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(of a person or animal) unattractively thin and bony.
  1. 'she was small and scrawny and the sinews in her neck stood out'
  2. 'You're established and then, all of a sudden, some young scrawny kid comes out of the youth team and takes your place in the side.'
  3. 'Giggling toddlers play among scrawny chickens and bleating goats.'
  4. 'Red screamed, " How can you be so strong when you're so scrawny?'
  5. 'He left the office and road hard for a while before arriving at a ranch, where he was greeted by a tall and scrawny man with a long, thin mustache.'
  6. 'I honestly thought Cam ‘in person’ would be your usual scrawny writer/artist type.'
  7. 'I'm naturally a pretty scrawny guy, so we cut out cardio entirely and just focused on bulking up.'
  8. 'After years of wrestling scrawny teenagers, his dedication is actually put to the test when he will have to pick on someone his own size.'
  9. 'Paws thudded on the ground nearby, and a small scrawny wolf darted out of the brush, headed in an erratic fashion to the path.'
  10. 'They were scrawny little things and their eyes had that slightly sunken in look from malnutrition.'
  11. 'A scrawny dog lay in the doorway of a hut, yawning widely.'
  12. 'Unable to find it she sank down and sat on the ground with her back against two scrawny trees.'


1. excessively thin; lean; scraggy: a long, scrawny neck.

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"people can be scrawny."

"necks can be scrawny."

"hands can be scrawny."

"chickens can be scrawny."

"creatures can be scrawny."

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Mid 19th century: variant of dialect scranny; compare with archaic scrannel ‘weak, feeble’ (referring to sound).