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A highly seasoned dish of small pieces of meat stewed with vegetables.
  1. 'At block parties we dined on coq au vin, wild mushroom ragout, and home-baked sourdough bread.'
  2. 'For the lentil ragout, in a medium sauté pan, heat the oil over medium heat, add the onions, and sauté until translucent, about two minutes.'
  3. 'The centerpiece of the meal, a juicy autumn vegetable ragout with white beans, butternut squash, and kale, is served over a mound of soft polenta.'
  4. 'There is a 17 th-century French recipe for wild duck cooked in a ragout flavoured with mushrooms, truffles and chocolate.'
  5. 'The strength of character of the tomato ragout gave a lighter than usual balance to the punchy meat.'

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1. French Cookery. a highly seasoned stew of meat or fish, with or without vegetables.

verb (used with object), ragouted[ra-good]/ræˈgud/(Show IPA), ragouting[ra-goo-ing]/ræˈgu ɪŋ/(Show IPA)

2. to make into a ragout.


(ragout)From French ragoût, from ragoûter ‘revive the taste of’.