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Having a great deal of money or assets; wealthy.
  1. 'every day the split between the rich and the poor widens'
  2. 'They claim that by acting in the interests of the rich and powerful they act as guardians of law, order and common decency.'
  3. 'The present ‘free trade’ system is being managed in the interest of the rich.'
  4. 'But the Bedouins are not rich enough to afford the prices they ask for.'
  5. 'Simply shifting money from the rich to the poor is not the right way.'
  6. 'Then, when I am sick of spoiled super rich kids, I will write a tell-all book!'
  7. 'And I became rich beyond my wildest dreams.'
  8. 'Poor people want money and rich people want more money.'
  9. 'What's more, not only are almost all of us far from poor and hungry, but virtually all of us are, at least relatively, rich and full.'
  10. 'It is just another London borough, full of trendy rich people who do not appreciate the better things in life.'
  11. 'You can't argue that somehow this very rich family needs this money.'
  12. 'Despite this, the least developed countries still depend on trade for more of their income than rich countries.'
  13. 'Developing countries think these procedures are abused by rich countries to keep out their goods.'
  14. 'Ecuador is a rich country - it has great natural resources such as oil as well as very productive agriculture.'
  15. 'Add to this the fact that rich countries can afford medicine, while poor countries cannot.'
  16. 'How much do subsidies and trade barriers in the rich countries really cost the developing world?'
  17. 'They are now concerned with the lack of free trade caused by rich countries' protectionism.'
  18. 'The implication is that protecting manufacturing industries accounts for the success of rich countries.'
  19. 'When you compare the UK, America and other rich countries to the Third World where so many people are starving, it's absolutely shocking.'
  20. 'Italy, by contrast, traded very successfully with Ottoman Turkey, got fabulously rich, and remained Catholic.'
  21. 'But the overall level of assistance from rich countries has dropped to an unacceptably low level, she said.'
  22. 'rich mahogany furniture'
  23. 'Classic furniture also has rich carvings and ornaments, and many pieces use eye-catching colors such as gold and silver.'
  24. 'She uses the rich fabric of silk and the fur because she wanted to talk about the desire these objects arouse.'
  25. 'She wore a mauve gown of rich velvet, with gold tulips sewn intricately on the bodice.'
  26. 'Her rose-dyed bodice and soft red overcoat were made of rich fabrics, possibly velvet from the east.'
  27. 'It was a long sleeved purple dress, made of a rich heavy material.'
  28. 'The interior is trimmed in a rich palette of materials to complement the exterior selections.'
  29. 'The recessed, double-door central cupboard is embellished with rich flame mahogany veneer.'
  30. 'Framed in giltwood, the panels are worked in rich wools highlighted with silks.'
  31. 'A pricy looking sash was tied around his hips, its rich material seeming bold even in the dim lighting of the apartment.'
  32. 'All was silent in the courtroom, recently redone in rich mahogany, as they waited for the judge to give his final verdict.'
  33. 'It was an expensive area to mine, but the rich ore made it worthwhile.'
  34. 'Thatcher and her allies risked everything and reaped a rich reward.'
  35. 'Armenia is a rugged, volcanic country with rich mineral resources.'
  36. 'But for the intrepid, there are rich, lasting rewards to be reaped.'
  37. 'There are very rich rewards to be reaped from off-court promotions as well as on-court victories.'
  38. 'Investors who think they can have their guarantee and reap rich rewards, too, may be setting themselves up for disappointment.'
  39. 'They've learned that in the stealthy world of computer hacking, staying on your toes and a step ahead of hackers can pay rich rewards.'
  40. 'The cabinet system at local level brings rich rewards for councillors in Bexley's cabinet.'
  41. 'Everybody wants a part of their rich deposits of Siilv metal, the most valuable resource in the known galaxy.'
  42. 'Altogether this is a rich and rewarding new vein of scholarship in the history of American crime and culture.'
