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(of an object) having an edge or point that is able to cut or pierce something.
  1. 'keep tools sharp'
  2. 'A stone is used for ‘honing’ which means putting a sharp edge on your knife.'
  3. 'The bottom of the actuating rod has a sharp point, which pierces the gas cylinder release valve.'
  4. 'Use sharp tools no matter what type of plant you're pruning.'
  5. 'There was nothing in the teepee sharp enough to use as a cutting tool.'
  6. 'We smiled at them and each other as sharp bits of jeep pierced our civilization-softened bodies.'
  7. 'She fell on to her side, not caring about the sharp rocks piercing her thin side.'
  8. 'As soon as she touched it, she felt a sharp splinter pierce her thumb.'
  9. 'Craftsmen use a stainless steel knife, with a sharp edge and triangular blade, to cut rough shapes in the coir.'
  10. 'Five sharp, bendable claws protruded from each of the hands and feet.'
  11. 'Looking around, she found a sharp strong piece of wood.'
  12. 'her face was thin and her nose sharp'
  13. 'I took out a sharp pencil and began to fill in the grades.'
  14. 'These spicules are up to 0.03 mm in diameter and taper to sharp tips.'
  15. 'The unguals are curved and taper to a sharp point, indicating that the digits terminated in distinct claws.'
  16. 'They must have used a very sharp pencil to draw that one up.'
  17. 'And then she took a sharp pencil and began making light, very fine lines.'
  18. 'She believed that she got the lead poisoning when a sharp pencil was poked into her cheek.'
  19. 'Or remove the concrete and lay old bricks on a mixture of sharp sand and earth.'
  20. 'Dig a trench with one straight side and put a mix of sharp sand and compost in the bottom to aid drainage, making the trench deep enough to allow two thirds of the cutting to be buried.'
  21. 'The farm deals in soft and sharp sand and gravel.'
  22. 'Top dress with sharp sand to improve the drainage.'
  23. 'Take pencil-thick cuttings, about nine inches long, and plunge them outside to a depth of six inches in a trench lined with sharp sand.'
  24. 'The seventh platform was covered in loose and sharp gravel.'
  25. 'The crushing also produced a sharp sand with angular grains that made it far preferable as a bonding agent in mortar.'
  26. 'The material used is a mixture of cement, sharp sand and crushed rock or pebbles.'
  27. 'Sprinkle fine, sharp gravel around each bulb to discourage voles.'
  28. 'Or you may set your plant in sharp sand, and mix some lime with the soil which you replace.'
Producing a sudden, piercing physical sensation or effect.
  1. 'She also experienced a sharp pain and burning sensation in her right elbow and a tingling sensation in her right hand and fingers.'
  2. 'Seek immediate medical attention if you experience a sudden, sharp pain in the upper left side of your abdomen.'
  3. 'He slowly got up and breathed in the new day, filled with anticipation for this afternoon, but all of a sudden was struck with a sharp pain in his chest.'
  4. 'These involuntary contractions can be either dull or sharp and intense.'
  5. 'I glowered at him, feeling the sharp sensation at having made contact with his cheek so firmly.'
  6. 'A sudden, sharp pain in his side prompted him to double over.'
  7. 'He poured her some unknown liquid and she drank it immediately - the sharp sensation of alcohol sent a pleasant burn down her throat.'
  8. 'I gingerly moved to sit up, but a sharp pain shot through my body.'
  9. 'To top it all a niggling pain gave off a sharp, burning sensation in the bottom of her stomach.'
  10. 'There were sharp pains, and sudden dizziness, and then profuse bleedings at the pores, with dissolution.'
  11. 'fresh goats' milk cheese has a slightly sharper flavour than fromage frais'
  12. 'The sharp taste of salt and alkaline was tangy on my lips.'
  13. 'The sweetness of the raisins and ricotta balanced the otherwise sharp taste of the chard, and the pinenuts offered a nice textural change.'
  14. 'I often go to goat farms in the area to select the deliciously sour and sharp cheese in all its different varieties.'
  15. 'It's a very strong and sharp cheese, and it has tiny holes in it.'
  16. 'She could sense his disbelief and excitement at her suggestions, mingling with the smell of his blood, adding a sharp tang much like a spice on food.'
  17. 'It gave off an unfamiliar sharp smell, and all the adults around me crunched into each stalk with gusto.'
  18. 'Sansho is used in Japanese cooking to add a sharp note to fatty foods, eels for example.'
  19. 'Sitting there silently for a while I took in the view of the ocean, and the salt air that carried with it the sharp smell of cut grass.'
  20. 'The sharp smell of medication and antiseptic replaced the cigarette and coffee smell of this small room.'
  21. 'Maybe you dream of me - the sharp taste of my tears, scent of my hair.'
  22. 'The wolf gave a sharp bark and motioned towards the exit.'
  23. 'A sharp click sounded in her ears, but she was too busy to notice.'
