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  1. 'This roadside forest is hut a scrubby mix of hardwoods and pines, with a wet smear of inch-deep creek running through the middle.'
  2. 'TV programmes and books try to persuade us that we, whoever we are, can make over scrubby lawns, and construct a little Blenheim in a rectangle of twenty by thirty feet.'
  3. 'Not that there's anything particularly romantic or evocative about the landscape - a low, scrubby forest alternating with tracts of rolling parkland cleared in readiness for the agricultural season.'


1. low or stunted, as trees.

2. consisting of or covered with scrub, stunted trees, etc.

3. undersized or inferior, as animals.

4. wretched; shabby.

More examples(as adjective)

"bushes can be scrubby."

"vegetations can be scrubby."

"trees can be scrubby."

"hillsides can be scrubby."

"hills can be scrubby."

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