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Cook (food, especially meat) by prolonged exposure to heat in an oven or over a fire.
  1. 'roasted chestnuts'
  2. 'Linwe chewed contentedly, her chicken roasted to perfection.'
  3. 'Niko's boasts an enormous menu with everything from roasted fish, to brick-oven pizzas.'
  4. 'There were a few minutes of silence while they were all roasting their marshmallows.'
  5. 'He clutches a bag of roasted peanuts in one hand.'
  6. 'Summer fruits are perfect as well as nuts, fresh roasted corn on the cob, homemade sweets, pies and cookies.'
  7. 'They mix several flavors to bring consumers chocolate and pistachio ice creams with fudge-covered almonds and lightly roasted pistachios.'
  8. 'For instance, dips may contain chiles other than the familiar jalapeño, such as the chipotle (a smoked jalapeño) or habeñero type, or roasted vegetables such as onion, garlic or tomato.'
  9. 'Menu trends often highlight roasted garlic, and the fiery food trend that has swept the nation has caused hot peppers to become well known to many consumers.'
  10. 'Maybe we'll even roast some marshmallows when the coals get low enough.'
  11. 'Dairy-based dips have also become more flavor-diverse, incorporating ingredients such as roasted garlic and chipotle peppers.'
  12. 'An old woman churns butter, while a woman in the foreground prepares a fowl for roasting and a third man spits a chicken at the far right.'
  13. 'But it is a bit like being at an exotic locale, sitting on the beach with the pig roasting in the pit in front of you, listening to the local ‘tribal chief’ tell yarns about the natives.'
  14. 'They all climbed down and hurried back to their fires where meat was roasting tenderly.'
  15. 'By the time a slab of venison was roasting over the coals it was a glowing, glossy tan.'
  16. 'Lighter asked the question, gesturing to the meat roasting on the fire.'
  17. 'decaffeinated coffee beans are roasted and ground'
  18. 'The cereals are ground, then roasted or fried, and stored for future use.'
  19. 'For example, California-based JBR Gourmet Foods roasts 15 million pounds of coffee each year.'
  20. 'With good organization and cooperation, the group will successfully process and market their high-quality, rainy season coffee to Europe and the US, where it will be roasted and sold.'
  21. 'Havana roasts some good beans, and the baristas know what to do with them.'
  22. 'My company roasts coffee for grocery stores and espresso shops and has sales of nearly $1 million.'
  23. 'She is not only a coffee researcher, but also a coffee fan who collects beans during vacations and roasts the precious commodity to perfection.'
  24. with object 'the fire was hot enough to roast anyone who stood close to it'
  25. 'On Monday I got roasted in the sun in Taunton.'
Criticize or reprimand severely.
  1. 'He is roasted as often as he is sainted, as when these actors discuss their estrangement from him.'
  2. 'This is a movie whose brain belongs in its pants, and which deserves to be roasted for the turkey it truly is.'
Tease in a good-natured way.


    (of food) having been roasted.
    1. 'In return he cooked me a wonderful roast chicken followed by yummy Xmas pudding.'
    2. 'The guardians must not get drunk and must have a simple diet, consisting of roast meat, and no sweets.'
    3. 'The Dining Room offers a set menu, in which every table gets its own whole roast turkey.'
    4. 'Myrtle leaves are used in Mediterranean countries to flavour roast pork and small birds.'
    5. 'There is something infinitely satisfying and basic to sitting down to a table laden with roast chicken, cornbread, potatoes, asparagus and raspberries.'
    6. 'To the English, crackling is a standard part of a meal involving roast pork.'
    7. '"The secret to really crisp roast potatoes is to choose a suitable variety such as king Edwards.'
    8. 'Sundays would be the day that I properly cook something traditional like roast lamb.'
    9. 'I can manage the odd bowl of mash or a couple of roast potatoes.'
    10. 'As a young chef arrives bearing dainty bowls of roast pumpkin soup, Gordon explains how the dish was prepared to concentrate the flavour.'


    A joint of meat that has been roasted or that is intended for roasting.
    1. 'Brown all sides of the roast in shallow roasting pan on low to medium heat.'
    2. 'Now the industry is offering consumers a good-tasting roast that is mircowaveable in seven minutes and has potatoes and carrots with it, he said.'
    3. '‘The strong economy has allowed a lot more people to switch from the roasts and hamburger to higher-end cuts,’ Orn says.'
    4. 'Sear each side of the roast for two minutes or until golden brown.'
    5. 'At the festival, the neighboring farm families brought delicious roasts and vegetables and pies and cakes and lemonade.'
    6. 'If you want ground beef, buy boneless roasts and have your butcher grind them or grind them yourself.'
    7. 'Conversely, consumers were more likely to shop at supermarkets when purchasing roasts than other meat products.'
    8. 'Featured under this brand are steaks, roasts, ground meat, patties and prepared chili.'
    9. 'Season the pork roast with the 1 tsp. cumin, salt and pepper.'
    10. 'He loaded me up with six dozen huge brown eggs, a jar of homemade pear jam, and three packages of steaks and roasts - all in exchange for driving him.'
    11. 'the roast is stopped when the colour is moderately dark brown'
    12. 'The characteristic flavor of the coffee is dependent on its origin and the degree of roast.'
    13. 'continental roasts'
    14. 'There were no cappuccinos, no macchiatos, not even a simple cup of French roast.'
    15. 'Harold put on a terrific pig roast'
    16. 'Nearby at the present fire station some of the firefighters ran a barbecue and hog roast.'
    17. 'That afternoon, I end up at a Boucherie - a stereotypically Cajun outdoor hog roast - in the woods, among local huntsmen and their families.'
    18. 'Live music and a pig roast are other attractions that draw large crowds to The Carew.'


    1. to bake (meat or other food) uncovered, especially in an oven.

    2. to cook (meat or other food) by direct exposure to dry heat, as on a spit.

    3. to brown, dry, or parch by exposure to heat, as coffee beans.

    4. to cook or heat by embedding in hot coals, embers, etc.: to roast chestnuts.

    5. to heat excessively: The summer sun has been roasting the entire countryside.

    6. Metallurgy. to heat (ore or the like) in air in order to oxidize it.

    7. to warm at a hot f

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    (roast)Middle English: from Old French rostir, of West Germanic origin.