  24. 'The sharp sound of boot heels came from far away, approaching their barracks like some grim reaper, come to harvest their humiliation.'
  25. 'There was a crack of sharp thunder as the bullets plunged from their silver caves, and a shower of shells fell to the ground simultaneously.'
  26. 'He heard the sharp bark of a dog moments before the bang of pistol fire.'
  27. 'All in all, not much got done until Mikhail's aunt Meredith came in and silenced them all with a sharp whistle.'
  28. 'The gun itself barely moves, and the sharp sound of the report echoes through surrounding hills and dies away.'
  29. 'As copious steam clouds and sharp hoots pierce the morning calm, an air of excitement and expectation is palpable among those who have got into the coaches.'
  30. 'Eventually, there was a sharp whistle and the boys looked around at the whistler.'
  31. 'There was a sharp clatter when Mrs. Jones banged the pan with her spatula as she whipped around to face them.'
  32. 'she feared his sharp tongue'
  33. 'An elderly, well-dressed lady spoke in sharp tones to the pair, both of whom looked towards me and became silent.'
  34. 'I could still hear his sharp words: Why didn't he protect himself?'
  35. 'Desiree bit her tongue, for she felt like showering the mysterious knight with sharp words.'
  36. 'She felt out of place and in danger, but told herself that she was a lady of the court and with her sharp words and authority, she could defend herself.'
  37. 'I've never known a holiday to be spoiled, or even darkened, by an argument, by tensions that crackle and erupt in sharp words.'
  38. 'Her words were sharp and hurtful and more than anything he knew now that he had been wrong to think she had some decency in her to start with.'
  39. 'Another is to replace the sharp words with words of encouragement or at least something neutral.'
  40. 'I'd left then, biting back my sharp words about how he could probably have afforded a proper grave for her if he didn't spend so much money in the tavern.'
  41. 'Her words were sharp and I felt them cut into each piece of my shattered heart.'
  42. 'Fervently, she shook her head at each accusation he made, holding her hands over her ears in hope of blocking out such hurtful and sharp words.'
  43. 'her sharp disappointment was tinged with embarrassment'
  44. 'As her mind unravels we experience sudden images of sharp terror.'
  45. 'Sometimes the cooks got confused and served it two weeks in a row, which was a sharp disappointment.'
  46. 'They remember the sharp fear of unwanted pregnancies.'
  47. 'There's a short, sharp thrill about it, and we only have a band on for half an hour, so it doesn't take up a large chunk of the night if people don't like it.'
Distinct in outline or detail; clearly defined.
  1. 'the scene was as sharp and clear in his mind as a film'
  2. 'The image is sharp and well defined without any imperfections.'
  3. 'Birth to three months - newborn babies can't see particularly well, but they do like to look at faces and distinct patterns with sharp outlines.'
  4. 'He doesn't bother getting involved in details - he lays out a sharp contrast.'
  5. 'Detail is sharp and clear, contrast is nicely managed, and deep black levels make this pleasing to behold - visually.'
  6. 'These sharp, panoramic, full-color pictures provided fodder for a third Nature report.'
  7. 'Clearly a sharp distinction must be drawn between means of production ordinarily conceived, and entrepreneurship.'
  8. 'It's a great feeling to define in sharp crisp outlines what you believe in, and what you stand against.'
  9. 'Fully depress the button and the camera will have recorded the sharp shot of the couple you wanted.'
  10. 'The picture is so sharp you cannot see any individual pixels.'
  11. 'The colors all appear clearly defined and sharp while the black levels are solid and well saturated.'
(of an action or change) sudden and marked.
  1. 'he heard her sharp intake of breath'
  2. 'Thus, after an expansion has been in progress for some time, an event that is not of unusual size or duration can trigger a sharp financial reaction.'
  3. 'According to their calculations, neither global sea level rise nor faster melting of glacial ice could have produced such a sharp change.'
  4. 'Individual chronologies were used to study the frequencies of sharp increases and decreases in growth.'
  5. 'By a ‘currency crisis’ he means a sharp change in the value of the US dollar that would hurt the economy as a whole.'
  6. 'Back in the 1980s the figure was believed to be in the region of €4 billion during the sharp economic slowdown.'
  7. 'The traditional short-covering by speculators that usually followed a sharp downward movement was no longer present to instill some recovery.'
  8. 'Monday's sharp stock market plunge and uncertain world events may have you longing for a secure place to stash your savings.'
