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Demanding or characterized by careful consideration or application.
  1. 'we give serious consideration to safety recommendations'
  2. 'One should always treat analogies with caution, but this one merits serious consideration.'
  3. 'According to the experts, serious consideration of the unique factors involved is required.'
  4. 'I raise what I consider to be quite a serious matter for your consideration.'
  5. 'Now, though, there are serious questions about the level of disclosure by the very head of the inquiry.'
  6. 'Don't expect serious discussion of any of these issues from our federal courts.'
  7. 'It's important to remember that failure to submit an application is a serious matter.'
  8. 'If not, I think it's a serious consideration if this journal is any indication.'
  9. 'First though, there were serious problems that needed solving.'
  10. 'This is not just about child abuse, serious though it undoubtedly is.'
  11. 'If somebody made me a good offer to take over your job I would give it serious consideration.'
  12. 'Her mother became very serious for a moment, her hands tightening on Jessie's shoulders.'
  13. 'He looked so serious for a moment that Faith almost believed him.'
  14. 'I tried to give him a charming smile and look serious at the same time.'
  15. 'The familiar smirk was gone, replaced by a serious, solemn look that she had never seen before.'
  16. 'Indeed, it became an important part of the process of playing a serious character.'
  17. 'Olivia looks thoughtful before her serious face is broken by a broad smile.'
  18. 'I've always tried to be both humorous and serious at the same time.'
  19. 'He grinned at her, but quickly turned serious again as his thoughts returned to why he was there.'
  20. 'Then he let the smile fade into a more serious expression, though it was one that was filled with a steady joy.'
  21. 'For once, he was totally serious as new thoughts compressed his old ones to the back of his mind.'
  22. 'He has made a serious and thoughtful film, despite some obvious limitations.'
  23. 'He was nominated for an Oscar for his first serious movie, The Last Picture Show, which he made at age 22.'
  24. 'Every aspect of what is supposed to prevail in serious fiction comes into play.'
  25. 'Name me a recent serious novel written about the experience of Black men in America.'
  26. 'A serious drama should be like a swimmer diving into a pool and swimming to the other side in one smooth, perfect trajectory.'
  27. 'Of course The Magdalene Sisters is a serious film, a horror story in the true sense of the term, but also a lesson in history.'
  28. 'Before that I was beginning to fear there was no place for serious drama in the movie industry.'
  29. 'It was not commercial fiction, it was all serious fiction, but I loved it.'
  30. 'It was generally a parody or skit on more serious opera, a forerunner of the satirical revue.'
  31. 'And his new film, Munich is also what I suppose you can call a serious film by Spielberg.'
Acting or speaking sincerely and in earnest, rather than in a joking or half-hearted manner.
  1. 'If we are serious about cutting the teenage pregnancy rate, family planning experts must be able to advise young people of the choices.'
  2. 'If the Government is serious about disaster preparedness, it is going to have to start with the fundamentals.'
  3. 'I'm serious about this because we are now looking at some accountability in a system.'
  4. 'The club is serious about their intent to gain promotion this season.'
  5. 'Though she was quite serious, James Benedict burst into a bought of amused laughter.'
  6. 'He's truly serious about wanting to get the paparazzi outlawed.'
  7. 'These food changes took a lot of determination, but I was serious about losing weight.'
  8. 'Better to try to look half way serious about this now, rather than after the names break.'
  9. 'You start locking up folks and then we tell people we are serious about this.'
  10. 'And even if he was being serious about the tsunami escape centre, who's to say the idea is ludicrous?'
Significant or worrying because of possible danger or risk; not slight or negligible.
  1. 'There is an error in the third paragraph which is sufficiently serious to warrant that I replace the copy.'
  2. 'Does this mean there is new evidence that climate change is more serious than previously thought?'
  3. 'I fear that this may well have some serious repercussions for many innocent Muslims.'
  4. 'To allow that to happen is to put the child itself at terrible risk of serious injury or death if there is an accident.'
  5. 'The grade 3 concussion and the retinal detachment were the most serious injuries observed.'
  6. 'Deeper infection is serious and requires removal and re-implantation of the joint.'
  7. 'However, investigations later showed it was only an increased heartbeat which is less serious than first thought.'
  8. 'The most serious injuries were thought to be head injuries, broken bones and fractures.'
  9. 'The screener must decide whether a complaint raises a question of serious professional misconduct.'
  10. 'Only 26 patients had side effects that were serious enough to require a dosage reduction.'
Substantial in terms of size, number, or quality.
  1. 'The owners have spent serious money making it a very enjoyable tour that takes around a half an hour.'
  2. 'Now all but the most unquestioning loyalists are having serious second thoughts.'
  3. 'Daytona International Speedway announced a serious sum of money is going to be spent on renovations.'
  4. 'No, Blair's Britain had a minimum wage, a New Deal for the unemployed and spent serious money on health and education.'
  5. 'Ignoring the heterogeneity may lead to a serious underestimation of sample sizes.'
  6. 'Even before opening the box there's a feeling of quality and a serious amount of weight!'
  7. 'In its 30th year the pool would need a serious overhaul and more money would be needed to support the venture.'
  8. 'US production companies invest serious time and money into their craft, and it makes great TV.'
  9. 'Yes, turkey hunters love to hunt and are willing to spend serious money in this growing market.'
  10. 'So, I am making a shopping list and plan to be spending some serious money!'


1. of, showing, or characterized by deep thought.

2. of grave or somber disposition, character, or manner: a serious occasion; a serious man.

3. being in earnest; sincere; not trifling: His interest was serious.

4. requiring thought, concentration, or application: serious reading; a serious task.

5. weighty or important: a serious book; Marriage is a serious matter.

6. giving cause for apprehension; critical: The plan has one serious flaw.

7. Medicine/Medical. (of

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"people can be serious about things."

"people can be serious in things."

"governments can be serious about things."

"people can be serious about commitments."

"situations can be serious in places."

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Late Middle English: from Old French serieux or late Latin seriosus, from Latin serius ‘earnest, serious’.