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A large bag made of a strong material such as hessian, thick paper, or plastic, used for storing and carrying goods.
  1. 'They will have to put their rubbish in plastic sacks for the next six to eight weeks while the Council waits for supplies because of the high demand from local authorities across Britain.'
  2. 'Here he was, improvising a remedy with fencing wire, here he was bent double under bulging hessian sacks.'
  3. 'Women folded their worn-out linens and few spare clothes, packing them into cloth sacks to be carried.'
  4. 'Large, sealable plastic containers are good for storing sacks of fertilizer or lawn herbicide.'
  5. 'We had our bikes, our waterproofs and our special thick plastic newspaper sacks to keep the newsprint nice and dry.'
  6. 'In the past they rarely consigned their refuse to plastic bags, leaving it out in an odd assortment of paper sacks and cardboard boxes.'
  7. 'I went tobogganing with my sister and her friend, using those big industrial plastic sacks as sledges.'
  8. 'All potatoes prefer the dark; therefore, storage in a cool place, in a burlap sack or paper bag, is best.'
  9. 'Between them they had done the same with Carl's gear which had been bagged up in black plastic refuse sacks.'
  10. 'They have no timber, only tents made from women's skirts and scarves, sacks, plastic bags and prayer mats.'
  11. 'The American would have to spend time calming shareholder groups, and the best way to do so would be to back the manager with a sack of new cash.'
  12. 'How fast could I get there carrying a plastic grocery sack of food in one hand, a dog on a leash with the other, and piggybacking a four-year-old boy?'
  13. 'Today, a people that prided itself on rugged self-sufficiency during the war depend on the steady flow of trucks carrying sacks of grain donated by the World Food Programme.'
  14. 'As it was, carrying the very light sacks of shredded paper to the crusher was well within my capabilities, and the light exercise did me no harm at all.'
  15. 'I suppose it's hard to score with chicks when you roll up to them on a 10-speed rocking a sack of Ikea catalogues.'
  16. 'Each day of the players' holiday week, Maloney threw on his training gear, picked up a sack of footballs and made his way up to Barrowfield.'
  17. 'The bones inside their legs felt like a sack of broken glass.'
  18. 'We took a sack of rice, vegetables and biscuits.'
  19. 'The problems: €500,000 is quite a sack of money for a property that promises more than it delivers.'
  20. 'Unable to control his bike, he landed on the tarmac like a sack of spuds.'
A woman's short loose unwaisted dress, typically narrowing at the hem, popular especially in the 1950s.
  1. 'Next seasons's big thing, the sack dress, was also seen in the show.'
  2. 'Fans of the sack dress - and there are a surprising number - cite its elegant origins at Balenciaga in the 1950s.'
Dismissal from employment.
  1. 'they were given the sack'
  2. 'In the end it was a relief when I got the sack, because I was banging my head against a brick wall every day.'
  3. 'As a young man, he got the sack from De La Rue, the banknote manufacturer, after complaining that he didn't have enough to do.'
  4. 'When the commander of the military base at which he's toiling got wind of this, the elder Banner got the sack.'
  5. 'The sheer volume of players who have left since Molyneaux got the sack has made Patterson's first month in the hot seat a difficult one.'
  6. 'Naturally, Miranda rebelled and eventually got the sack for not getting behind the leader.'
  7. 'The majority of workers have now received the early retirement package and wage arrears with the exception of eight who were, instead, given the sack.'
  8. '‘I started off cleaning toilets when I was 17 and I got the sack from that,’ he explains.'
  9. 'Email and Net abuse at work have become the number one reason why UK employees face the sack, according to a survey out today.'
  10. 'I got a promotion at work, which was all I'd ever wanted, but since I could never stay later than 5.30, I got the sack.'
  11. 'A Canadian who got the sack for showing up to work drunk and toting a sawed-off shotgun wants his job back.'
Bed, especially as regarded as a place for sex.
  1. 'That doesn't mean you sit around for two years staring at each other's watches waiting for the chance to hop in the sack.'
  2. 'She's gorgeous and great in the sack, but mostly I fantasize about the girl in the next cube, my neighbor, even my ex from high school.'
  3. 'While I - a sixteen-year-old girl - got to watch my dad die, my mother was jumping in the sack with someone else?'
  4. 'They pick you based on looks and how quickly you'll hop in the sack with them.'
  5. 'Not very bright, not very pretty, and probably not very good in the sack, but she had undeniable charisma.'
  6. 'You're just trying to get soft-hearted Romeo here in the sack.'
  7. 'Oh, and I bet you I am SO much better in the sack than her.'
  8. 'The beauty of talking dirty in the sack is that you communicate it's not only your body which is aroused but your senses and mind as well.'
  9. 'It wasn't like she was trying to get us all in the sack.'
  10. 'Is there something wrong with me, if I don't want to hop in the sack?'
A base.
  1. 'Should I be guarding closer to the third sack and the foul line?'
  2. 'If they finish the year first in pilfered sacks, it would be the first time since 1938 that the Bronx Bombers led in this category.'
An act of tackling of a quarterback behind the line of scrimmage.
  1. 'Last year, Babin recorded 15 sacks and 33 tackles behind the line of scrimmage.'
  2. 'The defensive line is a strength, but the team would like more quarterback sacks from the left side.'
  3. 'The Colts' offensive line has surrendered 14 sacks in the preseason.'
  4. 'He has great burst and quickness, and he punishes quarterbacks with his sacks.'
  5. 'It's been three years since Jason Taylor last dropped a zero: zero sacks, zero solo tackles and zero assists.'
  6. 'Last year, it gave up 43 sacks, subjecting quarterbacks Patrick Ramsey and Tim Hasselbeck to a horrid battering.'
  7. 'Last season, he led all NFL defensive linemen with 86 tackles and had 10 sacks.'
  8. 'Hall, who had four quarterback sacks in the first preseason game, will play several roles.'
  9. 'He had a solid season with the Jets, recording a career-best six sacks and 58 tackles.'
  10. 'Jamie Sharper led a solid defensive effort with seven tackles, a sack, and a forced fumble.'