  9. 'In the short term, it must also be noted that the sharp reduction in air travel in the US is going to benefit inventories which were already exceptionally high.'
  10. 'The plunge in profits and sudden sharp increase in the burden of debt are, of course, leading symptoms of a depression.'
  11. 'I have been away for three years and was struck by the sharp change in tone and perceptions.'
  12. 'A smooth, curved bedline is much easier to mow around than one with a lot of sharp angles and corners.'
  13. 'Turning a very sharp bend of what seemed like a U-turn, I only caught a passing glimpse of it.'
  14. 'He talked smoothly while doing sharp turns round the corners.'
  15. 'As he made sharp turns around corners, he couldn't help but wonder why the guy was chasing him over an apple.'
  16. 'I had completed the sharp bend and it appeared before me, that barely visible path I was to take.'
  17. 'There are straight stretches and sharp bends and that is why there are so many fatalities on that road.'
  18. 'They would travel in one direction for a while and then curve back in a very sharp turn in another direction.'
  19. 'Now was time to use my new toy, the strip heater, since I needed a nice straight line bent at a sharp angle.'
  20. 'One of his gossamer wings had been snapped off and the other was bent at a sharp angle, the many broken nerves causing it to twitch feebly.'
  21. 'Indianapolis, of course, has the long straightaways, and sharp turns.'
Having or showing speed of perception, comprehension, or response.
  1. 'his old mind was not so sharp as it once was'
  2. 'She keeps her stand-up sharp by hitting the Provincetown comedy circuit every summer.'
  3. 'It transcends its soap-opera instincts thanks to the bright humour and sharp observations of the script.'
  4. 'If you have the right background and are sharp, witty and perceptive, we would like to hear from you.'
  5. 'He had to keep his mind sharp to focus on the problem at hand.'
  6. 'Pick it up, flip through it, dip into the story at any point and you will come away better informed and surprisingly entertained by his sharp mind and punk sense of humour.'
  7. 'He misses little, his sharp eyes sweeping up and down whatever street or room he enters, taking everything in.'
  8. 'With his peroxide head bowed, eyes closed, the old man feels his way forward, bandy legs shuffling, shoulders stooped, senses bat sharp, as keen as razor wire.'
  9. 'Jen seems intent on keeping her mind sharp; every night, after practice, she takes out the books from her locker and works on some maths or suchlike.'
  10. 'No matter how sharp you are at 70 or 80 years old, there is a slowing down.'
  11. 'I like to do logic problems to keep my mind sharp.'
  12. 'As for O'Neill, he left with his reputation as a quick-witted sharp operator severely dented.'
  13. 'It's one thing if analysts are deceived by sharp operators.'
(of musical sound) above true or normal pitch.
  1. 'The Quail's voice also gave rise to a number of imitative names in Britain and Ireland, which incorporate the three sharp notes.'
  2. 'I took out the tuner, and began tuning it just a smidge sharp, because I like the sound of it better that way.'
  3. 'The sound of the clarinet, in contrast, is depicted by a sound wave that looks like the crenellations on a castle, which leads to its more closed sound, compared to the sharp note of the violin.'
  4. 'They can quote a flat or a sharp note from a singer in any number of recordings, give you the date and place of the recording, and they collect them all.'
  5. 'A note has the same name, whether it is sharp, flat or natural.'
  6. 'His annotations to this CD proudly point out the Cs, C sharps, and Ds that he must sing.'
  7. 'Also, there are many ways of producing an F sharp on a cello.'
  8. 'The standard treble is available in B, sounding a tone below written pitch and best for flat keys, or in A, sounding a minor 3rd lower and better for sharp keys.'
(of clothes or their wearer) smart and stylish.
  1. 'Before him stood a clean, young man dressed in a sharp business suit.'
  2. 'Extreme heat, a lot of sweat and a dirty working environment have surely scared away many youths, who dream of working in a sharp suit in a cool office.'
  3. 'After all, he was wearing sharp clothes and seemed to be giving out the orders.'
  4. 'In the fall, a flat loafer, heavy tights, and a nice pair of trousers is a sharp look.'
  5. 'The result is a translation of ordinarily masculine clothing into sharp womenswear that's feminine and sexy without flashing flesh.'
  6. 'Then it was back into his sharp street clothes, to wait for a friend to pick him up to go cruising their territories.'
  7. 'Expect sharp suits, chic outfits and a style more modern than what we've come to expect from some pop divas.'
  8. 'I was so sharp in these new stylish clothes, I could cut butter, or at least turn heads.'
  9. 'I recently bought a really sharp suit at the Men's Warehouse here in Philly.'
  10. 'I just wore sharp clothes, and whenever anyone asked who was I supposed to be, I told them and smiled.'


