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Coming after, less important than, or resulting from someone or something else that is primary.
  1. 'The plot seems almost secondary to the idea of being offbeat.'
  2. 'Each group or person has individual goals - but in a partnership, they have to be secondary to the primary joint goal.'
  3. 'The vascular lesions are probably secondary to chronic inflammation and fibrosis in the adjacent lung.'
  4. 'The villain is so lacking in character or interest that he seems secondary.'
  5. 'To maintain growth Ryanair will need to continue seeking out new routes to new secondary airports.'
  6. 'But it seems inexplicable that he used so few primary as well as secondary materials.'
  7. 'In some senses, the race is secondary to the social importance of this event.'
  8. 'We were doing our best, but our role was becoming distinctly secondary.'
  9. 'The authors conclude that secondary prevention of stroke requires dietary, smoking, medical and, possibly, surgical intervention.'
  10. 'But, important as it was, it was still secondary to Johnny's primary concern and that was people.'
  11. 'a secondary school'
  12. 'Alexandra College in Milltown, Dublin, offers kindergarten, junior and secondary level education for girls.'
  13. 'As the Secretary of State for Education embarks on secondary curriculum revision, can we hope he will seize a tide?'
  14. 'The Schools Minister added that a new secondary school will be built in Swindon by 2011.'
  15. 'All four colleges provided training for secondary school teachers on integrated academic curricula.'
  16. 'The pointillist painting method can be adapted to all levels of elementary and secondary art education.'
  17. 'At least for secondary school teachers, you could crowd all the education stuff that you need on lesson planning and discipline into one class.'
  18. 'I teach them for eight years before they go to boarding school to complete their secondary education.'
  19. 'Primary education lasts until the age of eleven, followed by secondary education.'
  20. 'Mr Curtis said he hoped to take a primary school teacher and a secondary school science head teacher with him on his trip, which could be in May.'
  21. 'After I felt that my mission had drawn to a close, I was assigned to teach physical education to Taiwanese secondary school students.'
  22. 'the lead-acid accumulator used in cars consists of secondary cells'
  23. 'the primary and secondary coils of the transformer'
  24. 'It's broadly the same way a power transformer works, with a primary coil generating a current in a secondary coil, the difference between the number of loops in each coil governing the change to the voltage.'
  25. 'The burst in current causes a change in voltage in the secondary coil, which in turn causes a change in voltage in the feedback coil.'
  1. 'These big limestone tables are formed in the secondary era.'
(of an organic compound) having its functional group located on a carbon atom which is bonded to two other carbon atoms.
  1. 'In this example, the first molecule is a primary alcohol and the second is a secondary alcohol.'
  2. 'Just aft of the close-coupled catalyst sits a particulate filter and secondary oxidation catalyst.'
  3. 'The acidic pH of the stomach would favour the nitrosation of secondary and tertiary amines in the quid.'
  4. 'Subsequent synthesis reactions using different primary, secondary, and aromatic amines had similar reaction and precipitation times.'


A secondary school.
  1. 'Edinburgh has created 50 training places in primary schools and 48 in secondaries, but each figure is about 25 short of the number required.'
  2. 'The absence of history in the primary school and its reduced presence in the junior secondary deprives students of the necessary background for historiographical judgment.'
  3. 'St Matthew's was one of eighty four schools to close in Manchester - 66 primaries, 10 secondaries and eight special schools.'
  4. 'Armed with the slogan dreamed up by a pupil at an Egremont secondary, Cumbria County Council's education welfare team has launched a campaign to keep children in the classroom.'
  5. 'Pupils absent each day could fill 816 primary schools and 252 secondaries.'
  6. 'The one secondary, 12 primaries and two nursery schools are among 700 nationwide receiving a share in a £6 million Government handout.'
  7. 'John Patterson, head of Bingley Grammar School, said the secondary would face a budget deficit of £300,000 if classes remained at their present sizes.'
  8. 'This includes the town's only Catholic secondary, McAuley High School, in Cantley, which fears its ‘unique culture’ may be at risk.'
  9. 'Ofsted inspected 3,041 primary schools, 122 nurseries and 551 secondaries.'
  10. 'Bingley Grammar School is the only secondary in Bradford - and one of just a handful in the region - to have been singled out for special praise.'
A secondary coil or winding in an electrical transformer.
    A secondary feather.
    1. 'In all cases, we obtained wax extracts from flight feathers, predominantly primaries and secondaries.'
    2. 'It is mostly black, with white at the trailing edge of the secondaries, on the sides of the rump, and on the throat, narrowing towards the belly.'
    The Secondary or Mesozoic era.


      1. next after the first in order, place, time, etc.

      2. belonging or pertaining to a second order, division, stage, period, rank, grade, etc.

      3. (in scholarly studies) pertaining to or being a derived or derivative account, an evaluation of original data, etc.; not primary or original, as in secondary source; secondary research.

      4. of minor or lesser importance; subordinate; auxiliary.

      5. of or relating to secondary schools.

      6. Chemistry. involving or obtained by the replacement o

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      "taxes can be secondary to things."

      "regulations can be secondary to policies."

      "issues can be secondary to priorities."

      "uses can be secondary as resorts."

      "types can be secondary to qualities."

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      Late Middle English: from Latin secundarius ‘of the second quality or class’, from secundus (see second).