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Feeling or expressing bitterness or indignation at having been treated unfairly.
  1. 'It made her bitter and resentful towards him, and all the more rebellious.'
  2. 'Bitter, resentful and increasingly unstable, Jackie watches her life crumble.'
  3. 'Edith's sense of humour, her warmth and her refusal to be resentful make her a survivor in the true sense of the word.'
  4. 'I get such resentful feelings towards his dad for not being here to lighten my load, or at least to lend a hand in those desperate moments.'
  5. 'They are already resentful of paying so many other government imposed duties on everyday life.'
  6. 'A part of me also was hurt, resentful and angry about his comments and accusations.'
  7. 'He never wants to come off sounding bitter or resentful over opportunities lost.'
  8. 'If I do that, it will make him sullen and resentful and unmotivated to control his desire to hit when he is angry.'
  9. 'Only a few short weeks ago I would have said that I leave here bitter and resentful.'
  10. 'She said he had committed the offences after becoming resentful at the way he felt he was being treated.'


1. full of or marked by resentment.

More examples(as adjective)

"people can be resentful of circles."

"people can be resentful about ways."

"majorities can be resentful of costs."

"youngsters can be resentful about events."

"teenagers can be resentful of teachers."

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