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Definitions and examples

plural noun

A large number or quantity.
  1. 'Some surveys have shown that 60 percent of Catholics support embryonic stem-cell research; scads of Catholics are also pro-choice.'
  2. 'After scoring scads of runs in the early going against the likes of Cleveland, Detroit, and Kansas City, Minnesota's offense has come back to earth in a big way.'
  3. 'Lily manages to convince them of her noble aim (which is to sell their musical heritage for piles of cash while bringing scads of curious music lovers into the solitary mountain towns).'
  4. 'Certainly this is not because he's a millionaire studbolt adored by scads of teenage females.'
  5. 'Over the next two years, the group pushed for an alternate plan, attended scads of meetings, and attempted to cajole the railroad into a neighborhood-friendly solution.'
  6. 'Fortunately, there are scads of principled, hopelessly marginal parties and candidates for whom you can cast a purely symbolic ballot.'
  7. 'The building it was located in housed hundreds of offices with scads of workers, all in diverse fields.'
  8. 'Rather, the doctor dined out in London (and raised scads of money) by recounting how a charging lion shook him like a rat in its teeth - this because he'd stupidly approached the hiding beast after wounding it.'
  9. 'Remember, though, that most applications, for some time to come, will still be 32-bit in nature, so don't upgrade with the anticipation of running scads of 64-bit programs.'
  10. 'The beet salad is a knockout, a big bowl filled with rustic big slices of beets, scads of toasted walnuts, plenty of blue cheese, and a unifying salad of wilted arugula.'

More definitions

noun, plural (especially collectively) scad (especially referring to two or more kinds or species) scads.

1. any carangid fish of the genus Decapterus, inhabiting tropical and subtropical shore waters.

2. any of several related carangid fishes, as of the genera Trachurus or Selar.


(scad)Mid 19th century: of unknown origin.