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Serving to refresh or reinvigorate someone.
  1. 'The Gospel she shared with me was like a refreshing breeze in a sweltering summer.'
  2. 'Walking over to the stream, we kneel down for a refreshing drink.'
  3. 'Their appeal for the wine drinker is that they are a refreshing and stimulating reminder of the passing of the seasons, a sort of liquid harvest tradition.'
  4. 'That's an entirely different kind of challenge, and it's very refreshing.'
  5. 'Breathing hurt at first, but each breath became less painful and more refreshing than the last.'
  6. 'Spray from the water hit her face and felt refreshing on her skin.'
  7. 'It is said that drinking the refreshing water has a rejuvenating effect.'
  8. 'I ordered some more refreshing green tea and casually asked the young girl who served us where the toilets were.'
  9. 'But for most people, the most popular beach activity remains lying in the sun with a refreshing drink next to them, soaking up the sunshine.'
  10. 'After the first creamy flush, their milk settles down and is made into soft fresh cheese with a refreshing chalky tang.'
  11. 'it makes a refreshing change to be able to write about something nice'
  12. 'It is also a poignant and often funny drama based around two strong female characters, an unusual and refreshing choice for any genre.'
  13. 'And it's refreshing to find an artist who refuses to give in to bitterness and resentment.'
  14. 'Teenage boys often make newspaper headlines for all the wrong reasons, so it makes a refreshing change to be able to report on the good deeds of one such lad.'
  15. 'But I wanted to take a moment to tell you that I think your blog really interesting - and refreshing - on a number of fronts.'
  16. 'She was full of wonderfully refreshing oddities that I am still learning to appreciate.'
  17. 'Donnie Darko is an inventive and refreshing change from most teen movies and gives hope to those who are looking for something with a little more feeling and intelligence.'
  18. 'I find your honesty quite refreshing, and your insults do not offend me.'
  19. 'How refreshing to read about a famous person who is normal and intelligent!'
  20. 'This is a hugely refreshing exhibition, inspiring in its honesty and lacking the contrived feel of so many group shows.'
  21. 'Some of the fans' remarks are quite refreshing to hear, due to the level of enthusiasm displayed.'


1. having the power to restore freshness, vitality, energy, etc.: a refreshing nap.

2. pleasingly fresh or different: a refreshing lack of pretense.

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"changes can be refreshing."

"drinks can be refreshing."

"people can be refreshing."

"approaches can be refreshing."

"views can be refreshing."

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