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Burn the surface of (something) with flame or heat.
  1. 'The bright suns rays touched her sneakers, scorching them with fiery heat.'
  2. 'Nationwide, fires scorched 7.4 million acres, almost twice the 10-year average.'
  3. 'Like a moth to flame, heat scorched her flesh in his presence.'
  4. 'In addition, parching scorches off the long barbed ends of the chaff and destroys any detritus left after cleaning.'
  5. 'Shrubbery around the find was badly scorched from the attempt to set the bodies on fire.'
  6. 'The edged complex fire has scorched 38,000 acres so far and continues to grow.'
  7. 'I could feel the heat surrounding me, burning me, scorching my skin, causing me to cry out wordlessly in pain.'
  8. 'Closely following it was a blast of heat which scorched clothes, ignited buildings and set even the individual blades of grass on fire.'
  9. 'They burned like acid, scorching a path wherever they brushed her pale skin.'
  10. 'Her armour was scorched and burnt away in places, revealing blistered skin and burn wounds severe enough to make an experienced doctor wince.'
  11. 'the meat had scorched'
  12. 'A press cloth over the fabric protects the fabric from melting or scorching and prevents the laminate from damaging the iron.'
  13. 'Some of the newer carpets are quite sensitive to heat and scorch easily.'
  14. 'But all too often, rice on the stovetop boils over, scorches, or turns to mush, especially on slow-to-adjust electric stoves.'
  15. 'The hopeful buds of roses scorch before their time is come while disconsolate hens settle for a dry dust bath.'
  16. 'I dropped my sword in panic because I thought that my hands would scorch in the flames.'
  17. 'a desolate, scorched landscape'
  18. 'The sun was high in the sky, its rays reaching down and scorching the Earth.'
  19. 'Later, we hike into Limestone Gorge, through a corroded landscape of dolomite blocks, bizarre limestone tower karsts, twisted Screw Palms and scorched yellow grasses.'
  20. 'A disheartening scene flashed into view: a barren landscape, fruitless, scorched by a blazing, merciless sun.'
  21. 'The countryside had been scorched; the acacia hedges were tipped with orange.'
  22. 'Somewhere there is a desert ruled by a sun that knows no malice, a sun that never scorches; warm, healing, nurturing, smiling softly down with love for all that is beneath it and all who pass through it.'
(of a person or vehicle) move very fast.
  1. 'The Glasgow speedster has fallen from grace almost as fast as the winger scorches down the sidelines.'
  2. 'You scorched around the block in less than two minutes and didn't even need training wheels, except once.'
  3. 'Having taken pole position, he scorched away and for 30 laps looked a clear winner.'
  4. 'It scorches between corners with lightning force and brakes solidly so that the next corner can be lined up smoothly and efficiently.'
  5. 'He scorched out of traps to set a blistering pace.'


The burning or charring of the surface of something.
  1. 'He floated inside the cold titanium surroundings, making notice of the large scorch marks on the walls.'
  2. 'Is that what this scorch mark is all about then?'
  3. 'I starred at him for so long I had to have left scorch marks.'
  4. 'There were multiple scorches on the hull and smoke and sparks continued to emanate from various sections of it.'
  5. 'However the lasers only left scorch marks in the metal.'
  6. 'There were no scorch marks, no soiling of any sort.'
  7. 'Huge black scorch marks marred the surface that would have normally been a shiny metal.'
  8. 'The lawn was covered with scorch marks, and the main lab building was missing large chunks of the wall.'
  9. 'His sword was at his side and had scorch marks on it.'
  10. 'Patrick could see the scorch marks on Damon's armor from their first meeting.'
  11. 'And here's another tip: Cover the lower trunk sections in tree-wrap paper or burlap strips to ward off animals, sun scorch and errant weedwacker wires.'
  12. 'Plants not given protection from the wind often develop leaf scorch or splitting of the bark on the stems.'
  13. 'In winter pile it higher to help prevent winter leaf scorch or bark splitting on the stems.'

More definitions

1. to affect the color, taste, etc., of by burning slightly: The collar of the shirt was yellow where the iron had scorched it.

2. to parch or shrivel with heat: The sun scorched the grass.

3. to criticize severely.

4. Machinery. burn1 (def 31).

5. to destroy (crops, towns, etc.) by or as if by fire in the path of an invading army's advance. verb (used without object)

6. to become scorched: Milk scorches easily.

7. Informal. to travel or drive at high

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"policies can be scorched."

"earths can be scorched."

"tactics can be scorched."

"fields can be scorched."

"areas can be scorched."

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(scorch)Middle English (as a verb): perhaps related to Old Norse skorpna ‘be shrivelled’.