Existing in plentiful quantities; abundant.
  1. 'Ross had rich material to work with, given that Holiday's talent was matched by her tumultuous private life.'
  2. 'It has large phosphate deposits and a long Atlantic coastline with rich fish stocks.'
  3. 'Although Pattaya now has a rich abundance of retail stores, a few foodstuffs are still hard or impossible to obtain.'
  4. 'The strategy generates a rich database of writing samples which permits the pursuit of a number of precise research questions.'
  5. 'Currently, Mae is working as a writer in schools, to introduce children to the rich variety of writers working in Ireland.'
  6. 'Nowhere is the documentation as rich as the records generated by the witchcraft investigations of the seventeenth century.'
  7. 'There are sheep on the grasslands and the woodlands contain a rich variety of oak, birch, hazel and chestnut - deer are frequent visitors here.'
  8. 'They represent a rich, diverse patchwork quilt of experience that I am able to draw on in my own quest for creative integrity.'
  9. 'Similarly, there are no rich fossil deposits before the Cambrian era about 550 million years ago.'
  10. 'Most of us are limited in the time we can spend on holiday so it's a matter of choices from the rich abundance of scenic delights that are available on this road.'
  11. 'many vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins'
  12. 'From the beginning I emphasised to Donald that I was asset rich and cash poor.'
  13. 'Foods rich in vitamin A include leafy greens such as spinach and broccoli, as well as carrots and peaches.'
  14. 'On the bright side, clay soils are usually richer in nutrients than sandy soils are.'
  15. 'They're also rich in antioxidants that help eliminate free radicals and reduce inflammation in the skin.'
  16. 'He recognizes our region as rich in natural resources, and felt a calling to defend them.'
  17. 'Corn oil is a polyunsaturated vegetable oil rich in omega - 6 fatty acids.'
  18. 'Bolivia is a country rich in resources, yet its majority Indian population is mired in unemployment and abject poverty.'
  19. 'Eat a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole-grain products.'
  20. 'Soils which are rich in nutrients are often termed fertile, but such soils do not usually produce good-quality wine.'
  21. 'Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is also helpful.'
  22. 'dishes with wonderfully rich sauces'
  23. 'The rich pate was topped with clarified butter, and the simple addition of sweetly pickled cucumber cut through its richness.'
  24. 'He saw huge tables laden with rich food of every kind.'
  25. 'The selection of deserts are definitely of the rich and warm variety.'
  26. 'There's smooth and rich Caribbean creme brûlée, creme caramel, frozen coconut mousse and warm apple crepes.'
  27. 'It bristled with raw jalapeño, cut slightly by the rich cream sauce.'
  28. 'My friend really loved it, though it was a little too rich for my tastes.'
  29. 'The Swedes, heavily influenced by the French, use rich sauces in their food.'
  30. 'The clocks may have gone back an hour and darkness may be falling at 5pm, but the good news is that this is the best time of year for lovers of warm, rich foods.'
  31. 'The sauce was rich and delicately spiced, with a hint of turmeric and a sprinkling of fresh coriander.'
  32. 'To control calories pay close attention to what goes on the bread or pasta such as butter, margarine and rich cream sauces.'
  33. 'The richness of duck needs a rich wine (red or white) with full flavor.'
  34. 'The 2003 version has settled and is a rich, full-bodied table wine.'
  35. 'It has a delicious nose of spice and vanilla with a glob of honey, and a deliciously rich and smooth finish.'
  36. 'That, in conjunction with the night's dinner and the rather rich coffee, caused the expected nausea, which hit me in force as we exited the coffee shop.'
  37. 'I much enjoyed this rich, crimson-purple wine with plenty of inky, earthy, charcuterie-suitable fruit.'
  38. 'I enjoyed its rich, ripe, heavy oaky fruit with that classic touch of oaky austerity on the finish that Bordeaux is renowned for.'
  39. 'J.W. Lees Harvest Ale has a vinous character; it's sweet, rich, and high in alcohol.'
  40. 'It is luxuriously rich and fruity, the aftertaste reminiscent of pear drops.'
