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(of food) extremely tasty; delicious.
  1. 'You can never go wrong by serving chocolate chip cookies - they work as well in a scrumptious dessert with ice cream as a school lunchbox.'
  2. 'Today, though, we had Sunday lunch at the hotel in the village, and I had the most scrumptious pasta dish.'
  3. 'Katrina had already dug her way through the table and was lavishly plundering the scrumptious food before us.'
  4. 'The Buttery in Glasgow will be especially missed - all warm glows and scrumptious food.'
  5. 'It consisted of an excellent party with the most scrumptious food, fruit and minerals, tea and all sorts of goodies served.'
  6. 'Around 35 children from four to 11 years of age participated in making scrumptious cheese pizzas and learning how to eat them using cutlery.'
  7. 'Hope always seems to spring eternal in this perfectly-sized college town, which boasts great weather, lively music and scrumptious food.'
  8. 'The food was scrumptious and the band, Highway 66, created the party mood.'
  9. 'The steak and kidney pie, an old-time scrumptious dish which has not lost its popularity, is there along with the Lamb Cutlets Reform.'
  10. 'Combine kiwis in a fruit salad with scrumptious strawberries (which were reputed to contain a love potion by medieval gardeners) and see what happens!'
  11. 'he is simply the most scrumptious thing on two legs'
  12. 'In downtown black, by turns diffident, mischievous, impulsive, even arrogant, she's scrumptious, and the sheep aren't.'


1. very pleasing, especially to the senses; delectable; splendid: a scrumptious casserole; a scrumptious satin gown.

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"stuffs can be scrumptious."

"slices can be scrumptious."

"rewards can be scrumptious."

"people can be scrumptious."

"lunches can be scrumptious."

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Mid 19th century: of unknown origin.