Dismiss from employment.
  1. 'A business acquaintance tried to sack two employees recently: the first for incompetence, the second for tardiness.'
  2. 'How many hospitals and schools are we prepared to see go to the wall, sacking employees, getting into debt, slashing pay to save jobs?'
  3. 'If he had done this while still in his job his employers would have sacked him.'
  4. 'Geetha, another sacked female employee, also attempted suicide after she was dismissed.'
  5. 'His wife leaves him, and his employers sack him.'
  6. 'The men have been locked in a wrangle with their employers since they were sacked in 2000 amid allegations of bullying and harassment.'
  7. 'But just months later his employers sacked him after he took time off sick due to anxiety and stress.'
  8. 'The Tories would scrap rules preventing employers sacking striking workers during the first eight weeks of action, he said.'
  9. 'The catering group warned it would not reinstate sacked employees, but would look at ‘other alternatives’.'
  10. 'Under the proposed new legislation it would be easier for employers to lay off and sack certain categories of workers.'
Tackle (a quarterback) behind the line of scrimmage.
  1. 'He uses a chop that allows him to create fumbles when he's sacking the quarterback.'
  2. 'For the last two seasons, the Texans have been one of the worst defenses in the league at sacking the quarterback.'
  3. 'Next down, he charged around the left tackle and sacked the quarterback for a safety.'
Put into a sack or sacks.
  1. 'Mr. Cahm Gastineau, an old time thresherman, and my friend for 60 years, took care of sacking the grain.'
  2. 'Packing sheds were constructed for growers to sort and sack the potatoes for shipment.'


A dry white wine formerly imported into Britain from Spain and the Canaries.
  1. 'In the Middle Ages many Alsace wines were fortified or spiced in order to compete with the fuller bodied Mediterranean wines such as sack and malmsey.'
  2. 'Yet after wine and mead and sack, man must have a massive snack.'

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1. a large bag of strong, coarsely woven material, as for grain, potatoes, or coal.

2. the amount a sack holds.

3. a bag: a sack of candy.

4. Slang. dismissal or discharge, as from a job: to get the sack.

5. Slang. bed: I bet he's still in the sack.

6. Also, sacque. a loose-fitting dress, as a gown with a Watteau back, especially one fashionable in the late 17th century and much of the 18th century. a loose-fitting coat, jacket, or cape.

7. Baseball. a base.

8. South Midl


(sack)Early 16th century: from the phrase wyne seck, from French vin sec ‘dry wine’.


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