Adjective "Seldom" definition and examples



Definitions and examples


Not often; rarely.
  1. 'he was seldom absent'
  2. 'I have seldom been so moved by the reconciliation of the lovers, human and fairy.'
  3. 'It was a very controlled and contained piece, the dancers seldom moving from outside a small circle of light.'
  4. 'Trite stereotypes aside, folk artists seldom get the coverage they deserve.'
  5. 'These days Brown seldom grants interviews, confining most communications to his website.'
  6. 'Rivalry also bred lack of trust; allies seldom if ever trust each other entirely.'
  7. 'He's seldom been out of the country before on an official trip, a serious resume flaw.'
  8. 'The world's poorest nations seldom get the chance to frighten the super-rich.'
  9. 'He denied that the material was unsuitable and claimed children seldom enter the petrol station shop.'
  10. 'Neighbours said they seldom saw the couple and that the daughters seldom visited them.'
  11. 'However, they seldom if ever attach themselves to an argument which has not already been won.'


Not common; infrequent.



    1. on only a few occasions; rarely; infrequently; not often: We seldom see our old neighbors anymore. adjective

    2. rare; infrequent.


    (seldom)Old English seldan, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch zelden and German selten, from a base meaning ‘strange, wonderful’.