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500 (formerly 480) sheets of paper.
  1. 'Oskar has convinced Bruno to buy him a ream of blank white paper (Oskar terms it ‘virgin’ paper) so that he can write out his autobiography.'
  2. 'In fact, I think the ream of paper sitting next to my printer is actually the same package I bought when I got to New York.'
  3. 'I bought a ream of paper and kept it close at hand.'
  4. 'I ran over several unlabeled reams but they turned out to be low quality Xerox paper inadequate for the report.'
  5. 'The duty cycle is up to 850,000 pages a month, which is 1,700 reams of paper.'
  6. 'I confess I reverted to form and consumed nearly a ream of paper printing out the contents of the Websites I visited.'
  7. 'The demand for ream after ream of white paper is putting a huge strain not only on America's forests, but the world's.'
  8. 'Intent on getting 10,000 bills of paper, I visited my local stationers and bought six 500-sheet reams of paper.'
  9. 'Mr Arthur told the paper that he had used 20 reams of typing paper in compiling the guide.'
  10. 'If I glance over to my bag on the floor there's a shape about the thickness of two reams of paper in it.'
  11. 'It was a gripping photo that told the world more about the horrors of war than hours of talk or reams of paper ever could.'
  12. 'From nature to human tragedies, the photographs tell tales reams of paper cannot.'
  13. 'Because the boundary between work and life tends to be fuzzy anyway, it's easy to bring home some envelopes, a few stamps, and a ream of paper in case a ministry-related letter needs to go out quickly.'
  14. 'This necessitated that each campaigner maintain a ream of petitions, a separate sheet for each locality in the area.'
  15. 'They're going to be holding reams of paper with every word I've ever written here printed out on them and they are going to accuse me of being a traitor and a terrorist.'
  16. 'For months I worked nonstop grinding out the detailed specification for the system - a monumental ream of paper going into incredible detail covering a gigantic object model and programming environment.'
  17. 'His desk, by contrast, had very few papers on it and some intuition told me that the slim ream of papers gathered orderly into a coherent pile meant something.'
  18. 'The case contains reams of papers, including cuttings from England, Norway, Finland and Germany dating from 1936 to 1975.'
  19. 'English historians, for instance, have used the reams of paper generated by the courts that dealt with serious crimes.'
  20. 'At first we were recycling reams and reams of paper but that has gone down as we are using less and using both sides.'


Froth or overflow.
  1. 'It was washed down with a draught of Yule-ale that reamed briskly in a corner of the kitchen.'
  2. 'His ladle ploutered in the reaming brew.'

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1. a standard quantity of paper, consisting of 20 quires or 500 sheets (formerly 480 sheets), or 516 sheets (printer's ream or perfect ream)

2. Usually, reams. a large quantity: He has written reams of poetry.


(ream)Late Middle English: from Old English ream ‘cream’, of uncertain origin.