/ in good is short as distinct from the long vowel /uː/ in food).
  1. 'Maybe it's all part of a plan to nullify the threat from the land of the short sharp vowel.'
  2. 'A trochee is a metrical foot of two syllables, the first long and the second short.'
  3. 'Many local accents are marked by a rhythm that tends to lengthen stressed vowels and to reduce or eliminate unstressed short vowels.'
(of a person) terse; uncivil.
  1. 'Owen had been very short with him, his answers to Sam's questions almost monosyllabic.'
  2. 'He was short with the press, which did not endear him when it came to the races with Coe.'
  3. 'He is thankful that Fielding visited him again even though Aziz was short with him.'
  4. 'One minute she'll be nice and friendly and the next she'll be short and distant.'
  5. 'She's been kind of short with me, spending most of her time with that boy with the scar down his arm.'
  6. 'She and her mother had a good relationship and Eleanor was rarely short with her.'
(of odds or a chance) reflecting or representing a high level of probability.
  1. 'If you've left it this late to bet, the short odds will make it hard to make too much money from a bet on Science.'
  2. 'After all, why else did the bookies place such record-breakingly short odds on just such a draw?'
  3. 'George has very short odds to be evicted from Celebrity Big Brother, but he's providing us with too much fun for him to go just yet.'
  4. 'At Goodwood, Dolores will doubtless start at short odds to open her winning account in the Conqueror Stakes.'
  5. 'Scotland's top trainer over the jumps is short odds to achieve his aim despite the attentions of the handicapper.'
  6. 'Otherwise Mark Read will be offering very short odds indeed on NT Labor being a one term government.'
  7. 'It would be difficult not to install the O Hanrahans, short odds to top the pits again.'
(of pastry) containing a high proportion of fat to flour and therefore crumbly.
  1. 'Bring the mixture together to form a short pastry, but don't overwork it.'
  2. 'There's a proper crunch to the short pastry and the filling ticks all the boxes.'
  3. 'Who can resist the flinty crispness of baked pecans, suspended in a maple-goo inside short, buttery pastry?'
  4. 'Because you don't need the pastry to rise, you can use frozen puff pastry, leftover trimmings, or even short pastry.'


(chiefly in sport) at, to, or over a relatively small distance.
  1. 'This allows a wider variety of attacking options, with an aerial or passing game, long or short all possible.'
  2. 'He has encouraged his players to covet the ball, to pass it short and often.'
  3. 'all too often you pitch the ball short'
  4. 'Paul Walsh sent in a high ball which dropped short to Peter Walsh on the edge of the square.'
  5. 'He used all his strength to make one final grasp at redemption but still falls quite short.'
  6. 'Macalester fought hard to come back and fell just one run short in the end.'
  7. 'They had fallen spectacularly short at Euro 2004, eliminated in the first round.'
  8. 'He does tend to hit a lot of balls short, which allowed me to move up in the court and attack.'
  9. 'Today, they are playing away from the body when the ball is pitched short.'
  10. 'His party had come a long way towards defeating a wartime president only to fall agonisingly short.'
  11. 'Diving to score a try against the Ospreys but stopping dead three inches short and the ball popping out: no try.'
  12. 'Mightily impressive it may be, but the Continental falls just short.'
  13. 'A circular motion shows a hit, straight up means the arrow went long, straight down means it went short, etc.'


A drink of spirits served in a small measure.
  1. 'There is a fan nearby which fills one ear with white noise and makes me slightly giddy as if I had drunk a short.'
  2. 'If a quick health check at the bar uncovers some bad news, the pub will do a roaring trade in stiff shorts.'
  3. 'Drinks run to beers, shorts and coffees and we don't know why it's called Greenwich.'
  4. 'Nicholas said he had drunk about six shorts and other alcohol and had taken heroin in the hours leading up to the encounter.'
  5. 'But Billy had never really been a beer drinker, so he stuck to the shorts.'
A short film as opposed to a feature film.
  1. 'I've just directed for the first time - my new love is called Wait, a short.'
  2. 'A short by Peter Regan entitled Jonny the Pessimist was interesting.'
  3. 'This short represents the show at the pinnacle of its particularly pleasing powers.'
  4. 'That's not surprising as it costs a pretty packet to even shoot a short.'
  5. 'There are also animation shorts, featuring a duo named Nix and Tix, that emphasize certain scientific principles.'
  6. 'Cinematheque Ontario presents five of his features and six shorts, as well as other films selected by Maddin.'
  7. 'Lasseter recalls what could carry a feature-length animated film, and some of the older Pixar film shorts are included too.'
  8. 'We decided to try to set up a low budget scheme for film-makers that were ready to move up from shorts to feature films.'
  9. 'In the end, Conran's six-minute short was probably best left at its original length.'
  10. 'Another title followed, announcing Hot Rockers, after which the first short began.'
A short sound such as a short signal in Morse code or a short vowel or syllable.
  1. 'To reach Phillip W Steele's grandparents on Gilliland farm, the caller would have to ring two longs and a short on a wooden box on the wall.'
A short circuit.
  1. 'An internal short can cause the battery cells to overheat, posing a fire hazard to consumers.'
A person who sells short.
  1. 'If you conclude the shorts have a good case, sell or lighten up.'
  2. 'Traders put on the squeeze by buying large amounts of Martha Stewart stock to drive up its price and force the shorts to cover their positions at a loss.'
  3. 'He's right too about the Commercials putting out more shorts on a price rise.'
A mixture of bran and coarse flour.


    1. having little length; not long.

    2. having little height; not tall: a short man.

    3. extending or reaching only a little way: a short path.

    4. brief in duration; not extensive in time: a short wait.

    5. brief or concise, as writing.

    6. rudely brief; abrupt; hurting: short behavior.

    7. low in amount; scanty: short rations.

    8. not reaching a point, mark, target, or the like; not long enough or far enough. 9. below the standard in extent, quanti

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    "people can be short of moneys."

    "sectors can be short of liquidities."

    "markets can be short of funds."

    "people can be short of cashs."

    "banks can be short of funds."

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