Adjective "Sapid" definition and examples



Definitions and examples


Having a strong, pleasant taste.
  1. 'the aromatic stew was just as sapid as it smelled'
  2. 'When the interval between preexposure and conditioning was 1 day, the rats formed only a weak aversion to the sapid solution, whereas when the interval was 19 days, the rats formed a very strong aversion to the solution.'
  3. 'Saliva also contributes to taste by dissolving sapid substances in food and so making them accessible to the taste buds; a zinc-binding protein, gustin, is thought to contribute to the taste process.'



1. having taste or flavor.

2. agreeable to the taste; palatable.

3. agreeable, as to the mind; to one's liking.


(sapid)Early 17th century: from Latin sapidus, from sapere ‘to taste’.