Adjective "Risk-Taker" definition and examples

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Definitions and examples


A person who takes risks.
  1. 'By nature I was, I suppose, a risk-taker.'
  2. 'There don't seem to be a lot of risk takers in hip hop these days.'
  3. 'Born into a wealthy British family he was always a big risk-taker.'
  4. 'Singaporeans have never been known to be risk-takers.'
  5. 'I'm not a risk taker at all.'
  6. 'Our democracy was forged in rebellion, crafted by mavericks and risk-takers who refused to salute authority.'
  7. 'We all know entrepreneurs are supposed to be risk takers.'
  8. 'Boys are certainly bigger risk takers than girls, according to the survey.'
  9. 'Unlike the industry he backs, Miller is no risk-taker.'
  10. 'Was he a highly-charged risk-taker who, away from his family, had chanced all on a madcap, criminal adventure?'

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1. a person or corporation inclined to take risks: The management trainees were exhorted to become risktakers.