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Throw in various random directions.
  1. 'his family are hoping to scatter his ashes at sea'
  2. 'Crumble the filling over the dough and press it down into the surface, then scatter the currants evenly across the dough.'
  3. 'I quickly shot up from the couch, scattering my papers all over the floor in the process, and reached the door.'
  4. 'A brother and sister have delayed scattering their mum's ashes in the garden of their family home while they deal with the threat of eviction.'
  5. 'The super-cute shop is always inviting, with the lovely smell of roses filling the air and rose petals scattered outside the entrance.'
  6. 'Arrange the slices of mozzarella over the base, spread the onions on top and scatter the chestnuts, olives and thyme or oregano over them.'
  7. 'He cleansed the water, scattered consecrated herbs, and chanted ancient incantations.'
  8. 'The tarte is finished off by scattering crispy garlic and parsley fried breadcrumbs over the surface, and will be great either hot or cold, with slices of goat's cheese.'
  9. 'During Australia's national day of mourning yesterday, barbecues were organised, and surfers scattered flowers.'
  10. 'She started clawing at the mattress until she broke it open and scattered the fluffy insides all over the cell.'
  11. 'Because he loved sailing so much and had long dreamt of a retirement spent exploring the Mediterranean, the family scattered his ashes at sea.'
  12. 'Beside the man, demons no longer cavorted cheerfully, in fact, the path was empty bar the sandy grit that scattered its surface.'
  13. 'The room was full of Legos and random toys scattering the ground.'
  14. 'A double bed in the centre of the wall in front of me was scattered with different coloured rose petals.'
  15. 'a scattered cliff-top community'
  16. 'I don't know if you can hear the gunfire around me, as well as the thud of artillery, but there have been scattered gun battles, as we've been going through.'
  17. 'There, concealed behind flat-topped rocks and scattered fallen trees, the warriors maintained their positions.'
  18. 'A few scattered editing errors are there but the overall production standards can be rated as good.'
  19. 'The centre will bring together facilities that at present are scattered over four locations in the garrison town.'
  20. 'Even at these sites, red cedar tends to be spatially limited to discrete ritual precincts rather than scattered randomly among feature fills.'
  21. 'Although at least the government was now in one place rather than scattered around the Loire, this also made it easier for Reynaud's opponents to concert their activities.'
  22. 'While airwaves do have several slots for playing classical music, they are scattered at different times of the day and across channels.'
  23. 'Paths criss-crossed over it, with benches scattered at intervals along beside them.'
  24. 'There were several floatation-boards scattered along the front edge of the swimming pool.'
  25. 'Ruining the picture postcard view is more domestic refuse scattered at intervals all the way down to the watercourse.'
(of a group of people or animals) separate and move off quickly in different directions.
  1. 'Frank goes on in his article to tell of how their little group scattered.'
  2. 'The group scattered when police arrived, but police were able to detain 3 Thai men and 4 Russians.'
  3. 'As he turned down a street a group of children scattered out of his way, abandoning the patched ball that they had been playing with in the street.'
  4. 'Confusion and panic broke out at once, with the troops scattering in every direction.'
  5. 'After one group had enough exercise and fresh air, they would retreat to their bunkers and the next small group would scatter forth.'
  6. 'The bell suddenly chimed, sending the girls scattering to their different assigned seats in the classroom.'
  7. 'Everyone scattered in different directions, fighting anyone they came to.'
  8. 'Several people witnessed the shooting but scattered before police arrived.'
  9. 'The group scattered quickly and then regrouped after the flames ended.'
  10. 'Within minutes the people on the street had scattered and taken cover.'
  11. 'he charged across the foyer, scattering people'
  12. 'He fired several shots, and scattered the rebels, and it was owing mainly to his gallantry that the lives of the rest of the men were saved.'
  13. 'Police scattered striking workers and teargas was also used to disperse a striking mob at Cyril Lord.'
  14. 'A mortar burst on the pavement, scattering a group of medics.'
  15. 'They shined the light every which way, scattering the bugs and mice that had not seen any light for years.'
  16. 'For a moment, Jeff's blood froze; he listened in dread as another round of shots completely scattered the remaining crowd.'
  17. 'The war of 2001 destroyed that base, scattered the group and effectively ended the umbrella role he and his associates had played.'
  18. 'He faces down a bear with bow-and-arrow, scatters wolves with a slingshot, and shoots rabbits for dinner.'
Deflect or diffuse (electromagnetic radiation or particles)
  1. 'One possibility is a powerful laser beaming from the nose of the plane to ‘melt’ a path through the air - scattering molecules so that they cause less friction.'
  2. 'Wavelengths at the blue end of the spectrum are scattered and absorbed more than those at the red end of the spectrum, so the sunlight appears to turn yellow, and then red.'
  3. 'Some of the light that is reflected from the cylinder groove is scattered, and does not re-enter the interferometer.'
Pitch (balls) effectively, allowing several hits but little or no scoring.


    A small, dispersed amount of something.
    1. 'She looked about twenty, with light blue eyes, a light tan with a scatter of freckles over her nose and long gold locks that fell in large waves down to her lower back.'
    2. 'The great pool is empty, except for a scatter of drink cans.'
    3. 'She was five foot five inches tall and had a scatter of freckles across her nose.'
    4. 'As soon as the office door shut with a bang, loud scatters of conversation broke into the silence.'
    5. 'All but one of the hearths Marshall found consisted of scatters of burned earth and charred animal bone.'
    6. 'On the high moors, Mesolithic nomads and reindeer herders left scatters of flints which are still found in peat fire breaks to this day.'
    7. 'The banks are steep slides of rocks and mossy roots, pocketed with pitted red sand, driftgrass and slack alluvial soil, and stippled with a scatter of primroses and heaped heather.'
    8. 'That decision was not made finally until the 1950s, and then it was decided that there would be just a scatter of plantations though the highlands.'
    9. 'My dad's uncle Johnny Boland came home and brought us this old record player and a scatter of records.'
    10. 'There was only a small scatter of other caravans and motorhomes when we arrived.'
    The degree to which repeated measurements or observations of a quantity differ.
    1. 'Results were most variable at the lowest glucose concentration, where in some cases scatter may be related to the small sample volume used.'
    2. 'We also noted the degree of scatter in the correlation: some local authorities with comparable mortality rates have quite different rates of self reported ill health and vice versa.'
    The scattering of light, other electromagnetic radiation, or particles.
    1. 'There was considerable light scatter with each treatment, particularly at the higher fluences.'
    2. 'Optical scatter plays a major role in stray light simulations.'

    More definitions

    1. distributed or occurring at widely spaced and usually irregular intervals: scattered villages; scattered showers.

    2. dispersed; disorganized: scattered forces.

    3. distracted or disorganized: scattered thoughts.

    4. Meteorology. (of clouds) covering up to one-half of the sky.Compare broken (def 5).

    More examples(as adjective)

    "tenses can be scattered through forests."

    "fighters can be scattered in locations."

    "works can be scattered with goings-ons."

    "valleys can be scattered with dozenses."

    "remainses can be scattered over floors."

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    Middle English (as a verb): probably a variant of shatter.