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Slow to reveal emotion or opinions.
  1. 'They range from reserved and courtly to warm and expressive.'
  2. 'Skepticism and warnings were mainly expressed in medical journals, indicating a reserved attitude by many health care professionals.'
  3. 'Despite this she managed a calm smile revealing a reserved and complacent demeanor.'
  4. 'She snatched the paper back with a reserved expression.'
  5. 'He was by nature a reserved man but not a cold one.'
  6. 'While Morgan was quiet, reserved and cute, Camille was loud, passionate and bright.'
  7. 'I imagine her sister Jane was equally affected, but was a more reserved person.'
  8. 'I looked over at Denny to see him regarding me with a reserved expression.'
  9. 'At this point even the reserved Sean could not restrain himself from bursting out laughing.'
  10. 'The team files off the bus on game day in a quiet, reserved and orderly fashion, with most players wearing serious expressions as they look down, avoiding any eye contact.'
Kept specially for a particular person.
  1. 'This new facility is not to be confused with the existing coach service available only to reserved seat passengers.'
  2. 'We have recently improved the ladies toilets after one fan contacted me and we have even changed the reserved stickers on seats after one fan told me they look scruffy.'
  3. 'Customers can make use of a reserved parking lot provided close to the toilet and ATM, wheel chair, ramps, railings in the toilet and low-level closets.'
  4. 'Of course, there was no reserved seat to be found.'
  5. 'Under the revised rules, a refund shall be admissible on unused reserved and RAC tickets up to five days from the scheduled departure of the train from its originating station.'
  6. 'Options for patron upgrade, car parking spaces and a reserved seat in the main stand are also available.'
  7. 'The Laker standard fare was for a reserved seat booked for same-day travel.'
  8. 'Pour the cooked fruit into a sieve set over the bowl of reserved berries and use the back of a wooden spoon to press the fruit through the sieve.'
  9. 'Departing on July 2 or 3, you will spend a full day at Wimbledon with a reserved seat on Number One Court.'
  10. 'There are also a few £30 tickets which include a champagne and strawberry reception at Hall's Croft, reserved seats and an acknowledgement in the programme.'


1. kept or set apart for some particular use or purpose.

2. kept by special arrangement for some person: a reserved seat.

3. formal or self-restrained in manner and relationship; avoiding familiarity or intimacy with others: a quiet, reserved man.

4. characterized by reserve, as the disposition, manner, etc.: reserved comments.

5. retaining the original color of a surface, especially when decorating portions of the surface with other colors.

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"terms can be reserved for people."

"people can be reserved on prospects."

"people can be reserved in lives."

"manies can be reserved in things."

"terms can be reserved for nothings."

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