  41. 'The wine is very rich, but the acidity saves it from being cloying.'
  42. 'To neutralize the aftertaste of balut, the festival has halo-halo, a traditional, rich drink suitable for any occasion.'
  43. 'crank the engine until it fires and return the mixture to ‘rich’'
  44. 'I put my fuel mixture on rich, prop on full climb, and slowly released my brakes.'
Producing a large quantity of something.
  1. 'Williams's putting more self reflection and understanding in his music than ever before, and he's a rich seam of material.'
  2. 'Certainly this science is a rich field to mine, with far-reaching medical and social consequences.'
  3. 'Whether City will go back down to the First Division is a rich source of debate but what is not in doubt is that the poor relations of Manchester are scoring plenty of goals.'
  4. 'There is a rich seam of material for a story in this case.'
  5. 'Why Fleet Street decided that the Celtic Tiger economy was such a potentially rich seam to mine in the first place remains something of a mystery.'
  6. 'For genealogists the archives are a rich source of local information.'
  7. 'Others are mining rich new veins - not of customers but of employees.'
  8. 'Europe, a rich source of exciting, and, for the most part, inexpensive signings, in the second half of the 1990s is now seemingly ignored.'
  9. 'It meant that by the ripe age of 39, when he decided to study for a degree, he had a rich source of material on which to draw if he was going to make it as a writer.'
  10. 'Boonlua is an excellent chap and a rich fund of information on crime in Pattaya in whose company I spent many amusing hours over the last month.'
  11. 'the city is surrounded by rich agricultural land'
  12. 'It's been hard on the economy because the amount of food produced from those rich agricultural lands has decreased.'
  13. 'Kurdish leaders believe they need the oil fields and the rich agricultural land nearby to keep the region economically independent.'
  14. 'The town itself expanded through the intensive exploitation of the rich agricultural land along the North African coast.'
  15. 'Compared to bleak, blank land of the Oni Kai this was lush rich land.'
  16. 'That's why I look at the rich agricultural land in Aberdeenshire and ask what can be done to make it generate more income and more jobs.'
  17. 'Cultivation of land now became important, and when a rich stretch of land was found the people now remained there and created a home.'
  18. 'Basalt thus produces heavy clay soils, many of which are abundant in nutrients and provide rich agricultural land.'
  19. 'This rerouting of the river caused desertification of the agriculturally rich delta lands in Mexico.'
  20. 'I am puzzled by one thing though; the land here is rich and fertile, and the remains of many buildings still stand.'
  21. 'This had once been rich farming land, the most fertile in Lanzarote.'
  22. 'Despite rich mineral deposits and fertile soils, the state remains by far the poorest in South Asia.'
  23. 'There is also mention of the country's rich mineral deposits.'
  24. 'Petauke is home to the old Sassali Gold Mine and the Nchindeni Hills are believed to hold very rich deposits of copper and amethyst.'
  25. 'Insizwa is reported to have very rich nickel deposits.'
  26. 'In 1570, the Spanish decreed that the natives would be forced to work in the rich silver mines on the altiplano.'
  27. 'Despite its rich ore deposits, the Groverake is not known as a major specimen-producing mine.'
  28. 'Some Guajiros have found work in coal mines, since Colombia has rich coal deposits in the region.'
  29. 'Completion of the Tonopah and Tidewater Rail Road allowed him to open the rich Lila C. Mine near Death Valley.'
  30. 'This was followed closely by new demand for air transport to serve exploration teams seeking to exploit the country's rich deposits of iron ore.'
  31. 'The diamond mines of Golconda were legendary, but gradually rich deposits were discovered in many other countries.'
(of a colour, sound, smell, etc.) pleasantly deep or strong.
  1. 'basmati rice has a rich aroma'
  2. 'A rich colour palette of browns and reds, creams and whites and various shades of grey dominate.'
  3. 'Their skills combined to produce the modern windows with bright rich colours and strong design that Spence wanted.'
