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Having the ability to find quick and clever ways to overcome difficulties.
  1. 'you will become stronger and more resourceful in the face of adversity'
  2. 'They take advantage of current technologies in resourceful and imaginative ways.'
  3. 'The fans have once more shown how extremely resourceful they are.'
  4. 'If we believe in our ability to be inventive and resourceful then we have every reason to believe we can make changes.'
  5. 'And no one has special powers of any sort, although of course everyone is super talented and resourceful.'
  6. 'And although she is still so young I can tell she is like me, determined and resourceful.'
  7. 'He was looking for under-utilised joinery skills, a resourceful design team as well as local supplies of timber.'
  8. 'Fortunately, the two counselors at the orphanage proved to be very quick and resourceful.'
  9. 'After all they have to be pretty resourceful to be able to make it this far.'
  10. 'They require committed resourceful parents who will be able to rise to the challenges they will face over the years.'
  11. 'Those scissors remind me of the creative inventive and resourceful things my mother did.'


1. able to deal skillfully and promptly with new situations, difficulties, etc.

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"people can be resourceful as agents."

"people can be resourceful."

"members can be resourceful."

"companies can be resourceful."

"youngsters can be resourceful."

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