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Having a tough elastic texture, like that of rubber.
  1. figurative 'his rubbery legs and arms splayed almost out of control'
  2. 'Where the public prefers sliced, pasteurised cheese—a bland, rubbery substance—the artisanal cheese market is tiny.'
  3. 'I checked if there is a removable covering, but the whole pad is a strange pink rubbery substance.'
  4. 'It could be used to make artificial nerves, rubbery needles, or wearable electronics.'
  5. 'His body reminded me of a strip of bacon, thin and rubbery.'
  6. 'There were no crumpets to be had, and the hot buttered muffins were tepid and rubbery.'


1. like rubber; elastic; tough.

More examples(as adjective)

"stems can be rubbery for seconds."

"legs can be rubbery in rounds."

"states can be rubbery."

"lips can be rubbery."

"legs can be rubbery."

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