  4. 'The music is cool, full and rich, upbeat pop with nice vocal harmonies.'
  5. 'The colours are deep and rich and help set an operatic mood and tone for almost every scene.'
  6. 'The gallery is perhaps a little full, but the rich earthy tones, concise drawing and overall visual experience make it a worthwhile visit.'
  7. 'These floors start life a bright yellow which mellows to a rich chestnut as time goes by.'
  8. 'You can find them in black or brown, but the classiest ones are made of a rich mahogany or a dark rosewood finish.'
  9. 'At their looks of candid shock, the woman let a rich, full laugh.'
  10. 'The room was styled simply, mahogany flooring and a rich blue plaster on the walls.'
  11. 'Back in his Pop Idol days, Will Young was the posh one with gorgeously rich vocals and a knack for treating classics staggeringly well.'
Interesting because full of variety.
  1. 'We are mostly middle class blue collar people who mostly live rich full lives with unlimited interests.'
  2. 'After boring contemplation, Pitt decides that no, he loves Forlani so much he will leave her behind to live a full and rich life.'
  3. 'This is a rich symbolic story, full of allegorical possibilities.'
  4. 'It may be a busy life that Barb leads, but it's certainly a full and rich one as well.'
  5. 'Director Julie Bertuccelli has crafted an amazing film, one full of rich detail, quiet nuance and lovely performances.'
  6. 'Here is a woman who has lived a rich and full life, but who has not given up her creativity.'
  7. 'It is rich and sophisticated, interestingly constructed, and the historical analysis is fascinating.'
  8. 'The history of the Cherokee is rich and full of outrageous tragedy.'
  9. 'Roundabout at Bangalow is a delight - subtle, amusing and full of rich details that bring much of the last century to life.'
  10. 'Her internal monologues, the bits where she bangs on about how good she is and how she wants to live a full rich life and see plays and make people better, are the book's weakest links.'
(of a remark) causing ironic amusement or indignation.
  1. 'So it's a bit rich for Mr Rudd to come out and criticise the Government over relations with PNG.'
  2. 'Using the terms low-risk and low-interest rate environment in the same breath as Prize Bonds is a bit rich.'
  3. 'Seeing as Parker has spent most of his life lambasting the elitism of British society, isn't it a bit rich to then suddenly roll over when the Queen comes calling?'
  4. 'It all seems a bit rich to his colleagues that the home secretary was mouthing off about their inadequacies when his own record was far from perfect.'
  5. 'This is a bit rich coming from a man who has slept with 250 women.'
  6. 'Criticism of over-specialisation is a bit rich from one who is herself exactly that, a haematologist.'
  7. 'The cooling-off period to which you refer is for your benefit, not the financial services company and it is a bit rich for Tesco to use it as a way to get you to withdraw your application.'
  8. 'The Tories have signed away more than anyone else in Europe so I find it a bit rich when they shout about a referendum.'
  9. 'The accusation was a bit rich, coming from an administration run largely by men who had ducked service in Vietnam.'
  10. 'Now this, I thought, was a bit rich, coming from a man who was notoriously slow to make changes in his own day on the Kildare line.'


1. having wealth or great possessions; abundantly supplied with resources, means, or funds; wealthy: a rich man; a rich nation.

2. abounding in natural resources: a rich territory.

3. having wealth or valuable resources (usually followed by in): a country rich in traditions.

4. abounding (usually followed by in or with): a countryside rich in beauty; a design rich with colors.

5. of great value or worth; valuable: a rich harvest.

6. (of food) dele

More examples(as adjective)

"reefs can be rich in oils."

"islands can be rich in oils."

"islands can be rich in gases."

"reefs can be rich in gases."

"places can be rich in resources."

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Old English rīce ‘powerful, wealthy’, of Germanic origin, related to Dutch rijk and German reich; ultimately from Celtic; reinforced in Middle English by Old French riche ‘rich, powerful’.