Precisely (used after an expression of time)
  1. 'The next meeting takes place on Wednesday, May 14, at 8pm sharp and will be the annual general meeting.'
  2. 'Miraculously we were ready to leave at seven o'clock sharp each day.'
  3. 'At 8 p.m. sharp the Fashion Show commenced.'
  4. 'The parade will come through the town at 3pm sharp with the floats gathering in ARCH at 2pm.'
  5. 'Not exactly the 8am sharp time they had indicated in the memo.'
In a sudden or abrupt way.
  1. 'he was brought up sharp by Helen's voice'
Above the true or normal pitch of musical sound.


    A musical note raised a semitone above natural pitch.
    1. 'But one day I asked Kathryn how many sharps E major had.'
    2. 'The nineteenth century added some mechanics to the beast to allow it some ability to play sharps and flats and to modulate, but it's still not a chromatic instrument, and since at least Wagner, music sings mainly chromatically.'
    3. 'Ex. 4 shows an octave of the chromatic scale beginning on C, notated in sharps ascending and flats descending.'
    4. 'Pitch class is the name of a tone, such as A, B, C, etc., including sharps (#) and flats (b).'
    5. 'Choices in successive levels expand to all notes, then sharps and flats.'
    6. 'In this example, the given notated key is two sharps.'
    7. 'The smart little thing knows how to whistle the closing melody of one of my piano concerti, though he's added a sharp on the G.'
    8. 'For keys with sharps, look at the last sharp in the series of sharps, and say the catch phrase ‘little step up, big step down.’'
    A long, sharply pointed needle used for general sewing.
    1. 'A tremendous amount of work is necessary to redesign surgical sharps and procedures so that exposure to blood and body fluid is reduced significantly during surgery.'
    2. 'The count procedure pertains to the perioperative RN's counting of sponges, sharps, and instruments throughout the surgical procedure and the documentation of these counts.'
    3. 'Councils must start giving the public clear information on what to do if they find a needle and offer staff training on how to safely remove sharps.'
    4. 'The exposure control plan shall also contain input from non-managerial employees responsible for direct patient care who are potentially exposed to injuries from contaminated sharps.'
    5. 'Three competency tools - paper, videotape, and CD-ROM - were created for safe techniques in the use of sharps for the scrub role.'
    6. 'Never put needles or other sharps into clinical or household waste bags.'
    7. 'Proper work practice controls include a no-hands procedure in handling contaminated sharps and the elimination of hand-to-hand instrument passing in the OR.'
    8. 'Needles and sharps should be counted audibly and concurrently by the scrub person and circulating nurse at the beginning of the procedure, as items are added to the field, and at the end of the procedure per the facility's policy.'
    9. 'Separate containers must be used for ‘dry’ and ‘wet’ materials and sharps (needles, scalpel blades).'
    10. 'Before closing the skin incisions, perioperative team members count all sponges, sharps, and instruments and report correct counts to the surgeon.'
    A swindler or cheat.
    1. 'However, when the number is right, the sharps bet into books that post 20-cent lines.'


    Raise the pitch of (a note).
      Cheat or swindle (someone), especially at cards.


        1. having a thin cutting edge or a fine point; well-adapted for cutting or piercing: a sharp knife.

        2. terminating in an edge or point; not blunt or rounded: The table had sharp corners.

        3. involving a sudden or abrupt change in direction or course: a sharp curve in the road; The car made a sharp turn.

        4. abrupt, as an ascent: a sharp drop.

        5. consisting of angular lines and pointed forms or of thin, long features: He had a sharp face.

        6. clearl

        More examples(as adjective)

        "times can be sharp after elections."

        "voices can be sharp with suspicions."

        "tightenings can be sharp against easings."

        "teams can be sharp at goals."

        "teams can be sharp at finishings."

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