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Calm, dignified, and unhurried.
  1. 'This does not reflect well on the sedate, calm and collected gentleman that I hallucinated myself to be.'
  2. 'As she drew near the room, Morgan slowed her pace to a much more sedate walk.'
  3. 'Much like draining a bathtub, going down in a lock is fairly sedate.'
  4. 'I followed it down at a more sedate pace to the jeers of my mates.'
  5. 'The old rock-and-lava ball had built up a nice ozone shield under which life could evolve at a properly sedate pace.'
  6. 'There are a number of orchestras here which also remind us of those days when everything was calmer and more sedate.'
  7. 'The book world is swayed by fads, too, though at much more sedate pace compared to the clothing business.'
  8. 'Entering the congestion of the pueblo, the Freeman slowed the team to a more sedate pace and studied her closely.'
  9. 'Barnsley batted first and looked composed, if a little sedate, in reaching 25 off 14 tidy overs from Duncan Snell and Rob Flack.'
  10. 'Thus far into the interview the pace has been sedate, almost jovial.'
  11. 'sedate suburban domesticity'
  12. 'Others prefer a quieter, more sedate setting in Burras Lane or Birdcage Walk.'
  13. 'If you haven't figured it yet, this is an elegy to my city's once quiet, sedate, pleasant city roads, a haven for motorists.'
  14. 'I would wager that when our defence minister made fun of you, Elsie, he was wearing a boring black or blue suit and a sedate tie.'
  15. 'For not having won a title since 1917, the celebration was relatively sedate.'
  16. 'I'm a bit sedate, perhaps staid in the eyes of others.'
  17. 'In Britain, political activists have taken a rather more sedate approach.'
  18. 'The company has gone for a rather sedate slate grey casing leaving brash corporate silver behind.'
  19. 'Being a sedate and sombre brunette could get boring eventually.'
  20. 'The world of biblical interpretation is a calm and sedate world.'


Calm (someone) or make them sleep by administering a sedative drug.
  1. 'The procedure generally involves sedating your child.'
  2. 'After the patient is properly sedated perform the orotracheal procedure.'
  3. 'Combined with that, we give a combination of a valium-type drug and an intravenous anaesthetic agent to sedate you during the process.'
  4. 'Patients with obstructive sleep apnea should avoid alcohol and other sedating agents.'
  5. 'She was heavily sedated but she couldn't even open her eyes for the first few days.'
  6. 'The anesthesia care provider then further sedates the patient intravenously.'
  7. 'I was treated very well in hospital, I was sedated that first night, and we basically went from there.'
  8. 'The anesthesia care provider sedates the patient to achieve an appropriate monitored anesthesia care level.'
  9. 'The researchers at first tried to deliver the gene therapy while the patients were sedated but awake.'
  10. 'The couple sat by the bedside of their heavily sedated son and explained to him what they were thinking of doing.'


1. calm, quiet, or composed; undisturbed by passion or excitement: a sedate party; a sedate horse. verb (used with object), sedated, sedating.

2. to put (a person) under sedation.

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"styles can be sedate of places."

"styles can be sedate of people."

"markets can be sedate at moments."

"maids can be sedate as judges."

"jobs can be sedate after hurly-burlies."

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1960s: back-formation from sedation.