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A small pig or other animal, especially the smallest in a litter.
  1. 'With most animals, there are runts who are discarded, and nature just tries again in its merciless, relentless, remorseless way.'
  2. 'He's very small, owing to the fact that he was the runt of the litter; he doesn't seem to care too much about his size though.'
  3. 'She's survived this far being the runt and all four lambs are always bouncing around the field, but falling asleep in the rain is not a good portent, especially after Blackie dying soon after falling asleep in the rain.'
  4. 'Most of the animals that are supposed to get put down are the runts.'
  5. 'He was weak, the runt of his litter, and yipped whenever someone got too close to him.'
  6. 'If it was the runt of the litter I imagine the hamster would be bigger than that - say three or four inches.'
  7. 'She will not have any puppies, as her birth did not allow for her to; she was the runt of the litter.'
  8. 'He had been the runt, and the animal shelter was only barely able to save him.'
  9. 'Our springer-pointer Dolly popped them out six weeks ago, and you couldn't pick a runt among them.'
  10. 'Growing up in the projects of East Boston, he was the runt of a litter of eight children, all born within a span of 12 years.'
  11. 'As one of his friends once quipped, he may have been the runt of the litter of three brothers, yet with all his charm and humour, he was ‘the best argument against eugenics we have’.'
A pigeon of a large domestic breed.
    A small ox or cow, especially one of various Scottish Highland or Welsh breeds.

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      1. an animal that is small or stunted as compared with others of its kind.

      2. the smallest or weakest of a litter, especially of pigs or puppies.

      3. a person who is small and contemptible: That runt causes most of the trouble at the meetings.

      4. British Dialect. an old or decayed tree stump. an old cow or ox. an ugly old woman; hag.


      (runt)Early 16th century (in the sense ‘old or decayed tree stump’): of unknown origin.